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Default @lars ...??? Maybe this

Entry 1
at the library at the moment, as you know its hard for the kid
heart in a million pieces, and women want no parts of the shit
my lifes parked in a ditch, flipped, i need a jump-start and a lift
trying to fix shit before its too late, and realizing that it already is
expression on her face says it all, i bet shes calling it quits
ain't gotta talk, saw all the hints, clenched up, balling her fists
doesnt matter who's fault this all really is, im already pissed
ripped, about to kill each other n' forfeit our kids guardianship
the bitch says i blow smoke up her ass, and im hardly the shit
if you cant take the cig, what you doin with a whole carton of it
i mean, pardon my french, but your fucking ass is lazy as hell
plus, your bipolar as shit, i guess i must'a been crazy as well
got these fuckin prescription drugs in a safe, we'll sellem quick
she looked at me and said nigga, your a waste of inteligence
i fell in my seat, beat, so tired from the aggravation im facin'
stay bent out of shape, a contortionist, afraid of complacence

Entry 2
At home as i sit on the couch, pimpin it out
My girls bitchin, im thinkin my dicks about as big as her mouth
A difference of opinion is the normal excuse
And im surrounded by assholes, who think majority rules
Now im sort of immune, to the blows, and stupid displays
If you call this falling in love, then you show it in unusual ways
Moved in days ago, so im apartments and efficiency hunting
Broke, so im tryin arrange, that doesnt mean ive driven one -dummy
Living this bummy life, sacrifice, this bad predicaments real
When we eat out, its sandwiches smack in the midddle of fields
Has a prisoner feel to it, reclusive, laying low on the grid
And i havnt seen food in weeks when we open the fridge
Theres a total eclipse of emotions, it hits whenever we speak
Short conversation, silence, but arguments will never be brief
A passionate relief, sexy release, intercourse, fucking around..
Pulled my head out of my ass, its just stuck in the clouds

Entry 3
Found out my headgasket bid me fucking adieu
Cars a goddamn money pit, and im bout to jump in it to!!!
Thats jus wonderful news, as if i had the funds to abuse
Feel like a murder spree, then suicide with the gun that i used
Need something to do, to keep my mind off the shit thats been thrown
Its realities like this, that make a mans christmas a joke
I cant tell the kids that im broke, or that im jammed in a slump
That imma rob a bank, to get them what they told santa they want
That my hands might get cuffed, cause im tired of poor living
What goes around comes around, but my child support didnt !!!
I'll get violent before i sit down and cry about my predicament
the shit im in, could complain all day to find out that nobodies listenin'
No one that gives a shit, is ever in the fucking cirlce of friends
Thats why i cut so many off, so they can never fucking hurt you again
Absurd to the end, but one way or another ima figure this out
The world aint put a foot in it, they left me with a kick in the mouth

Entry 4
Im in starbucks, busted, so i aint drinkin thier stuff
Brink of destruction, drinkin a redbull, wings of a glutton
Only here cause im bored and its simple amusement
Would go home, but only somebody with this can do it
Ive wittnessed the worst life could ever throw at me, yet..
You take away my air, and expect me to live holding my breath
Best of the best have come and gone, i fucked some of'em to
I never make love, i treat sex like theres something to prove
Rude, never really been good at this relationship shit
But my experience makes easier, to walk away from this bitch
Both our patience is this, her kids must've lived in a stable
Nd im hungry as hell, cause she aint bringing shit to the table
Lack of communication, its only during sex we get close
She be growling, screaming and cussing, like shes emily rose
My only memory, sitting here, thinking what have i done..
So bad to deserve a lifestyle a bum wouldnt want

Entry 5
At the mall, man, skinny jeans became the ugliest swag
That shit was so yesterday, but kids are stuck in the past
Im shuffling fast, swear securities staulking like im a thief
Either you think i stole something, or u'd like me to leave
Said a bmx was lost, you think i got a bike up my sleave?
You cant fully doubt someone that you slightly believe
And here i thought, stereotyping's only racially fuelled
Told'em put the handcuffs on, or get away from me dude
Was bout to lose my patience then thier radios chirped
Nd when we get done, were filing complaints on you jerks
This holidays for the birds, been nothing but stressed out
Saw officers yelled at later, bitch, whos under arrest now
What goes up comes down, and might land on your head
Guess karma's some true shit, that really can be your friend
We left the register, bought shit we had to carry outside
Got to my car and it was keyed, there was death in my eyes
All Growed Up.
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