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Default Butler

Name: The Butler, butler, Dope, ed gein
Crew: John Doze


Butler has made one of the biggest impact's on the WBL. The man is dope, and not just because it's his alias. He's beaten almost every dope head to enter the WBL, he even beat Fracture, and thats something not many people can say. Butler always has a raw verse with fresh wordplay and a bunch of punches that make you go "OH SHIT", hes been in a bunch of contendership and championship matches on b-boys, hes been WBL champion, hes done it all in the league, theres no way he can't be a WBL Legend.

vs. Fracture

^^the fuck?

negro. you make me laugh dude. i usually pimp-slap fools.
but i'm only wastin' 30, cuz Kal made up some shitty match rule.

blah at this kid.

forget my nuts, get off ya OWN nuts. i'm iller frac.....
ya name ain't sounded like it's big ever since guerilla black
kid you was trippin' over ya words, corny puns, an bloopers
...shit i could make bank off sellin' Frac bars as boomers..
that verse was 90% filler, ... it just won't hack it this time
punchlines so warn out, they sport a no tresspassin' sign
repetative fuck, i ain't swayin' ya trial.
but how many times in one verse can u claim somebody's takin' ya style?
you drop garbage, i'ma clear up confusion.
u'll find my spit's littered with illness.. I find ur spits for littering, stupid
based on that last match wit Prospekt?.. i'll pummel this "veteran"
cuz dood's been havin' trouble beatin' kids i have trouble rememberin'...
I heard ya some fat bitch from queens. u need to simmer down son
an forget producin' tracks nigga.. how 'bout you sprint around one
i'm lookin' ahead, ur lookin' at fists, atleast u'll be a damn martyr
cuz Frac's so ego driven. they'll charge me for vehicular manslaughter
fuck ya history and ya rep. to me? i don't think-you matter
if mussels represent strength, u'll need like 10 seafood platters..
i beat-doods badder then you, fatass ur boarder a tub
i'll make sure ur body building... hands out lease forms to some slugs
i'll murder ya shit. you'v lost ya touch ... an Frac the worst of it is
you think ur winnin' with weak setups and fake personals bitch
i hit the weak spots. like pudgy an fat.
the lard around ya naval area could launch an overseas attack.
g'head an boast how ur so ill.. shit i ain't mad at you
sex lives are character based.. 'n Frac's got a cocky attitude
reality check. your a has been, so join the butler beat pile.
cuz rookies been ringin' ya neck, i'm just pressin' re-dial

vs. VenamuzTKO

Who the fuck are you..?!

Don’t matter, I’m already tired of ya lame presence
You idle me so much, I need a permanent away message
I searched ya name, an even peeped ya flows..
but bein wack isn’t a crime, so venam.. ya free to go
get off my nuts homeboy, ya rhymes r bland
you looked straight.. then someone showed me a ven diagram
ur worth ass, an gettin’ herbed fast
young buck, I paved the way to illness.. ur on a dirt path
FUCK if u keep ya pants saggin’ queer..
Cuz briefs ain’t wat u expose, brief’s a nutshell of ya rap career

vs. Richard Corey



somebody gassed this dood up.. i WILL leave led in u duke..
they say that bullets don't lie.. I'll fill ya head wit the truth
broke bitch, ya brokeass rhymes exploit ya funds..
catch a chin check double ya unemployment ones
when i flow, listen close..cuz theres a lesson in em'
... if Rich ever possessed illness.. i'd get an excorsism
you USE to be one of the hotter kids..
they'v milked the game for wat its worth, u just been lactose intolerant
i'm no trainer but Dope's nothin you should press..
ya rep is on a decline....... that would do wonders for ya chest
i spit heat, you spit that air condition..
Rich heard he's facin' me, and balled so much.. u'd think his hair was missin'
nigga you jock me all day,... i finna flip this dweeb
so when Rich mouths off.. finally my dick could breathe...
your a wannbe, a tyke amongst dawgs..
my white-t's support the hood. ur white-tee's support ya titelist balls
like you couldn't remember, when i speak, bullets will simmer
get hit so early Rich, I'll turn ya morning wood into splinters
i gotta fly cock, ur nuts are like nats..
ya jock straps so little,
u went an bought some extra guns for this match
it's over rich.. pack it up 'n get lost
my slugs'll hit ya teeth, crack the cavities, 'n hang ya plaque on the wall
your like 30! 'n never stepped in the booth
i mean,
u got clogged arteries.. who's blood flows better than you..

vs. Cheemagun

Originally posted by cheemagun
butler has uupped his game.. or is it maybe he is NOT halfassing.
Originally posted by cheemagun
15. The Butler (2-1)
16.Cheemagun (3-1) how i run into heavyweights two weeks in a row
U serious?

I’m known to boast alittle, but this dude is corny
cuz why the FUCK would I hype myself, if Chee’s just gonna do it for me?
Ya cover’s blown Chee, fuck ya lines.
While ur busy talkin’ bout dickryders I’m busy battlin’ one a mine


You don’t impress me cheemabitch. U know I’ll clown you in seconds
‘n leave ya lip so busted that bail will probly be outta the question..
We’ve battled before son, and that ego’s where it shouldn’t be.
Cuz if revenge is sweet. Consider this beat down sugar free……
You’re a one-bar-emcee. Most of ya posts sound dumb.
You drop these one-hitter’s, not even stoners would smoke out of
Shorty, I’m mimicked.. you think ya styles wanted?
I’m pasture skills to the point where I could fuckin graze cows on it
I wanna see YOU battle Frac, and win..
Ya scheduales been such a breeze,
The chargers think there quarterback has a twin
You’re a poor imitation ’n a poor excuse who writes trash
So I’m getting’ ridda duke before he trys to loot the sites ***he
…you need direction. An don’t call me a hater.
But Chee’s punches r known to Roam, so I bought a few Italian translators
Damn trader, do you do it on purpose?
Or is just coincidence the crap u post here’s in ya RBL verses?
G’head an recycle against me, …poppa will popoff ya skully
An land ya weak record sails in a regatta for dummies.
I’ll bury ya wins. an plummet ya rank wit no problems.
Bush’ll wanna replace the white-house pillars, with ya loss columns
I’v murdered u once. End of story. They’ll be no doubts in this thread
even doctors with accents’ll have no trouble pronouncin’ u dead

good luck junior.
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Lyricist Battle League

vs Faime S. Quotez


"Go make ur bed. cleanup the floor. pickup ya shoes 'n ya shit.."
^i took the words right out ya moms mouth, make some extra room for my dick
you haven't finished ya name. cuz MAD doods spit the same way
i suggest u change it to Faime S. QuotesbyotherRappersOnButlerNameplays.
the names Faime.. . I talk about guns. im so dope that it hurts.
i dont realize that typin a buncha filler in this line right here
................................................<t hen doin that for flow doesnt work
boy, ill uppercut ya mug to deep 9. wit this hawk that im holdin,
ya head'll b so suspended in air, ...theyll probly b talk of expulsion
I called in a team of detectives. i had to inform them of the problem commin.
the mystery of ranks has got us baffled. but, we'll make sure u get to the bottom of it
our only lead is the box office. we're told that this garbage mc,
was probly the worst thing to happen to RV since the opening of mission impossibl 3
Ima bash ya head in. Stop ya heart. shit, this herbll b doomed.
the winners 'clear'.. an so is wat the docs'll be yellin in the emergency room.

vs Led Poetic

Originally Posted by Led Poetic
Well i thought i'd post it up before butler complete distroys the picture in our LBL battle this week.. this was taken the other night playing beruit

im gunna lose

RoFLZzzzz, lets go Powder,

son, i thot i almost lost U. culdnt deal wit the feelin,
for a minute there. I coulda sworn my hypeman started to blend in wit the ceilen
who gets pussy in this pic? the fatkid in the back tryna holler,
casper here, or their gay boy who takes pics on his knees of kids poppn their collar?
u like a suburban crackhead... Beruit? i dont kno what the type is u pull
but Most people try to sink cups....ngga, Not eyes in their skull.
dont belive the nonsense... MC Pale? this white blurs a tragedy..
see, my cumshot missd his moms, threw on a goodwill T, an is now tryna battle me
...ill chill on the Skinny/White jokes. But when im finished, an start to chop up this hoe...
it'll b on a miror, wit a credit card, n my boys huddled around holdin dollar bills rolled.
it all makes sense. U look retarted. an no im not blamin this bitch,
i figure Led was named after the paintchip ingredient his mom ate as a kid
Goof Poetic. gettn pimpslappd. they wont recessitate ya
...,windup pushin more flowers then ya grandparents interior decorator.
^^^^ForRiilll.. where the fuck r u at? claimin U n ya boys guerilla type
sorry... I dont take any clique serious that lets grandma host "beruit/redsox fitted" night.
Ur a professional joke. its all a trick. /the famous text queer.
introducin' Led The Clown - pull his collar, and he'll wave his left ear.
as he magically turns his eyes red. stretching his neck as high as it lifts
while simultaneously shrinking his biceps to the size of his wrists
someone get Lionel on the phone. Then call apple,... get em' on gaurd.
to sue this nggas parents for producin an ipod shuffle, wit Skeletor's arms
^boy, u need a gym on ya block. ya seem pretty bitch-league here,
Rome wasnt built in a day.... Led hasnt been built, an its been 15 years.


vs Precize

Originally Posted by KempoMRK
12. Precize (2-0) vs 13. Butler (2-0)

Butler murdered Led Poetic’s pic last week, and I see him doing the same to Precize this week as long as he tries. Butler should really win this though, if he doesn’t then he’ll have to really fuck up not to as this should be fairly elementary to him, no offence to Precize.


an i had to sit thru 22 bars of u tellin me how ya SO nice,?
meanwhile. i been here 2 weeks, an THATS the prediction u gettn at ya homesite,
the detectivs just left the scene of ya verse. tryna decide where was the truble.
but 1 look at ya creativity.. an they were able to conclude there was a struggle
shit, the Kempo prediction doesn't even do it kid,
i not only gotta fuckup....but, bite, not vote, noshow n sign out for U to win,
thisll b a 1 punch Knockout. dont get gassd. u cant handle me dawgggg,
art majors, days bfore the final aren't even known to hit the canvas so hard
i feel Pharrell an Kanye. got every cd.. their all poppin,
here's a copy of their new single Number 1 - ill gift wrap it an leav it in ya loss column
then ask you why ya punchlines dont make sense. whys ya shit bogus,
an y after droppin Erel Avent LAST week, wuld ya setups decide to keep the trend goin?
...boyfriend got u bent over in the ktichen. by the donuts n flour
P got that non-prescription ass - his man likes to get it ovr the counter,
cuz him an his dood r happy together. they dont care if their known as jokers
see, love is blind.... and well, hopefully for P.. so are the voters,
keep ya punkass in focus. it wont stop. i detail in rippin 'cees
im precize wit my punchlines;
....when i drop 3 yr old wordplay n corny similies
but dood does yoga... while i plan on poppin shots up ya sternum gawd,
bfore this battle Pre meditated - after, thats how theyll label my murder charge
so, thug... dont worry about flippin weight. or gettn caught by the feds,
the lawyerll plead insanity on the bases that my bullets were all in ya head

vs Erel Avent
(Pic has been lost)

shuldnt of posted this one..

im from the hood. heads on my block dont even know how to act now,
saw ya pic. nggas almost hung that swoosh eyebrow on the wires in the background
first.. Ima murder you in this battle. then, im smackn ya homies dome around
til he finds out who told u its thug to rock an upsidedown visor when its snowin out
n for sendin me a pic of half ya face. while tellin me u son text...
thats fine. im more worried about seein a 20 yr old takin pics of himself starin at sunsets
yea, im rockin a T... but the teenage mug that u rockin hurts.
fuckbag, peach fuzz got E lookin younger than my soccer shirt...
shit, ya whole nasal shot from ya head. at speeds we kno that it shuldnt
tabloids hav switchd the splotlight from the LAPD to ya nose its so crooked.
rockin all black to match his contacts. he part textcee, part homeless fag
i been coppn madden since the 90s n STILL say n e thing EA sports is trash,
ya heads longer than the damn trees. the shit culd go miles
mods, can fit their city, state, n cell#s on Erel Avents profile
my coach got word. n recruited this odd lookin boy for the rim..
for pressbreak; i now inbound the ball in the backcourt to the point on ya chin.
dood just bouncd from the toilet. n is tellin the board how he writes too hood...
but who wouldnt, wit a complexion like my underwear after i aint wipe too good
^^MC skidmark... im here to just keep you informed.
i deliver for UPS. but my outfits dirty... tmorrow, im rockn U as a uniform
oh, you hard wit a picket fence? in ya culdesac? ,ya just dont git it clown
countryass ngga. Im still tippin on four fours... you still tippin cows,
ill pop ya ugly ass for tryna rhyme. wit the illest tool,
im known to bus - E known to ride the small yellow 1 to middl school
u could hide a mack truck in that shnozz.. yet u claim ya hella pimp?
pleeeez, the size a' that hole's had Saddam shakin his head ever since.
it maintains a square footage, n wind power no one knows.
yea, hookdup to ya nostrls to provide my house wit central air wen u blow ya nose
nah... it aint snowin.. The Incredible Snout here is mad hard..
after that truckload of yay, he is now attemptin to take a keybump of the backyard.
good luck,

vs N.Tavarez and Phryme

Originally Posted by N.Tavarez
You think you scaring me? please! take the field spare me ya dreams
Or you Ghana get served a loss worse than the American Team


i hope u dont plan on droppin gayass w/play. honestly, i hate u son
World Cup?.. yea, to protect the international dicks u like to get facials from
Kemp, the fuck is ya deal? this is how u repay my niceness of rhymes?
...i didnt flawless 5 nggas just to battle MC spic an a bboy dickryder of mine,
^ha.. but Kemp told me he'd stab me, an leav me drownin' wit a cut throat..
if i brought up how he let me no-show last week so yall wuldnt be champ.. uh-oh
it took me a while to understand this site. i just knew my hooks would git em'
an im just now realizin' P bars r like sigs here wit the amount a' bullshit in em'
phryme pleez. 4-0? get ate so quick u won't even type ya raps
sure, ur on a roll...... literally, aftr i digest. hit the john. n wipe my ass
^this kid has the science world baffled. all the nerds and the geeks aint settled
till biologists discovered they had to include 'wack&shitty' as a new Ph level
Phryme's gassed cuz he's on top of a corny league that sucks...
yea, the top WOULD be cool....
that is, if ya girl would stop usin her teeth so much
^nah.. U dont even got a girl. ask around. the kid is obnoxious
Farve been up for weeks, puzzled, at how long ur Lifestyles can sit in the pocket
oh, & Tavarez?.. the clone? the nobody from Rapmusic?.. forget it holmes
shit, b4 you even hit phryme, it b nice if 1 day you hit ur own........
Im workn wit the FBI on this one. Cuz the lines this asshole flaunts r a hoax
we're told his crib was buggd. so ima sweep it 1st, then move on to the votes
an then move on to ya boyfriend. an how his parents aint raise him for shit
T... i suggest ya dick puts ya man on timeout for givin it wayyyyy too much lip,
^when im finishd ya mans gonna be pissed. no more buttfuckin that ass at night
cuz from now on
..'Rez erect, means findn his body parts, some glue, n bringn em' back to life
its fuckdup.. cuz Tavarez just got here. wit his fam, an all of his kids.
but judgn by his verses, im assumin' back at the border his skills got stuck on the fence
an dont think i feel suburban Phryme more.. its the same hate,
ill knock that white light mc so high nggs'll think their seein fireworks 2 days late
corny ass wordplay. for real. the shit is misery
here, ima do like a Tavarez verse - this upcoming fall its 30Gs for u tuition u ill as me,

vs Roger Glocks

its Either,

a 13 yr old douche actin tuff. doin his thug pose,
Or... a pregnant 45 yr old jewish mom rockin her sons clothes.
Take ya pic. it doesn't matter. cuzzz after i bruise this cat
he'll b so round n black. nggasll thro him on the 1s & 2s, to scratch.
skinny arms mixd wit that babyfat. Roger thinkn he's all official
Callin' himself Glocks. when he more like a toddlers multi-colored water pistol
torah spitter. The synogouge rebel. the jewish fly nerd.
refuses Curls @ the gym
..n told his pops he's too gutta for the ones ovr his side burns,
but moms was cool. she was cookin'. then stoppd for a second
so rogr culd put the matzah balls in his cheeks, n sho the fam his godfather impression
wit the gay green trim.. i figured Old NAvy fall Line for fags..
nah, Egon an Peter Venkman informed me R was gettin sleeve deep in slimers ass
facemelt. wheres ya skin pigment?. it indicates head on,
of a largr white population in the India train bombings then the news let on
ya like a lumpy slab a whiteout. no chin. no lips. shits 'rill tragic
son. that blob of a so-called face has less features on it than illmatic...
bitch, how old are you? U can forget this battle. start packin it up.
i told this ngga to act his age... he pickdup his things, n hoppd right back in my nut
but dont blame me.. its not my fault hes here. hes a product of the movies
U can thank that 1 drunken night b/w Roesanne, & Chunk from the goonies.
an, doods a mascot. so the fuzzy pic? i aint even worried 'bout
wats REALLY blurry is, when did Michelin decide to attract a more urban crowd??
you wanna bootleg movie? no doubt. I pretty much hav em' all
i DID hav The Lady In The Water...
...til this fat ngga came thru an did a cannonball
all jokes aside. forget the fat comments, an all the mean hate..
its a camera phone pic of his "shit. i gotta battle butler this week" face.
but i saw his chinky eyes... and his motions. so i pulled his jaw down
n dropkickd it before this gangsta samurai culd finish pullin his sword out,
then stepped back. wound up. n was bout to pimpslap the wide hoe
..till i realized he had downsyndrome. no left arm. an thought i was five-o
nah. voters.. our 2 pictures are start-to-finish. the whole spectrums on it,
...from the murder scene, to the lake, to me sittin down as i reflected on it,

vs Shake-Zula

i was GONNA cop a bently... but aftr that verse? im callin' it quits.
clearly, suicides more suited for Shake then the style of doors on my whip..
^Zula.. for real. hop off a roof or somethin.. no, im not teasin ya
i usually want the truth, but i think if u went off alleged make things easier
im not hatin'... i feel this dood. believe it bro,
bein a douchebag-projectrhyme-clone aint a crime. so shake, ya free to go
u can't blame me for losin. im 2 days late. you really can't pull it now,
ngga... i gave you till saturday to edit the corny punchlines n all the bullshit out
an dont mistake the blurry photo an the run i had wit this guys sis,
wasnt the fuzz in my pic that cuffd her,beat that pussy up n got assdeep wit my knightstick
then i broke up wit his moms. cuz the fat hoe was a blimp an a target
Grocery store collapsed - soon as she went on the market.
recyclin' ya bboys trash. c'mon kid, the drops r just harmless.
yea, Shake IS God's .gif to earth, the form of a snapshot of his garbage.
battlin' the champ wit generic lines.. how he tryna hate the boss??
when i culd barely clear my pocket size etch-a-sketch with a shake this soft,
fuck u and ya boyfriend.. givin rimjobs. nah theres no drugs, or keys they hav..
his mans just not allowed to wear thongs cuz thats where Shake keeps his 'stache
an licks the ass. they luv the cock. his dood even named his dick for this punk,
But Shake can never remeber it... this ngga always got it on the tip of his tounge.

vs Mercules

Originally Posted by KempoMRK
Mercules sneaked to the championship battle.


^that goes for U.. Ya whole rhyme 'n' shit
fuck teabag, the sack im bout to put on ya foreheadll bring LT outta retirement
i told Shake to hop off a roof.. did i push the envelope? just a bit,
but i will this week too, right after i fedex Mercelus to the edge of a cliff..
in the champ match wit 5 wins? damn nig.. thats pretty awesome dude
ya records almost as shocking as the idea of 5 heads that'v actually lost u,
when it comes to slugs im usually known to pull-out alot slut
n i was bout to pull-out,
...then remembrd last time i did; & 9 mnths later U poppdup
nah. Merc lets go out and hit the bar. throw some shit back,
an order me 2 rounds of ya moms flaps.. Ima double fist that
^actually scratch that.. her smelly pussy been on some new tip,
cuz the way she treat it remind me of a Merc punchline - wont doucheit
with ya gayass 03 wordplay. here, ill tutor u on ya own easy text
butler suplex put M in the ER just so we could C U LES,
popcorn thug. if you haven't realized by now.. ya shit to me,
son.. check the mag, I got more fuckin #1 punchlines than u got victories
halfcee. your a shit rapper from projectrhyme. but no, its not ya verses dude,
im more concerned with whether u'v elevated since the last 2 times i murderd U
^asshole get it right,. iv got duke shook evry time im brawlin' wit em'
im USE to gettin a rise outta Merck. no, really.....rank-wise, aftr flawlessin him.
i even tried lookin for ya ill shit.. but the appeal of this cats gone,
findin' dope Mercelus lines is like rollin' a L wit the ceilen' fan on...
ur a pussy. it must b that time of the month. this guys faggg
id say Mercs known to flood the block - but its more like a thin, cotton, white pad.
voters thought U'd leave after this. & this clown knows it
but they STILL gotta see em'
..........i be chewin wit my mouf open,
the fact that U fired dont matter, this forearm still gonna slam in ya teeth
u gon need waayyy more then unemployment to help u get back on ya feet,
but i luv horrors. i thought M knight Shaymalan's typically had a nice feel,
come to find out the typical M night invovles his man, couple dildos.. n high heels
they role play. tonight its an infiltration mission.. cant ya'll fuckin see?
guns drawn, merc moves 1st as he tells his mans sperm.. "cover me"
i hopped in my whip aftr some brews. got pulledovr for like the 8th time
sobriety test provd it aint just Merc verses wher i'll stumble on 1 straight line

vs Sonny Dimebags

its 11 am

an i see that im all set.. we gettin it on black
coz 4 breakfast this sonny d'll go nicely wit my shortstack,
Sonny who? peuberty still hasnt come ur way. ya just the next herb,
& ya voice may still b crackin, but this week it'll be ya necks turn
Nobodies like U wont last a second. shorty, i'll pound ya lid
this yellow belly same color as the tape gon' be around his crib..
Butler knows evrything - droppn 20 an not a line of it miss
Sonny knows squat - cuz for 16 yrs he been doin it evry time that he pissd
his votes'll see the crime. so theyll b on stand, repeating the business.
my votes'll do the questioning but hear an objection for leading the witness.
dbag. ill Murder ya noob ass, until ya head is gone.
i got bomb lyrics,
...isreal manufactured & is currently deployin on Lebanon
oh, U push weight? well those pounds aren't wat they questiond queer
its the 1 voters saw u giv me aftr hate-votin Tavarez in order to get U here,
cuz for for my record. i needed no effort to win on this site,
but for my record, u'll need God, a month, 7 days & a win in the cyph
i work kiddo. theres no time for drinkin. im kinda pissed.
cant let-loose; till my serve tips the net in tennis playin ya girls vagina lips
yep, ^dood gets bitches. his game is sick yall.
MAD chicks'll blow Di
...for luck, b4 i thro his no-name ass against a brick wall
coz im quick. stoppin on a Dime is just a habit for me,
even wen flippin thru registered users, keyword: unknown, faggot, textcee
boy, U gettn put to sleep early. so prepare the quilts
me an Sonny USE to see eye to eye
...but i guess he forgot to bring his pair of stiltz,
see, U been wack for a minute. need help gettn passd the bogus shit
here, ima nip ya skills in the bud. break it up, an roll a spliff..
homeboy. ^look at the verse. i can already tell wat ull get dood
"bitch, u KNO ya wack when butler don't have to stretch his lines against U"

vs SlicKnife

Originally Posted by SlicKnife
you’re not even a challenge, n you might think this facts rude
but you’re wasting time...
...’cause your raps ain’t got no worthwhile your still a whack dude

30 lines cool?

No.. 30s not cool

u NEED to worry bout formin a concept. you fuckin herb
my setup was 10x harder then that entire punch of urs.
they say i gotta screw-loose - cuz im crazy wit new rhymes.
they say u gotta screw-loose - cuz ya girl been 'round the block a few times
SLick, ya 3 line approach is too long. it goes for dumb miles
reminds me of my stretchd punchlines; minus the impact, wit, wording & punchlines
ur a newbie. so, save the thug lines & how u'll shoot me.
tiny nig, u makin' that Dimebag from lastweek look like a QP
look, ima take it easy on U. cuz ya spits matter.
i'd still slap ya verse, but im rockn burberry.. & shit splatters
see, i ran into ya chick - slid the nut up in her tubes yungin
had his girl SO late, Rush lingo felt obligated to do somethin..
then i found out he's bi.. bentover takin it from a damn dood
Slick back aint a hairstyle, its wher he's preppin for his mans splooge
Ya fluffy kid. soft as hell. Fluffy bitch
wen i calld u a down dude
...i meant like feathers in the comfortr ya moms n i cuddle with
coz EVen she aint feelin' him. but his pops is hatin him worse
Slick the only person to put a frown on the face of the earth
theres a creed; drop iLL till every voter say ya so fly
theres another Creed; i used 4 inspiration, I KO'd Sli


vs Shake-Zula

1st, i heard Ya rhymes. 2nd, i heard ya lectures
3rd, with my index over my mouth, saw ya name, n said the 1st 2 letters
Zula's utter trash. I had to way till friday just so he might show.
then empty my bank account in ordr to buy Shake enuff time to write dope,
cozzzzz.. i came here lookin for competition. an u can't speak gawd.
if i knew id be battlin' over-rated clones, I'da just stayed @ PR..
so, I gotta dash - to find some iller heads that i can rip to poultry
Shake gotta dash - surrounded by 2 letters representing his difficulty
YA still a net-zero Shake. 11 wins means shit wen i beast it all down
Put ya run on pause.............. 4 legs & leash in the dog house.
while U waxin ya tranny girflriend.. is she a G? yup..
.......wit a sack so low, its almost time for her re-up.
Ya simpl metaphors r too plain. ya homo Similies ill mangl an rip
son, only thing Id say symbolic about u... is, Shake is a #!@%$
i went to see wat movies were playin. saw the titles at the spot fucker
n all i came up with was wat 'must happen' to UR style & John Tucker
hoppd on the football field. hiked Shakes rhymebook aftr i drewup the play
no one was open, so i stepped outside the tackles.. an threw it away
nah it aint tranny. but his girls huge. meteoroligists luv this fuckn guy
they can now measure storm distance based solely off her thunder thighs
No. For real. she big as fuck.. im not just tryna offend ya
Shake's girl mooned a crowd - an offset the earths tide agenda.
this is just last weeks sequal. i mimmick the whole business.
coz Shake got Slick wording,
i broght the Nife & champ match asswhoopin to go with it
id stomp ya face thru the concrete. n pop ya bean for instance
wit the Tool on my hip - but that wuld put Shake an my dick in reachin distance
I switch ya whole rep nigga. watch it get caught up an hurt..
went from the "iLL" projectrhyme kid, to just my warm-up for Merc..
Ya recyclin' dont bother me.. its win-win against this gay fool.
cuz im also simultaneously smashin his best PRBA shit too...
an dont worry. i wont finish all the weed. so its not a problem.
see, i WILL leave Shake in a bag - except it'll b fully zipped from top to bottom

vs Mercules

Originally Posted by Mercelus vs. Sonny Dimebags 8-18-06

Dimebags? heh.. save ya criminal tale
Mercules will Tare you... AND my digital scale

Quote: Originally Posted by butler vs. Mets 11-16-2004

i'm halfassin', you little punk. call me the i-don't-care vet
but i'll re-invent scale mechanisms after how well i tare Mets.


get dumpd in the lake for bitin my damn concepts.. the dead MC,
Merc likes Scales? good, cuz he gon' need a cuple sets on his neck to breathe
Im glad U feelin' my shit. & i guess kissin girls hasn't been hard guy,
clearly, uv had MORE then enuff practice swappin spit wit my archives.
..I take back evrything bad i said. this leagues the phattest dood
see, i not only got dickryders... i apparently get to battle em' too
& my rosco gotta degree in psychology... so it steppd in the thread,
called it his office, laid U on ya back n proceeded to get in ya head.
unoriginal dudes like him? get shook quick when they brawl wit the beast
but Mercs amp'd.. mobile, is up on the wall of every gay stall in the east
Merc. I hope u didnt expect me to halfass. & not pound on u ngga
yea i WILL wing it - ya rank that is, n watch it fly south for the winter
ur an old head.. wit old concepts.. wish i culd see ya hardest b.
i'd push back the hands of time - but this week ya wigs #1 priority......
ass fuckin.. butttt bangin. his boyfriend booty poundin this prick.
his mans gettn more strict on Mercs cock wit the crack down on his dick
..i thought sperm banks held alot. but this cum characters up.
iverson crossover look legal as hell the way ya throat carry so much
^an it doesnt stop there. the officials even wanna leave to diss u
they went on strike soon as you claimed ya flow was clean as a whistle
snaps dont stop. Even ya hubby been callin' ya dick pint size.
turns out theres a thin line b/w luv, hate, ya left, & right thigh...
ask the writers of southpark.. they tried warnin' U that ya spit was shaky..
now, Mercs shit scripts been charged for plagerism on account of Mr. Hanky
^see, My jokes hit the top.. & they'll break shortys neck
but as soon as THIS joke hit the top - the LBLs #1 supporter left
U do nothing for this league. but dissin me like ya raw duke?
sorry, 8-1 doesnt mean shit when i was the person u lost too
Honestly. I may use alotta words. an yea, its hot too
my bars ARE stretchd, but so is the idea of me beatin Shake, an NOT you
but the bitin' works. he shuld keep it up. Otherwise, he'll never get live.
cuz poorly re-wordin my 04 shits a biggr insult then a Merc punch'll EVER provide

vs Euthanize

Yep. I lost last week. i dropped wack b.
..the worst is behind me. but sorry, i dont take in the ass E
i switch eyes; lookin from person to person ill be smackin 1st
ima switch ize, in ur name with asia an feed it to U thru cathaders
U got it all wrong.. I didnt really lose. kemp just sent me som news
that he wantd me lower in the ranks so i culd weed out wack nggas like U
i know. i know. gettn to the champ match is hard. we kno it dawg.
but seriously, E... I think 63 days and runnin' is goin alittle overboard....
i was bout to no-show. but read ur bio, wit all the leagues that ur in
then, figured it be stupid of me to sign-out when i culd leave on a win..
U like cliche's? ..fine, i'll bring the lines of ur choice..
"Euth's wasted on the young"
..after he drinks, lubes his ass & rides 9 yr old boys.
i searchd all the names in the league.. as i circled who's doper.
but only circle around E gon be the flight pattern of vultures.
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you're forgeting the time when I rippet both Hens and Butler... and another time I merked butler.... I didn't look at this though I bet a lot of people do to try and bite. and you forgot one butler nah too,,,,, the first name he wa ever on all this
I just figured out how to change this.
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R u under the impression these verses were generated directly from someone's memory ching?
Originally Posted by DMS View Post
My dad once had like 4 beers at a family reunion, and drove us home better than my mom usually drives.
Not saying being drunk doesn’t mess up you reasoning. I’m turning 20 soon so I haven’t had a drink ever.
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One of the best
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