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Default Galvatron and Cyclonus - Homegrown Rolecall (circa 1998)

I made Homegrown what it is today and then i threw it away
said fuck this mayhem i'll be back on a rainy day
well listen motherfukkas it's a stormy season
i'm tired of seein' kids like "Souljah" RHYME with no REASON
smack you with my lyrics drop you to your knees and
make you give me sexual pleasures
i know it's eXXXtreme but Transformers go to any measures
to elminate your kind in due time
your rhymes is like a mime to a deaf man, it ain't getting through

and the only thing Souljah's gettin? blue, and black bruises, as we leave ya toothless
are we ruthless? naw.... we just hate herb emcees, and you're guilty of perjury
you think ya hurtin me? that's an absurdity.
i' burn emcees to the third DEGREE, and now ya' SWEATIN our styles profusely
what? do you need clues B? or should i just come out and say we're refusing
any attempts to diffuze thee, flame that we've set upon the battlegrounds
fuck Barnum & Bailey's cuz we trample clowns, that use sampled sounds

and whack ass herbs like SHAFT73 with downs, syndrome
i'm in domes, im under your skin
i guarantee a reply from you and half of your kin
saying "don't mess with shaft he's twice as good as you"
or "don't mess with me i got a bad ass crew"
well fuck you! don't be mad cuz you suck
eMCee vaccum you had better duck, and get out before i TRANSFORM

we make all your fans join our legion as you just sit there sad, scorned
and depressed, cuz we blessed the microphone, and its obvious you guessed inside ya poems
or instead of tryin to diss and say you're the best, you would've told the truth and paid respects
we slay rejects, guess who's next on the list? gotta be the wackest wun out there, that "Konflikt" kid
cuz while i'm rockin this, up on stage i'm near the front
while you're in the background cuz you fear this wun
i can't blame you...
oh i almost forgot, Akira sucks

Konflikt you whack and i think you know it
in each of your rhymes you have no shame to show it
i know you gonna like this verse so much i might as well start unzipping now so you can blow it
uh-oh is that a tear i see well wipe that shit off
you jump in front of me everytime you think i'm gonna cough
you wanna catch my cold and collect my germs
do tests on my genetics and swallow my sperm
well Konflikt you ran into a single term
your a little WORM trying to make it in a big APPLE
the only problem is when it comes to fight you don't wanna grapple
and when you are in my presence your more shook up then SNAPPLE

and to prove that you're no hassle, we'll twist ya cap and stick ya head up ya asshole
don't get bashfull, just cuz we left ya ass full, with ya overly swollen head
you couldn't spit sick rhymes if you ate a loaf of molded bread
i'll remove ya skull instead, go down to the alley, aim at the ten pins and bowl ya head.
i told ya kids, i aint somethin you wanna fuck with, cuz i'll tell you plain out "you suck bitch!"
i'll leave ya body floatin in a lake next to the duck shit, so please don't test me
cuz i'l have ya family wonderin if you're still alive, like Elvis Presley

ya know what Galv, that new cat BRUZ, his whole style is messy
this kid talks more shit then comes out his ass
but when it comes to a battle his jaw is made of glass
your whole strategy is shattered
i leave you more battered, then your mother after domestic abuse
your father got pissed cuz my fat dick made her pussy all loose
hey hey, if you want to commit suicide, i can sell you the noose

and if BRUZ did attempt to battle, he'd lose just like wack-ass Iceman did to Skeletor
should i call Ice wack? what do i really need to tell him for?
you already know it, its obvious you blow kid, what? Galvatron's the dopest? well, no shit!
but back to the topic, which is the wack kids that talk shit
y'all need to stop this, cuz we're the new heads of state running this office
i would say the Decepticons are on top of this metropolis, but ya girl likes it when i'm on the bottom kid
dick all up in her esophegus, chokin, gropin, and strokin while i'm pokin
all the while i'm hopin she keeps her jaw open for the explosion

people like Kenny Klever wouldn't be sucessful even with a magic potion
move away from me in a bacward motion
just because i'm your idol don't mean you have to rub me with lotion
gay kids like you need to be sunk in the ocean
and played out gimmicks are really getting on my nerves
DOJA and BHUDDA MONK yeah i'm referring to you herbs
"i smoke marijuana so i'm cool" is your story but always in too many words
you guys are the SHIT that really bothers me like squishy hershey turds
so get the fuck off my board before i have you forcefully removed

wun thing Homegrown can do without is more of you
already, we've disses scores of dudes
but this next verse, is to reject nerds like Kevvy Kev and J Boogie
it obvious, while we were in school, you two was playin hookie
and now we're slayin rookies, place ya bets, pay the bookie
cuz the day ya can claim ya shook me is the same day the devil sees some snow
postin rhymes against us is on a need to know basis and right now you need to NO
get on ya knees and blow each other and see if each can flow
ya need to grow, up and feed your brains some knowledge
the only time you ever came to college, was when "janitor" was what your job is
so stop kids, think about why you're tryin to rap, is it for the money and fame?
cuz either way, you're guaranteed to be left out in the mud and the rain, for comin so played

either way, Deutrium got you both beat anyday
"3 game winning streak (2 defaults and 1 forfeit)" a quote from your own profile page
it's pittiful when you brag about wins like those
next you gonna go around braggin about how you pulled in some hoes
for under 3oo dollars a peice
little does the crowd know that one was your neice
you need a good rhyme so you can win a battle let me get you one to lease
and SYNOPSIS don't think you got away so easily
the reason you got six micons is your competition was so measily
and you live off bonus awards
sorry to say but i got hoardes of lyrical swords pointed right at your third eye
reply to this in a kind matter or be prepared to die
in a lyrical sense of course
tuck in those big lips when you pout SYNOPSIS you look like a horse

we're takin back Homegrown with might and force, so who's the next ta harm bruh?
well, it gotta either be Spitfire or that idiot Karma
these two is about as deadly as the feathers in a parka
i'll dismember each of your body parts from, their joints and spread them in the park son
i'm shinin divine light down, yet you two is still the "left in the dark wuns"
you couldn't drop ill shit, if an A.I.D.S. infected fag fucked you, causing you to fart cum
you were finished before you start son, better go get a refund on your Compaq Presario
and while your at it, why don't you go and pawn that stereo

now for a new type we go yo!
Transformers is back in full effects
we just took out the whole board so what dumb fuck would step next
i promise if we battle i won't place on a whack hex
drop that whack line...
you need lessons, i'm giving them out and green cards to the dirty mex
yupp that's you DAE no more need to run from immigration
La Migra!!
you can now claim that America is your home nation
the facts Transformers said here tonight is no exaggeration
just intimidation for future midigation
and relations, i don't want to pretend to like you
give me a microphone and then i will fight you
a left insult straight to the jugg'lar
followed by a combo truth about your mother
this was the first roll call do you bitch asses really want another

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I can't lie though man you got a nice looking dick. threat of hands rescinded.
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