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Default Classic Battle Series - Resin M-I-C vs Richard Corey

First Battle
Setting - WBL
Date - 30th of June 2005
Link to Battle - HERE

Richard Corey

Originally Posted by Richard Corey vs. Fracture
I'll punch him in the f*ckin' forehead and make his ears clap!!

Originally Posted by Fracture’s side kick, Resin M-I-C vs. Phenom
I’ll punch him in his face so hard his fuckin’ ears will clap

Oh yeeeah…I can tell the predictions were right, I’m a die.
This mothafucka’s gonna eat me alive…one bite at a time
The Adventures of Shark Boy, I can’t do much more than laugh
I’da pulled your fuckin’ card…if you didn’t pay the whores with cash
Your skull is so stretched, it’s like watching ya face receding!
Faggot got a missle head that breaks every United Nation treaty
And don’t mention my chin... Look in a mirror, yours is bigger, bafoon
That’d be the pot callin’ the kettle black…spook, nigger and coon
And peepin’ that adams apple, I know no Corey will bow to this joke
Cos’ even my kids you swallowed are clawin’ their way outta your throat
I’d make Girrafe neck swallow the truth, but why do that to him
By the time it gets through his throat it’d turn back into a rumor again
See, Resin made a career out of riding the dicks of popular rappers
And Allen Iverson prolly thinks he’s the best at hoppin’ on fractures
I get girls to holla back, cause they know a mac’s in the place
Resin only gets girls to holla, ‘back,’ when they’re grabbing their mace
Probably cause he looks like cock-eyed horse when he’s wooing…
with crooked stares Tim Taylor would spend a fortune improving
Yeah, Resin’s a stand up-guy…shit I’ll admit that eager
Cos’ if you got raped by Frac you wouldn’t wanna sit down either
Bitch, everyone at UPN agrees that T~R~E got the best of him
How’s it feel to be the champ only cause your boy let you win?
And since you attack Classick’s mole… you’re skill wasn’t intense
See…you ain’t the only one who can diss something that doesn’t exist

Resin M-I-C

Originally Posted by SezsioN
to the bright glossed corridors and its lean, high halls.
To where the pallid shag fingers of the succubus rug

suc/cu/bus (noun.) a female evil spirit or demon thought in medieval times to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.


And ya'll seen his pic in da field.. let's go

..oh, is that right ., they gon start humpin this lug .,
whoeva reads ur borin verse.. might get victimized by ur succubus rug.
..maaan, go back to ur wife ., i’m smackin fellas .,
u freak ..he think’s his carpet’s so fly it made Aladdin jealous.
..n i feel sorry fo whoeva married this reformed swinger
The Ring was scary in theaters;
..but it’s more frightenin seein it on his deformed finger.. linger ., on ur weak THROAT disses, sorry
if u wanna feel a serious Lump ..
check da cancerous 1 on da left breast of Mrs Corey.
..i’m dishin stories ., as i laugh at ur face .,
muthafucka’s speedbump-chin just yielded Traffic for days.
..bash n dismay ., shit’s huuge ., feel da breech effect .,
if he drooled’d take 10 yrs fo da saliva to reach his neck.
..defeat n wreck ., u rhyme B-S & I don’t buy-it .,
that barricade jaw provided police protection durin a massive riot.
..deny it.. now lemme mention Fracture in defense.,
cuz whuts its say when I merked da nig ur .500 against
.,shiiit mayne ., i’ll let all of da bets show.,
ur face has a Frame that can put 10 innocent men on death row.
..lets go .. when it comes to losin title shots ur loyal man .,
Richard’s 1st , 2nd , 3rd ..all came successively like England’s Royal Fam breathe out.. my sword’ll toast ya.,
since u got thumbtac sized ears..
i’ll bash da side of ur head on da wall n hang my Jordan poster.
..roast ya ., ur lines are feces- it’s been set .,
ur eyes bug out .. mated .. n bout to form a new species of insect. i’ll BURY U ALIVE ., end shit n slay doubts.,
so da only time u put da ‘nail in da coffins’ when u tryna scratch ur way out.

Winner = Richard Corey

Second Battle
Setting - BBL
Date - 19th of November 2006
Link to Battle - HERE

Resin M-I-C

to Richard,

fuck an alias talk,
take your fuckin’ tight ass clothing and stop wearing it fag
jeans got such a designated seal it can covert op in a terrorist act
all this time in text got your marriage lackin’ a general form
rumors of a divorce got enough talks-in it to start a chemical war
fuck a scyptology & stop trying to embellish your thesis
that ‘movements all in your head’ to the point it discredits telekinesis
i’ve had it up to here with your goody two shoes moral views
aquatic life won’t ever be the same after this cor’ll lose
this momma’s boy is going to get tossed in & weap
your so hand-held, gameboy was designed after you crossing the street
still living with his parents you not getting any bigger kid
seriously, rich had a basement tenure twice as long as tigga did
with a nose deteriorating i know you fearing the cypher
nostrils got in-crypted passages that’d take historians yrs to decipher
your only here because of what the bboys crew feels
man he wouldn’t be accepted as Champ on ron burgundy’s newsteam
he tends to spit when he talks or storms out loud
spraying enough mist particles that one sentence can form a cloud
you’re a pussy, a fairy, a yes ma’am, your attacks are stalled
funny how you beat ‘Grip but lack the adhesive to attach some balls
he has no libido now the wife thinks it’s a cursed marriage &,
sex life’s such a bang theory it can supplement for earth’s origin
whoever put you in their top 10 got a boring idol
it’s over, finito, just consider the height of your thoughts corey lidle’d

Richard Corey


People are like, “Aaron’s nice…he could win if Rich don’t get on him”
Yeah, his pen runs circles around mine…if I’m drawing his win column
Dude, I know you’re an alias…so the pic, the name and all isn’t right…
there’s so much Fake Bull, it’s got me trippin’…over the praying Isrealites
I know ya got a Kramer joke. But I could give a fuck what he tries to write
I mean, dude’s jokes weren’t called for…but neither are you on Friday nights
I smack my skin; swatting these bug-ass dudes tryna vie for my place
Aaron tries to one up me…and smacks his lips when my flies in his face
Faggot sucks dick, seriously…he’d pack my trouser snake and chode in lunches
His mouth's a worm hole…Ozy prolly uses it to go back & find all those old punches
Did y’all see his pale ass…Powder-lookin’ ass must harbor some sickness
He’s such a TransParent…his kids buy him skirts and garters for Christmas
Lama gave us the day off, that ain’t shit on what this opaque bitch did, damn
He was a bigger ‘Class Act’, playin’ lead for his school as the Invisible Man
I said he’s a faggot…f’real, he feigns for dick to glide in his stomach…
Bitch got a Jones for my Jimmy that could smack the coufi off Elija Muhammad
He’s a homo…teaming with viruses, infections and plagues
So every dude that leans and rocks in the A’…should get tested for AIDS
Dude, I R.Kelly’d your bitch and her friend, left them both perturbed
after I pissed on ‘em, and sold the tapes as lost episodes of the Golden girls
I’m sorry, but your horrible set-ups aren’t winning this man…
Now watch me hand an L to ‘Ron that’d leave Tom Cruise jizzing his pants.
Look man…your mulatto ass is tryin’ too hard…just admit it you’re wack…
Besides ya flaws are so well pronounced.. they’ll never be mistaken for Black

Winner = Resin M-I-C (Note - Resin was battling under the alias Aaron in this match)

Third Battle
Setting - WBL
Date - 11th of February 2007
Link to Battle - HERE

Richard Corey


Resin turned out to be a wannabe white boy, I was fuckin’ alarmed
playin black roles ain’t cool…even Vendorman hides em under his arms
Unlike ya mom, I don’t graze the fields. My diet? Nothin’ is kosher
I only made Peta Bread once…when I saved your mother from poachers
Resin worshipers will see this and leave; refusing to vote on this slaying
The fact that I won is like ya riders, they both kinda go without saying…
Ya girl calls me an organ grinder, the way we swerve in the sheets
she calls you an organ grinder to help ya monkey ass find work in the streets
Seriously, you need a job, your obsession with cars is sick, still
stop being a car buff…there’s waaaay more cash in washing my windshield
No one’s downloading your shit, even if you left it outside of the studio
cats would never take the leak… unless your CD was lining a urinal
Look at your damn dome, what are you going to do with the shape?
I thought you only got a round head by telling dudes you had AIDS
Dude, you lost on Thursday, that’s when I fuckin’ planned this verse
so we’ll mark the 15th as the day Big L passed…from my hand to yours

Resin M-I-C

..apologize fo da lateness., partyin comes first., accept it or not., here it is..


..beat u once., this’ll be the second effect.,
if this is an R & R battle then consider me top record exec
..this shit’s bank., while u jus a conniving geek.,
ugly fuck., his face got a cram that’d take students to ivy leagues
..stupid nigga., u’ll find defeat in this mission.,
plus ur eyes so bugged FBI surveillance feels threatened by ur vision
..shoe., vamoose., in hell’s where im’a send this guy.,
i’ll make this star-fleet n demote captain kirk on the enterprise
..been I-nettin it since ’95., we kno ur life’s a wreck.,
yea he got a ‘Please’d marriage’., he BEGS his wife for sex
^n that’s pushin it., viagra is where this guys fate is
only time his woodworks is when he came out of hiatus’s time for me to beat ur shit in & call it.,
so forget about bankin on skills ur shit would fit in my wallet
..u can’t touch my concepts., i gotta fly set.,
while ur ‘Iron clad ideas’ consists of gettin the wrinkles off ur wife’s dress
u pussywhipped nigga.

Winner = Richard Corey due to Resin M-I-C not voting. Therefore, Resin M-I-C is technically the winner.

Fourth Battle
Setting - BBL
Date - 20th of May 2007
Link to Battle - HERE

Resin M-I-C

Stop complainin, Richard.
..when I grab my berretta u’ll stop feudin bitch.,
put bullets In-Ri.. n hang ya corpse above Jesus head on the crucifix
..get left crosses., uppercutted., nigga u can’t defend it..
I’ll hit u with enough Rights to add another 50 amendments ur wife brings home maad tricks., n after givin head.,
she ‘bangs more wood up in a house’ than Night of the Living Dead
..every1’s fucked that whore., we already drilled the hoe.
done tore it up., her cooch look like owen wilson’s nose
..Nika KILLED u dunn., but u aimed some boys u trust.,
nigga ya verse was played.. it deserves its own aisle in toys r us
..die u geriatric prick., u aint a proprietor with clothes.,
copped a young style., but saggin ur pants jus leaves ur diaper exposed
..u kno i’m gotdam right., u givin huggies a sure revival.,
shiit., kobe saw YOUR pull-ups n fuckn handed u the scoring title
..screwed Kung outta WBL., the situation got messy quick.,
maan even nascar fans’d turn they back on Richard’s Petty shit
..u’ve been portrayed as a cheater., ima put da quit in dude..
watch me pull ur cardigan., n ruin the sweater ya friends knit for u
..yousa geek, a nerd., don’t go further with ya steppin.,
the machine self destructed tryna turn this urkel into stefan
..go home nigga., i am da best so don’t push me
if u can tell alot about a handshake., parkinsons says ur a pussy
..old fool., ur spines curvature gives u a stern drop.,
ur back’s been relying on a Rocker.. but 1 shot’ll make it turn pop
..had a big ass jaw fo years., shit STILL aint fly 2day..
he found the fountain of youth.,
dove chin first n splashed a man into an infant from a mile away
..ya BBL run was a fluke., see ur faith at hand.,
a pre-k class could fold n cut 10 snowflakes outta this Paper champ
..its ova, finito., you winnin here is fake clown.,
cuz any faint hopes u have jus hit its head on a table on da way down

Richard Corey

Let me get this straight

Damn@that old pic being fake? WTF are you concealing, boy?
& how ugly you gotta be if a cock-eyed horse is a more appealing choice?
Just show your pic, fuckin’ coward, or else you’re a faggot, B’
Bitch got so many self-image issues, he inspired Oprah and her magazine
But I gotta give you props for easin' racial tensions, so shorty holla
went from a nappy headed ho…to the guy who’ll press it out for 40 dollars
What are you scared of you faggot, dude’s violently freakin’
Last time I saw a dude trim-blend like that…
I was mixin it up with his sis and wife on the weekend
And dawg, this new pic? You better get a new disguise and often
Cos no architect is vouchin’ for the slanted shutters your eyes are rockin
Even yuppi can see your battles are biased as fuck, and that’s all I know
if this ain’t rigged, explain the pullies you got over that drawbridge nose
See, my verses make voters ‘come to their senses’, and dispel fears
they’ll only come to yours to throw coins in those huge, wishing well ears
And this new Asian style is just periods and pauses, so little is poppin’
cats screaming for the black version so loud, Spiderman just tripled its profit
I know ya homeless ass sucks dick; thank my powers of observation
wanna see him really blow out the Box office
just pull your pants down during his hours of operation
YOU said you respect me. But, you’re still what I’d call gay
Still, I’ll re-spec the props you get…
I mean, obviously they can’t see they’re going the wrong way
People come from miles around, asking me to teach these scripts…
cats come to learn from Res too…cos NOBODY knows what Green Tea is
This kid Res is dirty, stepping out the bath, hoping the perfumes sooth it
leavin behind the type of Muddy Water that could start a Blues movement
Ya girl looks like an animal, f’real…no pimp would find a paying buyer
I got several bucks from her, then I learned how to hold the reins tighter
The board can’t stop talking about me, you know, I’m a legend to them
And kids will only change the subject if the sentence reads “Resin will win”
I’m like a circle, never ending; just check the heat I brung
Only time you’ll act like a ring, bitch
is flashing cards between rounds, next week…for me and Kung

Winner = Resin M-I-C

Fifth Battle
Setting - BW's Picture Battle Tourney
Date - 2nd of December 2007
Link to Battle - HERE

Resin M-I-C

Quick, see..

..his poppin stare makes us feel sweltered.,
shiiiit., his eyes got a bigger Fallout design than nuclear shelters
..who u kiddin fool., ur features yell ouch.,
nose look like a paperbag fulla groceries afta the bottom fell out
..wearin undersized gear., nig learn ur lesson.,
the Embrace that shirt has can easily cure depression., jus quit da facade & stop tryna hide it.,
i mean c'mon., that tee's tight enough to give u the heimlich
..nig got droopy features., get disgraced fast.,
muthafucka.. radioactive leaks wishes it had the melt ur face has
..n trust me., it aint hard to defeat Core.,
bitch.. go steal hitler's mustache so u can complete yours
..length x width equals.? maaann this isnt a fair game.,
even a Yale professor couldnt narrow it down as good as ya staircase
..peep that bicep.. ahaha who u harrassin with those.?
if THAT'S an Armstrong., then consider da fuckin moon landing a hoax
..yeah asians can't drive., but ur flimsy shit aint tough
i take mean Jug handles., ur scrawny arms find it hard to grope A cups
..viewers strayed from da hit tv show., but u got em quick.,
all the fans of a Grey Anatomy jus tuned in to your bottom lip
..hidin ya big ass dome., it's ova., this bitch aint thrivin.,
the Cut-Off ur forehead has can get 3 counts of reckless drivin.,

Richard Corey

You an ape-lookin’ bitch. Pointing guns? Yeah, right ya sorry old punk
See, my dudes lift gats. When you lift barrels… Luigi and Mario jump
And da-da-da-damn @ that forehead! The whole shape’s just long
That shit is MASSIVE…Res gets automatic shout outs in Reggae songs
Plus, peep his fuckin hairline, you should fire whoever shaved you, bro
The Wu can’t drop enuff diagrams to mathematically replicate that slope
And lol@ Resin’ resembling an orange ghost, I’m seeing the traits
Think I’m lyin…please explain that human-hair Pac Man eatin your face
Peep this virgin’s thin wrists, I feel sorry for this fucker, I’m honest
It’s sad when ya bedpost & wristwatch have the same number of notches
brown stains in the front of ya jeans? In male ass he buries the bone
Bitch, all ya laps are tainted now, just admit it and retire like Marion Jones.
Res’ impersonating Jack Bauer, but I guess I can see it this punk’s way
They both spend seasons on the screen and try to act like it’s just one day
Res is so stuck on himself, but the shit is all comical tho’…
thinks he’s God’s gift, and came to battle wrapped in swaddling clothes
50 Cent is a prophet! Anyone callin’ that a shirt is just stupid
fag’s a Window Shopper…and here he is rockin’ his curtains to prove it
But back to that forehead, that shit just shoots vertically from the guy’s mug
U.S. train systems thank God ya people never had such a tendency to rise up
Mothafucka, I suggest you powder that shit…you betta act on directions
a gorilla see that hard glare ya given and perceive it as an act of aggression

Winner = Richard Corey

Series Current Standings

Resin M-I-C - 3
Richard Corey - 2

Note - Voting link wins are ignored. If Resin M-I-C had of voted in their second battle, he would have got the win. This was taken into consideration when composing the current standings.

@Resin M-I-C
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