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Default Rules and Regulations

**Rules and Regulations**

Official “Summer Classic Tournament: A Topical Thing”

Moderator: Adonis

Basic Competition Rules

  • Verses will be due Mondays at 11:59 p.m. Western / 2:59 Am Eastern / 7:59AM UK .
  • Extensions granted upon request. Maximum 2 Ext. per tourney.
  • Verses must be a minimum of 10 Lines and maximum of 48 Lines or 650 words unless agreed upon by both competitors.
  • Votes will be due Thursdays at 11:59 p.m. Western / 2:59 Am Eastern / 7:59AM UK. (No Ext. for voting)
  • Shutout battles will be closed when voting reaches 6-0, or at 5-0 on Sunday, under moderators discretion
  • In the event of a tie at the voting deadline, battles will be left open in a “Win by TWO format”.

  • Each competitor must vote on at least three battles and post either links or reference in designated thread. In the event there are less than three battles a competitor can vote on, the competitor MUST vote on all open battles or give feed for the no-show artists. (a no-show feed counts as a half vote, only left open if necessary).
  • Anyone who wins but does not meet three vote criteria will be docked the same amount of votes going into the following round. (meaning you would start off with negative votes), However, they will be given the opportunity to give make up votes the same week. What does this mean? If you I win the first round and log zero votes, I advance to round 2 but would begin that round 0-3 in terms of votes. I can recoup those negative 3 votes by simply voting the required 3 votes plus additional 3 votes which would put the voting tally back at 0-0 before any votes were cast.
  • Votes Must be explained with common competitor courtesy. If a competitor flags a vote and MOD agrees, the vote must be expanded in more depth or it will not count, both towards said battle and competitors voting requirements.

  • Direct plagiarism or, using another authors words is an immediate loss and possible site ban.
  • Recycling, use of previous works will not be allowed.
  • Editing verse, after deadline or after the first vote = a loss.
  • Swaying, in excess will not be tolerated. You will be warned once, if you continue to sway you will be disqualified immediately.
  • Exceeding line length, (unless competitors agree). If the agreement is not public the thread will be closed until the competitors are contacted by the MOD

  • Seeds will be 100% randomized in a literal luck of the draw type scenario. After 16-32 competitors have been selected, each name will be given a number and drawn from a hat, 1st name picked is #1 seed, last name picked is #32 seed. Bracket will follow traditional 1v32 2v31 etc.

  • Mags will be posted before first round is open and every Friday until the end of the tournament. I will run this like clock work, but this depends on you as the competitor. I can only do so much, but I vow to do my part, above and beyond, if you can only agree to meet this criteria.

  • Minimum $50 dollars U.S. will be either transfered or some form of cashier check the day after tourney is closed.
  • One Champed"Summer Topical" will be given upon completion as well.
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