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Exclamation vs. Arkan

vs. Arkan aka Eunique aka Xenon aka SlavicMilitant

When was your last battle you won? You faggot ass chump.
I’m only asking because I had a hand in that one
after your dumbass had become disillusioned with you losing.
Quitting’s stupid. Winners prove it. No pick and choosing which excuses
you’re finna use. It’s the beauty of subjectivity in art.
The opinions of impartial minds may differ and depart
from what you think in its regard. It really isn’t hard to grasp.
It’s demureness that marks the man and clearly you’ve a heart of glass.
Feeble as the shards that shattered from the fragile psyche
that had you whining, fastly signing out of Gifted Scripts... a loudmouthed little bitch when they trashed your writing as wack. You find it
agonisingly painful when you’ve sat there writing a fable
with ill-patterned rhymes of the same bullshit, asininely unable
to craft a line. It’s just shameful, you neek. What kind of name is Eunique?
I’ll break up the EU whether we Remainer we leave.
Take it from me, I’ve N IQ that could decimate U with E’s.
They shouldn’t need it spelling out to see you for who you are
a piece of inhuman garbage; you’re a peon in two regards.
I flew in armed, fresh passport, to get past I pretend that I’m a tourist
leave a dead man with his head stashed in the breadbasket of Europe.
If it’s the red flag your supporting, you’ve lost already. Who wanna bet he
watches every Russian Nationalist DVD for the Commie-tary?
You popped your cherry while your pet bear had its dick in her head
to think you’re respected is weaksauce; you’ve never had a chick in Kiev.
The only bitches with Xen are Buddhist types;
I mean looking like they’ve scrunched up eyes and with stomachs slightly rotund in size.
Your love of violence is unsurprising; but your hard image was tarnished in
the GSL ‘cause we’ve seen ourselves you lose heart in it when you aren’t winning.
You start bitching when harsh criticism has you take consecutive L’s
and claim it’s everyone else when there’s no one to blame except for yourself.
This crazy sense of rebellion you’ve clung to is a myth to me
there’s no government conspiracy, you’re just not good enough to win the league.
You fucking suck. Bitch you been an up-and comer since your teens.
Look it up. Click and read. It’s dumb as fuck you switching screen-
name up on us to ditch your demons then adjusting nothing in between.
Enough’s enough. Pretty please just fuck off and die, bitch.
You could be alright in many things.. it ‘justice in writing’ like your countrymen fighting over with them Russianist tyrants.
Pussy go Crimea river about how Vladimir Putin out lies.
Wasn’t it Ukrop-ping piles of Dia’s dead dad memes to renew my supplies?
You can deny it all you want. I said the tactic was heavy handed.
This shady motherfucker ‘operating undercover’ like an electric blanket.
Forget a sanction, no pledge of planning will ever happen
to end the madness. I’ll make sure annexed done damage if I get to snapping.
Never backing down; I act sceptre-challenge like Volodymyr Zelenski managed
before he went and ran in your Presidential Election ballot.
Your fave horror movie prolly “Kremlins” faggot; I’ve a nightmarish vision where
as a kid when scared you were forced to snuggle up to a grizzly bear, so you didn’t dare.
Ole big and hairy Ukrainian faggot must think he’s scary playing with matches
until I flare up in his face with a passion
and the skin is barely remaining attached with
it pinned in there by the faintest of fragments
some district care, and the aid of a bandage.
You made this a challenge; I created a classic.
You’re painfully average, who are you kidding? At least usually bitches from the Ukraine are attractive.
You say you’re a SlavicMilitant, but who are you fighting?
You’ve proven it time and time again you can’t keep cool in a crisis.
Always losing your mind in the battlefield then cry once it’s over
your lack of foresight and composure sure ain’t the signs of a soldier.
I fire from the holster; you shoot from the hip but usually miss, bitch.
There’s a huge fucking difference between
the tools were equipped with.
Imagine if you were enlisted to go to war for your country
and fought for them monthly, doing all you could and more while you’re hungry
pouring your fucking blood, sweat and tears into defending the cause
only to find your efforts were thwarted when someone surrendered it all.
That’s why Baron X wants to crawl up his own arse when you sign out
rather than pipe down and try harder next time round.
A true martyr would die proudly for what they believed in
more conscious of keeping true to themselves than to not bother competing
over a loss when the readers views aren’t ones they agree with.
If the problem’s with peoples perception, it’s on you to teach them.
Why not acknowledge it reasonably and
give some justification?
Listen and cultivate them, rather than quit a tough situation.
The same thing will be done verbatim until you become the change
you’re willing to subjugate by building in other ways.
The risk of the good outweighs the bad if you ask me
I’m not saying pander to that either, just stand on your damn feet
like the man that you can be and own who you are
knowing the sharpest swords weren’t always honed from the start.
It took a momentary spark and a temper or three
to gain an edge that was precise enough for its metal to gleam.
On reflection you’ll see that I’m right, in actual fact,
just before I plan to attack and leave you stabbed in the back.
This a cloak and dagger distraction to draw your eyes from the prize
a timely reminder of how quick you can go from right at my side
to the firing line, especially with the weapons I can draw
I’ll end this guy for sure, ain’t no friends in times of war.
Just remember why you sought out my advice in the first place
and why you’re a third-rate writer yet to find his preferred name.
This guy is the worst state in America. Arkan’s-ass is wack.
Matter of fact, what I can’t ‘abear’ is you marrying that.
Don’t you Slavic’s have Match or Tinder, or do you just snap a picture
of whatever you catch for dinner in the midst of a blackthorn winter
then send it your dad to pick her? Where you’re from a man is a boy
til they’ve played Snog, Marry, Avoid with wild dogs, rabbits and koi.
If you got stabbed you’d enjoy it cause you’re weird as it gets
and clearly you’re getting pist-on here after engineering this mess.
Both our careers been in generators, but you’re not in sync with my movement
and no gen a rator faggot that goes and quits when he loses.
I think that it’s stupid to say that your done before the table is won
straight up because your chips are down when we’re just playing for fun.
I’ll take all your money, faggot. To play me in this is fatal
but what’s strange is you think your able. It’s the same chips, just different table...
Originally Posted by dull boy View Post
I've never paid for vagina. Wouldn't enjoy it. I'd end up wanting to ask them about their lives and shit.
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