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Default DeadKing aka Noetic vs Unnatural Selection - Round 1 - 11-8-1999



empowered by ancient scriptures i bring dead kings to resurrection
just so that they can see the real meaning of divine perfection
then with violent lines of lethal rhymes i release them once more from living
send them to my kin, king hades, he who is truly unforgiving
tormented souls burn whole when faced with Unnatural's verse scrolls
spirits imprisoned within my words without possibility of parole
no chance of survival, i'll bring the revival of summer of sam type sprees
madman on a rampage, find me on the front-page "Twelve Found Dead in SF Alleys"
my mind decrees that dead kings are ignorant to the wrath Selection brings
no revelations can express my determination nor can hymns the church sings
impervioius to both religion and the modern mans technology
thus prayers nor patriots fired from underground silos will bother me
i suggest you give it a rest theres no possiblity i'll be defeated
for the only way i can lose is if priceless made sure my rhymes were deleted



1-fuck perfection, i came to make a lyrical correction
2-dispose of a mc through gods UNNATURAL SELECTION
3-im the beast that'll eat your whole crew to stay alive
4-exterminate your species so the King can still survive
5-im higher in the food chain and hold more senority
6-put you away behind these bars with my flawlees authority
7-i'll rip out your heart at the next WALKING DEAD ritual
8-leaving your body functions impared and UNNATURALY dispickable
9-whats up with that name the O.N.E foundNATION?
10-is it a crew?, a foundation?, or the aftermath of 50's segregation
11-a group of mc's that makes sure everyone is equaly treated
12-but after seeing your desperate verse i think it should actually be deleted
13-but fuck it--i dont need any Priceless help to overcome your best prewritten verse
14-he dosent need to erase it, because after this match you'll be laying in a hearse
15-my rhymes ran you clearly over in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, then back in reverse
16-just now you experienced DeadKings power inversed
17-the Flow Units golden child thats remarkably cursed
18-the one that spit second but exceeded talented first



I said I wouldnt hesitate-so here it is
I'm never second rate-I'm the best in the biz
your rhymes I deflate-DeadKing-the royal wiz
its you that I hate-and its you that I diss
ha-calling me a wack Mc-saying I suck
pounding on you clearly states-I DONT GIVE A FUCK
your the one thats wack-you little refugee
your the one thats attacked-at the sight of me
your the one that cant admit-your loss from my victory
your the one thats snapped-like a branch of a hickory
knocking on my door and then you run
where you going Selection-we've only just begun
this shit isnt hard-this is pretty damn fun
the second round of the tourney is finally fucking done
DeadKing over Natural is the final outcome
Killed you, your family, your dog, and then some
why you gota front with out weaponarys
you know i'll bomb you with heavy artillarys
your storage is in your van-but mine are the misty cemetarys
I play you like a puppet-the strings being your arterys
racking up more hits-than cash in New York lotterys



check the complexion, island skin tanned just to perfection
unnatural selection here to give this battle a change of direction
call me the rhyme savant rapmusic's new battle commandant
crash the ball of this debutant and kill all guests nonchalant
the west coast spree killer runnin things like a modern day hitler
high paced baller like miller with more suspense than a stephen king thriller
how you gonna test my skill when your sh-t aint fit for goodwill
you'll need abortion pills to bring this creation to a stand still
now get your shit straight my rhymes you can never deflate
so before you even try to berate you'd better recognize who's really second rate
jumping to conclusions running at the mouth causing mad delusions
forcing optical illusions bringing your own mind to confusion
searching for cannon fodder while i take mines like midnight marauders
why should i even bother to battle a failure just like his father
not worth the time of my rhymes or even deserving of another two lines
you're just a plague on mankind, the worthless scourge that the bible defined
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