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Default *RARE* David Lama text forum DISS!

Originally posted by David Lama - Sept 15, 2007

This aint advertising, I dont care if ya hop to a site I mention
I come to give you guys a message…not to ignite some tension
See text these days is dead cause textcees made its bed
They forgot about rhymes.. focusing on the next three gayest threads!
Wheres the writers at? Come on even if ya write whack, write sh!t!!!
Makes me wish ya could all RipTheMic..and die like that site did
You might not get it all.. But everything ya need to know’s here
The ArtofRhyme just doesn’t exist anymore…no need to go there
MrBlunt needs to finally fix the option for showing threads
So ya can see that kids from way back could leave the nonsense you’re flowing dead
Stop with all the gun talk, nobody wants to hear fake raps
And RapSearch should search rap on google cause whats on there aint that
I’ve had it guys.. WhoYouReppin? .. maybe I should be mad at night
That site reps me cause K steals all his ideas from me and BragginWrites
But UrbanProwlers be like don’t bring up any text queers!
Ask Headless, laz, Illa or serge…they sum up every thread there
ProjectRhyme ya need to listen and put an end to the scrypt ****
Just lose the b-boys look if you want to add a trend to the mix kids
RhymeNReason once was tight but now it just might remain stuck
Cause a site crash came up and now even Jay Krupp looks like he gave up
Ya might not even know what RapWorlds is. But that world’s lame
A wannabe Hollafront that lives off the real RapWorld’s fame
And since I mentioned Hollafront. For a sec I wont ignore ‘em
Everyone else realized Jin sucked.. But ya still got a forum for him?
Sohh? Stick to news. If They read this they’ll be even madder when
Their best was timevirus and he left to b-boys after they site battled them
Told Illesty to stop posting played.. Instead they retired or moaned
And tried to Justify sh!t…so he left cause he was tired of clones
HipHopGame’s just good for music. Yea I’ve f#ckin doubted their clout
But Boxden still aint good.. Even if Budden shouted them out
RapGodFathers be glad I aint having ya tactics aired childs
Ya just get a stop putting passwords on them rapid share files
411hype lost its hype.. And Forget battles, they don’t got any clashes
The 411 part still applies though. After that many crashes
B-Boys is focusing on Blogs when even their lounge is dead
RapBattles got more ads than skills. They’ll come with banners to clown this thread
UnderGroundHipHop’s responsible for how a dude’s life aint now
Cause Master P could make em say UGHH until the site came out
RapFlava never had any spice.. Not even 1 known nig
BeatsRhymesLife? Lets just say they aint good at any of those things
RapLeagues died when it lost its Pulse.. And if that’s not something ya might grief
RapMusic aint RapMusic…just a bunch of J-Nyce beef
Just thought I might say I just cant stand this crap guys
And I wish I could see ya all rock the MicStage…but PlanetRap died

- David Lama

this is all in fun. no hard feelings.

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