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trap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant future
Default Adonis

Name: Adonis, Eyeaxe, Ajax
Crews:7 Deadly Sinz, Plaguez Of Impact
Where: Bay Area, California
Repped: UPN, UA, Keystyles

vs Jay Krupp

You’ve the heart of a lion, n that’s worth fightin for
But with the face of a horse, and the brain of a dinosaur
I admire your courage, your attempt at eloquence
But showing up was your only insult to my intelligence
Drawin me in the first rd?, drinkin acid is safer
Cuz the method to my madness is Socratic in nature
Got my niche from Nietszche, but these days spit for evil
Your clichés torture the crowd, but they aint on pins n needles
I see ya smoked out, then tried to fuck with me
Too bad youre not nearly as good as ya cracked up to be
See…Im the true saint, out to leave ya crew shanked
Theres room for one jay here, hes a #1 seed…’n you aint
So move straight to the exit or limbs I’ll badly scar
You dropped twenty in a roe, and not as a tip for caviar
The knicks been callin hard, go as soon as yall ready
Cant stand the heat in march….van gundy likes you already
Try duckin the danger, its just a disclaimer
Once bitten’s twice shy, im a thousand times shy…plus a remainder
I was up in the manger, Axe is always caring with respect
Gracing you with my presence, a hail mary for your death
And if happiness is a warm gun, this lord was, blessed with the force of…
The bliss of ignorance morphed to a war scud
Im god sent attrition for mens dangerous tones
Scent down from heaven on the wings of an archangels cologne
Blazing the clones, still exhibiting excellent charm
Tossin more haymakers than really drunk rednecks in barns
Furbishing havoc, im hurtin with merciless tactics
A higher seed than the most elevated sperm of an addict
I defy ya position to define what im missin
Youre a stable boy that works with horses, and Im just consistent
To hear you’ll stop spittin, no matter what the fuck for
Is a bigger relief than Abe’s face, carved into Rushmore
You barely make sense, dents have ya brain softening
Im goliath, youre david without the rock to sling
The softest thing ive ever seen… n the poorest disgrace
When I get ooh’s n aah’s by cummin hard in dorothy’s face
Feel the force when I rush through, like the torque if a gun blew
Head n Shoulders?...naw, Im a full torso above you
When you come to, and see all your comments are a fable
You’ll just see me with the knife n napkin at the operating table

vs Exodus and L.O.R.D.

Ooh…2 on 1, that makes the odds even or so
Im here to clean up your acts with a complete sweep of the votes
Bein the host, servin clowns fast til the last laugh
The only thumbs up you’ll get will be in pairs of handcasts
You’re prob surprising yourselves, so hyped for war
Too bad its only cuz ya rhyming like ya never rhymed before
Ex n lords is my profession, ya both have shown the fear
That’s got ya checkin forecasts…prayin the coast is clear
Ya both r queer, but here’s why LORD’s the worst
Wont step near the board when Im around, has KBI post his verse
Ya losin ya lives, Im way beyond bruising in fights
Only got ryders to get you two re-moved from my site
Ya foolishly write disses, when ya shit’s overrated
Got me glad that the short end of the stick is serrated
So…to hell with ya efforts
The only advantage home field gives ya two is more heads to help with the stretchers
Wack pawns, after my run, you’ll be extinct, past gone
The children counted out…without fingers to add on
Youll turn gay after me, and start servin since
When Im thru with you…ya both’ll be checkin out the tournament
First offense…denial…then ya went and tested my force
I disrespect…you diss respect cuz you’ve never gotten any before
Allright fellas…the jokes over
When I de-spine your skulls, you’ll each need to cry on your own shoulder
When I drop corps, theres no need for encores
Cuz you’re hittin the road head on doesn’t mean you’re on tour
Two more open targets, and I got my scope sharpened
Only live in the studio with discounts for homeless artists
Im movin to first with a passion, reversin ya actions
Til ya just two sore losers buzzin nurses in traction………….

vs Jayk

Man, ya flow’s below sad
Since I know ya want my trophy so bad, you can taste it…Ill jam it til it pokes out ya ass
I hear in boston, cats be on some bravery shit
Cuz the only people running from jake…are the chicks
So, basically, this is a joke, im not givin in ta mercy
I no the deal like FDR opposition in the thirties
Why ya talking shit in the first place?, talks petty
Plus, ya gotta beat a couple cats I laugh at just to get in the top twenty
When I drop with the dread, its off with ya head
Kid grew up neva playin doctor…he’d rather play possum instead
Ya musta saved up lotsa lines
But im looking to get ahead in the world, and on my block its choppin time
Im the type to bring a blunt axe to a grudge match
& add to my air of victory with breath snatched from ya lung sack
Its like ya on my regal tip
The way ya fiendin for the balm like melanoma patients on walkin field trips
How ya gonna try to test the nicest
Talk shit, i go postal like heads fed up with fed ex's prices
Sorry kid, ya thoughts aint near scholar
Your ugly, and ya got more nervous tics than dogs with flea collars
Your girl Marvel-ed at my prowess, I had that hoe droppin
I took her by Storm, with Jean Grey and Rogue watchin
So, get lost, just another chump with a mission
Your shit gets pulled from the trunk quicker than rae carruth under suspicion…

vs Sypher

I blaze while ya stammer, shakin, a layman in tatters
Strikin fear into your heart with a wooden stake and a hammer
This aint a normal cat you’re facin,…rack ya brain and
…ya’ll still be wacker than me by every stretch of your imagination
From 0 to infiniti, im viciously stuntin your schemin’
To punish ya dream’s malfeasance…for any number of reasons
Tell me, do you have some sort of formatting set on your verses where
It manages to turn each of em into a perfect square?
Cuz the scheme dictates the sounds that you choose
Against the swordswinging chemist makin red blood….outta the blue
Give me three words…and a set up that rhymes with it…not set for spittin
…and I’ll give you every single Sypher couplet ever written………………
Feel ya face hurt, wins based on balls…I’ll more than take first
When I swing for the fences, like Tom Sawyer after a long days work
It’s a fact, I hate skirts, pussies who test the holy
Too bad for me jayks soft…this tournament aint ‘members’ only
When striking a chord…spinals floored, this fight’s rife for the gore
I don’t need to be a sleuth to de-sypher this board
And that whore that you love…ya know she likes what I write
She even gave me a season pass to the ride of my life
I got this problem with prepositions, it explains why ya routed
Victory is mine…and there’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it
When the nurses ask for a reason, I’ll respond with roman lore
To translate ya medical state…the IV is spoken 4
This the end of your hopeless tour, a good race was a waste
When ya get to the finals without the strength to break thru the tape
This worthless beginner, cant withstand my burgeonin vigor
Diggin thru crates…that’s just the nightly search for your dinner
As for your neck, brain ‘n’ spine, its cessation time
When I knock you up side your head, and impregnate your mind

vs JLC

Your crew's countin on you...but you're about to get chewed
I’ve been eating you daily, practicing moves on my alphabet soup
You're talented dude, but to attack the very best, with an imaginary rep
You'll need a lot more than a half assed vocabulary test
Rare words can scare herbs, but let me explain clear
Try your "dictionary term, stretched punch, insert famous name here_________"
Against me, I'll feign fear, draw you near, reach'n'throw repeated blows
At your dome, so fast it looks like I’m trying to polish your teeth'n'nose
My advice, ya might try to disguise your demise to compete with me
We could go line for line like your style of replies, you'll get beat with each
Your premonition was dumb, redesign, you cant rip the magnificent one
Just stand back and appreciate your guest appearance in my victory run
A single flip of my tongue, and I scar eyes right thru your hard drive
Nelson Mandela-you, dent thru your skull, then rip apart hide
With fists of carbide, shards fly, I came to kick ass
One quick lash and you couldn't save face with skin grafts
This is a mismatch, in fact, your inabilities are silly
That's why halfway thru you change styles, and try to use your looks to kill me
Sorry J, but you base your punches on headlines, that's wack I gotta say
And me...I wont even go near Pop on Father's Day
You oughta pray I’m being nice, I rarely spar with retards
If life is a play, this act is an astronomers death rite, JLC stars
Slayin weak bars of false contenders, my scepter's unfettered
See...anything you can do...I can do better...with less effort
I know you're pissed, I understand, such high hopes dashed in seconds
But next time, replace your predictions with practice sessions
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Senior Citizen
Join Date: Aug 1997
Posts: 3,871
Battle Record: 4-3

Rep Power: 0
trap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant future

vs Pedigree

Back from the dead?, I know ya loved ya first visit
Cuz you’re in my face beggin for a prompt return ticket
It doesn’t take genius to tell im the nicest
I embarrass the finest, with a brain that’s got elephantitis
Ya claim to get puss, but that aint ya pedigree
In the real world youre the ugliest mc since heather b
Step to me, ya best believe that’s plain frontin
Im bound to win easily, ya bound to tracks with trains comin
Talk shit?…its disaster, I hit faster…at fam
So ya got more than one ass to risk, like big passwords
Ya thinking backwards, don’t fuck with the doom
I’ll come gas a lean mind, matchin wits in a combustible room
To the tomb, you’re the next to see the weaponry flex
Accepting chin checks as payment for General X
And the resta ya set, they moved on to find the dough
While you packed up your bags and set up shop in Idaho
Without em…startin bitchin aint a smart decision
Now ya in a league of ya own, with rosie o’ donnell pitchin
“of tremendous proportions”, “a”, that’s just pig latin reportin
The fact that I got “a” following “of tremendous proportions”
After the interrogation, P’s just flow ya forced to shelf
Cuz, in light of his words, he’s a shadow of his former self
With a message of violence, ima teach this kid a lesson
He was born, the doctor slapped the dick off, yelled “miss conception”
Easily hit up, but ya not a sitting duck,
Youre a laying down duck with a target painted on his chin with blood
Its grim to snub ya, you’re cool, but test n you’re beggin
Bums in the Hilton lobby would get better reception
Than the best of your essence, Id help, but fuckin ped
Last time I threw you a bone, you opened your mouth to suck the head
Maybe luck instead, the grace of an angel
As I rage, maim and diss able, like cain in his fable
Slang’s unruly, no contest, im bangin truly
When I lay down on broadband like bangles groupies
Grad students couldn’t push the units ya crew’s uppin
You aint half bad…50% bad doesn’t do justice
Since ya cant help but act stupid
I’ll just staple a loser sign to your back…with a stigma attached to it
Fluent damage tactics wreak manic havoc
Ill grant that ya don’t suck…but it sure aint from lack of practice
Ya girls in danger, I thought id just say that
She’s searching for a huge white Dick, that ahab’s got claims at
Ya mom tho, she jumped right on the cock
And gave me better brain than the one that Frankenstein monster got
She worships the glory, ya curse as gory
My high lights the type sighted in mountaintop observatories
Ya worry bout sharks, well, I opt on that road
When I say, “donis is dope” – im biting everyone who drops in this post
Don’t scoff as ya go, no tears, take the fact
You lost here cuz ya only practiced a full year for this match

vs Defc0n (3 Rounds)

Oooh…a grudge match, im sure that’ll be fun
Def saw me handing out beatings and promptly asked me for one
You were above average once, then lost the rep that ya got
Now you feign indifference and start dissin the net to get props
See, your etiquette stopped, you used to be nice
I’ll see consecutive drops, you’ll see you lose to me twice
You foolishly write that I jock you (I was sparin ya thoughts)
Instead of being smart and keeping quiet like a librarians job
I dare ya to talk, its obvious you just vent for attention
Only in the tourney for a week, still eligible for a medical pension
I sense some discension, admit you use everyone’s style
A vet in denial, who wont sit on the bench with a smile
Descend from the heights, I’ll leave ya broke’n’offed kid
After I splice ya genes with rockets, & empty both ya pockets
Your ex hoe can call the win, ya see Im a human being
But don’t bitch when she straight up says, “its not you, its me”………

Man, I cant believe you came back with claims to gain stats
You’re right tho, just saying my name can get you fame fast
I pity you, its as simple as that, and your invisible tact
I’d only eat your bones for the calcium, and the gristle for snacks
Your riddles collapse, their not complex, a bore on message boards
Stretching punches so much, you love to torture metaphors
The morgue is whats in store, if you can see thru the pane
Two votes from getting blanked?…I cant believe you complained
Its easy to tame you, ego deflation’s my hobby
Your head was in the clouds, brought ya down, skull dented the concrete
Im endin this odyssey, two out of three, and Im up 2
Should have known I bring more beef to the table than the klumps do
Straight up, fuck you, this is a waste of my time
Think you’re ill cuz you focus solely on the length of your lines
Dismission is mine, class is over, go sit with the whipped punks
Or move to a board where they haven’t seen your wack ass in six months

How to begin?, youre a bitch, who thinks hes a soldier
So Im here chippin a little chip off that chip on your shoulder
The essence of strong, a legend that wrestles with pawns
With tricks up my sleeve that blow eardrums, deafening c0ns
Menacing psalms lessen throngs, a tensions drawin your fans to me
Pulling em in on a rope woven from the cloth of your blasphemy
Its not your fault youre a casualty, blame this sick creature
When I see a relic, its my nature to pull the plug like wig weavers
Livin off of former glory, a crest long deserted
Your egos like your grandma’s bridge, not quite worth the cost to curb it
But I enjoy burden, and you’re helpless to stop this
I get my kicks by jackin beats from coffee shops, and sellin the profits
Get your melon dislodged, fruits don’t last long with heads on
Its not that Im conceited, im just gassed up….with Techron
You ask if you’re slept on…its just the fact that you’re Defc0n
Weather men of this caliber?, you cant, without Yak your respects gone
Yup, ya sweatin now, better toss in that wetted towel
Before I have to make you duck n roll like breaded fowl
Cuz even if ya attack is excellent, by the end, I’ll halve ya set a limbs
Against me, minimum, it costs an arm and a leg to win
I smash clandestine whims, furious myriads spray
Used curiosity to kill this cat, you could say I work in mysterious ways
Created life in six days, took a break, then on the eighth and final
Convinced the world I didnt exist, to come back from nowhere and take the title
Wastin midol, crampin your blind ambitions of peril
You’re in my sights, and from here it looks like shooting bitch in a barrel
Oops…a Freudian slip, now I can say we both create mistakes
Im so far ahead of you, I gotta stop, and turn around to battle face to face
One blast and ya laid to waste, matter of fact Im praised to say
The fifth digit in your name displays the effort id have to extract to make your day
You may spit tongue in cheek, and eat emcees’ hole
But thats just two of the reasons ya yearn to be frequently polled
Ya think youre harder, im flexin my steel in chinkless armor
Tending to moor sacrificial lambs than English farmers
Acknowledge your place, silence, I hope Sime let you know
While Im prone to violence, you just like to be prone
Im surprised that you choked tho, with a mouth so enormous
In the human race, ya run in circles, Im chillin out with the tortoise
At my lowest, my worst opus is something you’d spend
Months at a stretch penning against, then become reluctant to send
So well loved for my tendency of putting runs to an end
Diss me under ya breath in a cipher, youll get jumped by your friends
Challenged me to a bout, when I was about to attack another
Just more proof youve got your head in the clouds of a cancer cluster
No more name recognition, its plain, you’e famed text is missin
I’ll kill ya, and get in touch with your inner self, with the same chest incision
Your graves set to sit in, don’t delay, I deprive the gift of sanity
Change sect religions, my existence is a crime against humanity

vs Relentless Fist & Radius

With each decision ya make, Native ya show me what happiness is
Cuz ya answered my wish for both rad-I and Fist, to add to my list
Every day I pimp Relentless, keep my Fist cocked and steady
So I can drop Radius and remind him that his dumb ass lost already
With a menacing grin, I settle in, kill intentions to win
One swift gem , and put an end to Rudge's new identical twins
I weaken whole squads, so two on one, that just evens the odds
Destroying your delicate essence, fuck wreck, Im laying siege on your shops
Speachless in awe, I attack on impulse, ravage you ten fold
See, what you call a pre-battle prayer...I call a blasphemous insult
Now, what stands in my way, are two punchdrunk simile fiends
Who seem to think anonymous lines are what dissing and victory means
You only get 26 each, ya need infinite to sustain adequate damage
Especially when you both service more woods than Los Angeles transit
I leave motor skills abandoned like absent mechanics, depleting em
Better than me?'re telepathy, not even considered mediums
See you're missing the vital mixture of disses AND violent scriptures
That allows me to divide prides, runnin thru more clicks than tribal sprinters
You lack the manners to be nice, recite rhymes in standard patterns
Fuck your fams, I'ma pump kin full of fire on wax like jack o'lanterns
I got metas down, you're still struggling with grammatical policy
Closing your eyes, waving fingers, and depositing random apostrophes
Its all on me, you're not used to personal shit, I might have hurt ya
But fuck, Fist, you're so wack that you tied Radius...and vice versa
Before you depart for the stands...breathe deep...blow me as hard you can
And learn how to carry yourself, after I put your hearts in your hands
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Senior Citizen
Join Date: Aug 1997
Posts: 3,871
Battle Record: 4-3

Rep Power: 0
trap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant futuretrap. has a brilliant future

vs Tangible

A comp and the drive’s all it takes for ebonics to thrive
But spit that shit out loud, n we’ll see how long you survive
I gotta laugh at this poser
Youre the white cat who buys FUBU but takes it off when black cats come over
I launch scuds n bomb slugs, guns rupture your life
Oh wait…theres already one wannabe thug too much for this fight
I don’t need to spit rounds to embarrass you
You landing a deal’s harder than bringin a jumbo jet down with a parachute
N how ya mackin that hoe?... that aint a ravishing glow
That comes from outeating pigs on that man versus animal show
Im fluent in grave danger
Awe inspiring to millions of artists, while you’re the fairy muse of a gay painter
Don’t lose n display anger, you were certain to fall
Taking the brunt of the loss so I could bare the burden to all
Succumb to divinity n plunge into misery
Youre an afterschool special about mixing guns, drugs n stupidity
Kid, Im just flippin stronger stuff
While you struggle to do you…cuz you’re fat n your dick aint long enough
You dont play with DAT, cuz ya scared to get on
And the studio's just that one room apartment you share with ya mom

vs MetaSin (2 Rounds)

Get ridda this kid, hes ill equipped to numb the ruckus
If tourney recycling aint bitch…I don’t know what the fuck is
Ok, ill letcha do it, but lets straighten this first…
Do you REALLY wanna square up with me on a greatest hits verse?
I didn’t think flee before its started
Or I’ll leave ya body of work cursin God for bein’ born retarded
Top ten?...on my list, you’d barely crack forty
I’d even sun you in Spanish, but looks like ya took care of that for me
I’m your idol, ya copy, still there ain’t no peer greater
You’re all over my old style...HALF as dope...a year later
A 15 yr old groupie that wants to claim vet
Pressin the issue…this Paperboy cant afford to cop a weight set
Ya rockin fake 'n now you’ll havta stomach loss
Cats bought into ya shit…then sold it back FOR a fraction of the cost
Im immaculate, droppin shells that’ll dump ya off to hell
If you aint havin it…I applaud ya mom, she must taught ya well
You’re getting mocked in the open
Write ya ass off…you'll still never beat the fans once they saw your opponent
But…if bein clowned aint an ample deterrent
I’ll just post ya upcoming tourney verse against Frac as insurance…

I cant figure your style, it aint prayer or voodoo
And I know it aint feignin ignorance*that shit's like second nature to you
Recycle, bite concepts....thats whats newbies do here
You'd HAVE TO, ya seed's 32 times my combined 1 from the last two years...
So, no question, Im the best in THIS brawl*
Ill force you to bow out*like bendin forward standin next to a wall
Stretchin the jaws of insignificant clones
Ya need to get off ya high horse*unless ya fuckin ya bitch when shes stoned
In PBA ya tried and lost, the jury fucked the verdict
You appealed to their stupidity*here in MM, ya verse affirmed it*
My work is pure n perfect*I deal in the truth
You sport a class ring with pride*from the Heald Institute*
This is real sick n ruthless*shit, I JUST sold the sequel
You wouldnt be well connected sharing watering holes with people
Even fat hoes don't envy this ruckus ill win
Cuz in the first rd*my date with destiny's ugly as Sin*HA!
Ima bloody ya chin, rush n puff mandible
Ya life's story*comes with a cassette and cuddly stuffed animal
Sense is wit*n Metasin's a brittle pauper
The way my voice carries*Iverson looks like he dribbles proper
You wont show or win, in this race of the pedigree
And guess what*your still only second best if ya PLACE me in jeopardy
Youll never bruise me with ya jargon...
Ima litre of the new school like kindergarden milk in futuristic cartons
You just lost the street crown
Cuz you couldnt handle me*but you sure as hell caught a beat down*.
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Tsk Tsk
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Adonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant futureAdonis has a brilliant future


What the fuk did you do here? Changed errthing like a fukin lame

Edit: oh I see, it's Ajax Adonis. Where'd my page go? Pile of horseshit
I'm tryna fuck like A-don-is

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