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Get Slapped.
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Default Rawn MacDon

Rawn MacDon

  • Also known as Rawnold Macdonyall, Pseudonym, MC Greg Braid E, The GBE, GM0NEY.
  • Active from 1997 to 2004 and from 2009 to the present time.
  • Posted on uS, CC, iE, RMC, LW, RnR, xD, NC and AOB.
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Rawn M.D.
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Default God Complex

I got the golden touch of Midas cut in King Tuts likeness
a titan thrustin Poseidon's Triton, my third eye's blink flood Osiris
im Icarus at his highest facing the degrees of Phoenix
Gabriel's shift to Mohammed's genius doding Judas's sneak to Jesus
using the speed of cheetahs; this king gloats with cobras
Abe Vigoda's prime on his throne as Frankenstein within his throat ambrosia
the Ethiopian omen of Halie Selassie smokin with Odin
swallowing the stones of Cronus holding the serpent on the bow of Moses
crossing Noah's ocean inside the spoken whale of Jonah
pestilence, death of the first born, darkness, blood, toads, hail n locusts
I'm the Torah's horror, the Quran's quandary and bible's rival
a genesis as a testament to the book of revelations embracing Baal's revival
Salem's own angel dust addict doing tetrodetoxin black magic
wreaking metropolitan mass havoc making Babylon resemble a bad accident
sack the Vatican's only father's holy water and tarnish the well
if thats not a big bang for evolution, I'm colluding on mutants with Darwin in hell
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Rawn M.D.
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Default Address Dope Boy Fresh

My sound's ridiculous, got it down to a synthesis
Push that rock on the block, around town im crowned Sisyphus
Hit the ground with a grip, on the prowl hittin licks
take they clout if they flip; lay em out n make they house into crypts
Im all about the click clack till I collect big stacks
Checks get cashed exempt with tax to graft and protect kick backs
In pitch black I hustle quick fast, my muscle gets that
so there's never trouble on the double up for the cut or pinched bags
I stop and fantasize when I plot to plan my grinds
cops get handed bribes to stand in line like they wanna pantomime
I dont drop nann in dimes with a hot frantic mind
When I got grams to pies cramped inside of my pants grand design
I let them cannons fly, a quick burst gets em sick hurt
Done did dirt, grab a tricks purse n stomp em out till I kick curbs
Let that whip work while the wrist stirs with a sifter
my mixtures blister on the bubble up and comes to a tinctured simmer
I re-up like an anagram with all the back and forth
When I handle grams its ambulance crash'n course on path to court
I've ran the dance with plants, coke, crack and horse
all leaving tracks and sores, and fiends with long sleeves grabbin more

Shit...believe I give em what they askin for.
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Old 02-14-2013, 09:34 PM   #4
Rawn M.D.
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Default Lady Liberty


She promised me the world; the answer to my dreams
Her exterior mirrored lifes woes, hammered in her being
She represents opened doors, the end to the struggle
gave her public their muscle the will, want and gusto
She breathed of fresh air, with her high-nose to the crowd
a bacillus of beauty, froze; toes close to the ground
Stood for her ideals, principals, sentiments, truths
Screamed of silent struggles; drowned in cemented shoes
Her complexion reflected the jaded feeling she felt
her presents a blessing, her sight's healing and help
she was a visionary french kiss, a moments slip into bliss
a hedonistic trip to freedom, liberty, to live
she was born for the downtrodden, sculpted in their shape
a neoclassic representing the classes of a caring state
never to be forgotton, she holds her torch only for them
as a monument of promises; a women that lords over men
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Rawn M.D.
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Default 'Armistice At An Arms Distance'

Magnetic resonance detect my penmanship style is excellence
a pestilence riled and present inside of the lead that I pencil with
I write cancer, oncologists trade notes of their escaped hopes
Catchin static through metastasis, haemorrhagic the way I break flow
My kick games ruthless throw'd like I nicknamed Shoeless Joe
I make my movements known, quick enough to confuse a strobe
Every sentence is a display of leverage that breaks dianetics
My face affect is space effective to move plains my brains kinetic
hades lieutenant, marauder Sargent slaughter gone starburst
Cobra clutch a rolled up dutch, and drop a gem on Pearl Harbor
Kamikaze bombin with kamikaze bombers, eatin shrimp n lobster
The stiffest posture since Marfans' doctors set his heart in copper
I Boomslang with the boom-bap that invenomates on contact
My crew bangs those bomb bags in units of weight, beyond mass
I'd hold guard, and show cards when charged a steady Gambit
Rulin with an iron fist's a risk to the ill equipped or heavy handed
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Couldn't be
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Xtermnation Xtraordinaire
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@Frank .ya, that's him lol
White Earl.
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Rawn M.D.
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Default 'A Picture Youth'


For hours on end the old man lay down on his bed
in soiled sheets, with a stench only his mouth'd compliment
Urine drenched mason jars left ajar for the foul to ferment
lamented tears, n sweat; poured down, scoring his brow and neck.
He lets out a breath...
linseed and aniline, he'd use what they bleed
horse hooves for glue; bristles from their mares, tails n tweed
weighed and graded to fulfill each detail or every need
mixing his paints creating amazing shades, spec to recipe
he lets go off the seeds..
His emotion was focused, as he eased up his easel
passionately prepared his palette; primed, perfect, and peaceful
this masterpiece would be a challenge, given that hes old
memory fleeting, closing his eyes, he torpedoes his ego
rejuvenated, awakened. Fresh blood feeds mosquitoes
The roaches, the fleas, the bees, rats and beetles
no longer mattered, as he stroked the canvas; his keystone
His paintbrush now covered; back-arched staunch faced
reminiscing of his adolescences he starts to paint
memories of skyscraper mountains that reached up parting space
the glare off the windows, the glimmer of gold each shards creates
before the world got so crowded, before agoraphobia and age
before his lower paralysis, the infestations, his rage
he remembered being happy, being proud, being brave
he painted his last masterpiece; his eulogy, his dreaming praise:
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Rawn M.D.
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Default 'My Girl'

I got a bitch that I, hit up on the daily
she sucks and fuck crazy, sucks up all em babies
in front of all em ladies, she actin up all crazy, but...
I whip up on that bitch, she be another fucked Mercedes
she got a fast ass that ya love to get between
thick thighs,a look in em eyes n ya turn a friend
enticed, you know the price, and the urgency
lotus flower, knows its power, so you turn the fee
ol' boy' , man that sht just gets so moist
that ya can get round ya friends act'n all coy
cuz them transactions that ya employed
got taxes out the ass end of the bitch ya enjoyed
extortion, or no abortion, its ya choice
but no matter, my cash gets served up on its platter
ill pimp out hoes,without tryin', any time
and friend, the ends ya spendn', ya no trendin' client
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Rawn M.D.
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Default 'Blood and Roses'

(This is my verse as part of a collab that occurred with Vulgar and Eviscerate)

I'm deadly, the ancient enemy, Moses' focus to part the Red Sea...
gave Mozart his first melody; Madame Bovary on both bended knees...
Told Oswald to get at Kennedy...Im Lucky Luchiano's bravado..
The one who handed Hemingway the bottle...while singin Gospels
I am Pol Pot to Hip Hop, muddied the waters for Muddy Waters
Robert Johnson's unmarked martyr for getting what he bartered
The seize of Galileo, the sea of Galilee; Tuskegee's penicillin
the vow of celibacy; Mengele's mission for experimental brilliance
constructed The Divine Comedy in The Inferno as a gift to Dante
Put up Stalen's curtain, inspired Idi Amin and Suddam Hussein
The cerebellum of the Australopithecus, before the sickness hit
“Bellum Gero”...the fallen hero, that history score couldn't forget
The inquisition's chiaroscuro, Nameth's superbowl...Mantle's looks
Deals and pacts go back to King James's editing of the good book
see not, Enoch...the Coelacanth decent to the Marianas trench
Monuments to the souls magnificent's, blood and roses represent
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Rawn M.D.
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Default Animal Instinct

Leave em bleeding, Hematomas-all over; bruised blotches black n blue
Dalmatian dog hides with raw insides, refuse for rabid Raccoons
Elephant stop craniums to Conch, eyes bleeding waters of the ocean
Irrigate ear canals to drown out sounds; venomous hissing from a Cobra
Hyena laugh with breathing gasps leading up to each siege and attack
balloon chested; Baboons question the redness of a clean beatin ass
Lemur leap; on two feet I creep, looking with the long neck of a Giraffe
charging head first, kicking up dirt, soundin the horn; a Rhinoceros blast
Inflict swift Kangaroo kicks, cracking sternums down to Spongiform
Magazines lined up clean, Amazonian Bullet Ants confront to storm
I watch, with the stillness of a Sloth, awaiting for the next Insect to fall
Then Puma pounce with the silence of a Mouse - on its neck; clenched jaws
Savage beast lung capacity, pull the wool out from underneath Wolverines
Golden Eagle talons deep; grip lethal incisor teeth sharper then an Owl's beak
A corpse collector, defending predator, who swarms in force baiting Piranha
Nothings better then the taste of some leather or maybe something rotten...
...except for someone plaguing the sun; waiting, plottin', playing Opossum
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Rawn M.D.
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Default vs Edgar AlPo (SnF)

Who can doubt the human mouth of Wolfram Alpha
Cloaked in a tunic shroud concealing the proud mood of Bowser
Drinking coolant out the spout of a moving mountain
Looking down, awaiting a cruel calculative ghoulish outcome
Eating scallions over cow tongue; sigma 6 black belt – Malcrum
Reducing towns down to talcum, a plague in days without sun
Move about breaking the rules of sound with loud lungs
Tetra 3 Crowcon, detection methods present and outdone
A wise and grim Leviathan, whose been imbibed on gin
The life of a pious man’s pride of sin, Machiavelli’s type of Prince
Violent witt, riffle clips, life from inside Poseidon’s abyss
A tyrant with his tithe as thick as a Tsuanami’s tidal volume is
Talkin’ Torquemada; Lord our father’s morgue of bondage
An enormous hot-head, whose temper flares with solar comets,
Screaming storm n conquer; hard enough to force the vomit
God’s son, leaving a string of corpses to simply stand on top of
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Rawn M.D.
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vs SiK

You going verse a legend, with no worries ur a veteren
certain to put ur back against AWOL to reverse ur pension
its allegiance toward ur weapon, a beating for a lesson
Aint a thing intrepid bout G.I. sik, except diseased intestine
speak n ull regret it, dress fatigues for sleeps close second
i suggest u bite ur tongue like an eating disorder correction
giving beatings in the trenches is easy for this henchman
if ur a manowar this'll sting more than a Jellyfish defences
the deadbolt clips been leveraged to a metal fisted menace
to remedy the enemy, when i Cu lts copper shells to chemists
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Rawn M.D.
Posts: n/a

Default End of a Dying Breed

Last of a dying breed? Its time to flee or Evolve
Evasive tactics displayed by fagg0ts, no Dia IP involved
Yall basic-average, hermit crab-kids, way out of ur league
ATR's a battary of legends, ur more an assemblage in MMORPG
honest and fact, droppin these raps, we ain't even on the same page
we be closeting cats, while yall geek'n meth with a followin act of gay rayge
And BananaMan, well Meth's grand... if he got that Tina by the key
but he's more likely to cut his nose to spite face then Pigman from Salton Sea
I like Sharp, hes got some heart, and always follows good in-line
such a good sport, that he even looks the part, so this follower can skate on by
This leaves SiK, a military kid, bred by the meak through heat, risk, n flak
hes seen combat, tackled IED's in Iraq, but he won't even whisper on that...
cuz see, ironically, he already knows the policy,
so if he don't tell.....well, we all know the syntax
bout the only hurt locker he ever seen, being the one from his last gym class
and its seems apparent that ur teams generic...and SiK the problem is...
ur a weak varriant of a street terrorist to everyone but ur speech therapist
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Rawn M.D.
Posts: n/a

Default Sarcaphaguses for All (DN diss)

How you goin to swim w the big fish when ya aint harmin guppies
A poet, a no name, the rapine, EndSane in King Narman's company
ATR's coming, sharks for the chuming, circling, starved and hungry
getting more rugged then carpet coverings, your hearts are nothing
truthfully, your crew is toluene, gassed and green as goose beans
this new breed is so very cautious and wary, Ingall's on the prairie
who will fall or get burried for daring to even brawl against Ares
Your obnoxious - only poppin amyl nitrate and paedestry cherries
You think you can contest big guns, with those derringer triggers
Stick ya neck out once and my klippel-feil like a harbinger's whisper
whom carries a hitlist, to apoplexi's like Natural's character witness
Code behaves like he got seroquil sickness, with hysterical bitch fits
his turgid weapons buisness aspiring spirochetes and slip discs
So when challenge week's missives, went unseen and not written
A submissive Sane assumed the position, decreeing his vision
forcing his appretence, Profet, to D- Creed, with cordial derision
Profet negated, Kwikwitit obliged serious enough Muff still aint arrive
After, Keith retreated from capture, he'd bleed out a battered tzar
a scarecrow Pharoah who lacks the heart for his alabaster jar
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Rawn M.D.
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Default Vs Philly aka The Bully

While u hand off to the P.D., Im screening Panzer’d Lamborghinis'
Sing Soprano w Houdini cuz when in Rome, all that tone gets U Gandolfini'd
Give 4 pumps to nik-A's Jordans, the way us Fla brahs' hoard guns
in fact the only time this jock-strap’d is wearing that, along with his support cup
u never had the heart to start, not on varsity or for ur alma-matar
Shts clear when the college doctor prescribes ur offensive line's as beta-blockers
I'm amazed that kids have the audacity to call him something great
when his punches land-phil appears in that place, with written product dumping waste
i never walk a girl home, i spit my shit on deck to hit n work they frame
while everything bull-pens strikes out, and couldn’t take a bitch out pitchin perfect game
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Old 06-30-2013, 06:05 PM   #17
Rawn M.D.
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Default Vs Figurative (SnF)

Im a soldier, snackin on ambrosia sippin chamomile tea
The stone bolus that choked Cronus, dressed to kill in silk sheets
A Golem who slips his toes in penny loafers which sell for Gs
Grippin golden guns, the chosen one aiming to defy guilt with greed
I breathe with fruited breath more than diabetics who forget
Extract cyanide thru their stems to utilize in the most abusive sense
on come back for revenge with crueler intents than Lazarus events
when actual doom impends, I star trek with kombayshi maroon defense
I never brood regret, rather lose my head and lie in a grave
Stack riches, mac bitches, out to get it because a crime always pays
A modern day Goliath and Dave that’s combined in one frame
Who’s a stone’s throw away from a giant when my prides in the way
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Old 07-04-2013, 05:28 AM   #18
Rawn M.D.
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Default Verse Rap Maestro

I got a retainer full of lawyers, they post my bond and pay court fees
I stack cheese man, while u cheese’n needin one of those for your teeth
Ur looks are horrible, and ur whole persona screams that u lose fights
I pull dimes on the regular, u do that while attemptin to buy lars’ shoe size
While I only dine in restaurants that are labeled to be able to angel the nose
theres no reservations to bistro, since he catches more elbows than the tables in those
ur never ride or die, wont pick a fist to fight with DNA kept on training wheels
the only beef stroganoff with is his genomic leftovers plated with that dish n remaining alleles
I woulda no showed if u didn’t ask for the extension, so dood its appreciated
But face it, now urine trouble more than strikta feet when he n his women b bathing
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Old 07-23-2013, 03:51 AM   #19
Rawn M.D.
Posts: n/a

Default Dark Seas

(was to a picture of surfers)

I remember golden grains of sand and the glimmer of the waves
Running with my board in hand, down the beach I raced
Sprinting toward open water screamin carpe dium at wave breaks
Riding on the crest of life with tunnel vision saying grace
I never feared rip curls, a bull shark’s bite or being submerged undertow
But, was more concerned with the surf, the wind and whats afloat
the currents trending flow, tidal riding times or when to b catchin boats
ud think I’d have this memorized, I’d bet i don’t
I get caught up in the minute, they tend to blend over the water
Back to the sky, trying to ride high on waves I couldn’t carve in
A decorated edgin dedicate, I quested quickly for white marlins
woke up to waves, slept by injestin’ valerian shark cartilage
I paddled my hardest to service the great kahuna's sermons
Ventured into currents till the turbulence grew uncertain
Couldn’t see anemones n urchins thought the next wave id surf in
Next surge formed a maelstrom that’d leave atlantis unburdened
Rode its’ crest for what seemed the oceans length n then its surface
The board warped underneath my feet, and I was nervous
My feet slid off, Its become hard to breathe and my heads hurtin….
I may be out too deep, in the dark, but at least im surfin ode to the dead surfers...
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Old 07-23-2013, 03:53 AM   #20
Rawn M.D.
Posts: n/a

Default vs Loast

I Got Swedish whores doin the Swedish horse while phone sexin ya dime
Who won’t accept calls or dial bars because after she feels dirty n has to use that soap every time
Besides, I only hit clean females that douche and use the baday
Game ur bitch an twister box, while your go on play dates w friends and proceed to lose in that game
Its sad when I can Bogart u off the table with all prior shown cards
For example I’ll handle bars like handle bars and using a variation of lines n concepts from those bars
I’m mean man, and u’re rock bottom tier on a get counsel tip
I beat on ur girl at all time, Lo; she says its like that because that’s about how good u arouse her clit
Ur a bitch, ur diet consists of more soy then active Hispanics
Even if gps tracked where I landed, according to NC ill never be behind bars despite wrap sheets n transcipts
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