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Default NGT 2018 Rules & Regulations

Netcees Gimmick Tournament 2018

Mission Statement: This Tournament has been designed to help spark interest into the text battling scene once again. I know that sometimes it feels more of like an obligation to participate in these things, especially when the mod doesn’t put in equal, or greater effort. That won’t be the case here, with the combined modding skills of For Battling & Jabari Black - you can all count on amazing weekly mags, fun and hilarious weekly themes, abstract and original ideas, fluid voting by ALL participants.

This tournament will not be a drag, it will not have long periods of inactivity. There will be spontaneous LR & Gimmick FN contests along the way to boost interest and make the people look forward to competing. The winner of the tournament will receive a $50.00 cash prize along with an NGT 2018 accomplishment.

If you enjoyed how the 1-2 Season 6 league was ran, you will love this. Fair and consistent modding, minimalizing swaying, biting, dickriding, recycling, etc - and of course, extreme organization.


It’s simple. We will have our pool of battlers, and each week every battler will be assigned an alias (Gimmick themed) to battle with, and you will be going up against another gimmick alias. If you are BATMAN going against SUPERMAN, you will post a verse dissing superman as though you are actually Batman. You get style points for imitating your character well, but the gist of it is to effectively attack your opponents charactor.

You will not know who you are actually battling (as in board member). You will PM your verse each week to a mod (either JB or myself), that way everything remains anonymous which helps eliminate the bullshit. For any further questions on how to participate or if you feel this could be explained better, feel free to ask.

Tournament Rules


2. You will post your vote on your normal name, and explain your vote. Please let’s not be complete lazy bastards and drop dog shit votes, put some effort into that shit. When you vote on your own battle, try not to make it so obvious as to who you are - personally idc but it’s for your own benefit tbh.

3. Minimum line limit is 10 / Maximum is 16

4. ONLY ONE EXTENTION ALLOWED PER BATTLER! NO EXCEPTIONS! You will have ample amounts of time each week to post your verses, all battles will always be posted on time and on schedule, no excuses. So if you need an extension, PM a mod, don’t post in your thread.

5. Battles will be set on Sunday night or Monday morning. Verses will be due by Friday night. Voting will end on Sunday.


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