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Default Bouquet Breath

Yell, roar, rant, and rave about a hellhole we can't escape
Til you're senial..
Meanwhile this pen fell from your hand grenade
Ruin's of me. The illusion of sleep, & oh so fluid's the music of Zzz's
Dream, dream, and dream- Eye thinks, we do it in 3's
Way too old, nuff's enough. May YOU flow, H2O
Trick or treat. Misery every day
Moments that never stay
But why she always go ghost on my deadest days?
Looking for something deeper? Too bad
I'm tonguing keywords on your yum-receivers til you fucking seizure..
And you mad? Great
Boob-magick; nude masquerade
Moon- captivation..
Older than death..
When One has illumin-optics that go over their head
They throw them over the edge like Mufasa
Confusion topples ya, illusion drops viewing operation of truth doctors
Your soul isn't gangstuh. Buys into bullshit til its bankrupt
Back in highschool fiddy dropped a track about ya, homie's a wanksta
If one doesn't forgive, all paths gon' lead to anger
Stranger things, except a little more lonely and stranger
Spit-tunnel. This a window to the wind-flow of nature
Scrape pelt or freeze. Angels and demons
Gotta pace Self with breathing
In light of the half moon, peep the design of the tattoo
The sky is a classroom rhyming in fractals of spiraling statues
Freaky pumpkin? Keep trudging, land of the lost
Pick which jack'o lantern to haunt
Leave a lux-seed, plant it then watch
You wanna stay, but can't. How long it take for halos to harvest?
Well, there has to be enough light to break through the darkness
Yeah, creation's retarded
Wiggle up your booty and rub the lamp
Give the ruby in the rough a chance
Drug dick make her dope sick
Control dissss, always asking, acting like they have a pair. Uh nah, go fish
Although soul infusion is no illusion
The light-aura vibe potent so the flow consumes them
That which gave the lake it's depth
Pearl of devotion. Stir of emotion, tornados the flesh
Gusher of substance
In love with destruction. Stay upset
Love kills yo.
It's hugging a hundred bayonettes like they're plush pillows
Life's a dream, behind the scene magick potion
Fast to slow-mo.. You see a relaxing photo while I
Crash the ocean, showing what the cast is holding
Yet, web of words leave you at my mercy with arachnophobia
Fluent in cloud-reading, shout outs to the viewers of the cummulus mouth-piece
I use it for grounding
The smoothely poofy books seem to soothe me
Like I'm on a moving musical mountain when numerous fountains are oozing
Days have past and consequences cut like a blade, it's path
Fuck the bitches, dog, natures bad, let the razors drag
May it scab..
Want to break the silence but the conversation's glass
She says things that make me sad and it makes her mad
Calm the horses, still can't stop the orbit
Want some heat? Wanna build? Talk to me, maybe cum chop the forrest
Once I pound it down, peace circles you like chocolate oranges
Line of excuses? way too long. Blame it on Gatorade's Mercury flavor
Face to face, change. contraversial behavior
Surf it and sail, curse of betrayal rotates in circles
Ain't worth the sol-layers. You pray the vertigo tapers
Facial expression: novacaine. What steals the memories?
Everytime we make up and connect- it goes away
Breath's the bouquet, let the petals float, grace.
All these error moments.. The air is poison. Terror forms when I dare to snort the seratonin. But for now... The bear is dormant. ;-) Just always cherish golden.
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