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Default Hey, Kosh. Let Me Holla At You Youngin'... by Richard Corey

01-09-2007, 10:36 PM

his is how y'all handle someone...

An analysis by the Urban Institute of U.S. Census 2000 numbers showed that Oakland has the third-highest concentration of gays and lesbians among the 50 largest U.S. cities, behind San Francisco and Seattle. Same-sex couples are 2.94 times as likely to live in Oakland as in the typical American city, the Urban Institute analysis found. According to the same study, Oakland has the nation's largest population of lesbian couples ROFLink
I'm from D.C.
where the cats most likely strapped, most likely are clappin'.
Many are street soldiers, but most likely they're captains
most like to chat about what most likely will happen
when the most liked guys are nabbed
they most likely ain't rattin'
I'm from D.C., most like me are most likely writin' or rappin'
You're from're just 3 times more likely a faggot.
You are a hoe-ass lil' boy. You will never be like me...
wanna see a gay concentration...
check Kosh tryna follow my rhyme scheme
OMG, I've fought with gunners, stabbers, …all right here
You don’t even hang with box-cutters…
cos the name gives other fags the wrong idea
Bitch better chill out with those he “Wants War” comments
Ironic he wants war...livin’ in places that wants war projects
Look, don't ever think I ain't used to thugs...
you a 'Used To' thug, reppin' an area that Used To thug
Sad, instead of being proud that now you could really go far
you try to be something you’re NOT like the nigger you ARE.
I’m dropping jewels for you, so consider this talk a favor
See, I inspire cosmic rhymes…you just inspire Cosmo Kramer
Said he was grown, almost twenty, but something still gets me?
Like why’s ya myspace say that you’re 16?
You still riding a teenspeed....God, this’ll be my realest page
Cause either you’re a fuckin’ kid, or a bitch tryna conceal his age
But, I believe homie’s a shorty ~ and word to R.Kelly
Cause this nigga is acting like he’s a grown man going on 14
You’re a stereotype a worthless piece of shit, don’t sell it to me
You’ll never be more than what other wack niggas tell you to be.
You claim to be rough, and that your area’s havoc
Hailing from Chestnut Dr. with Oakland’s other faires and faggots
Sad, cause thinking about that name just turns out annoyin’…
Cos’ if ya moms had caught a chest nut…this coulda all been avoided

He’s like, “why would I pose with a fake gun….for real son?”
Bitch, you don’t get it …why would you pose with a real one?!
I know this cause I’m older, for real dude meet your senior
If ya first song’s “Got Guns?”
ya second should be “Good…Cause We Don’t Either”
What do you got to prove?! Tell me what all the fronting is for
Holding a camera you’re lucky ya parents had enough to afford
You’re lucky you have those clothes, YOU ARE NOT BROKE
You don’t have a ghetto heart…ya tickers best suited for stock quotes
This punk is done ~ you’re a mainstream puppet that cannot flow
a fuckin’ Pop Joke ~ like when ya father says “I love you son.”
Fuck you chump. Don’t question my race until you see me, B’
You’re just a black boy that learned how to be a nigger from BET
You're a homo,
a bitch,
a suck and swallower
you only wear the clothes cool kids approve;
you're a FUCKIN follower!
A nobody,
a hoe-rapper,
a slave, I'm yo' master
a faggot I'll spin in circles like a protractor.
Uncle Tom? On every level possible, I'd split your shit...
Faggot only Blew Clues cause they were hints of dick

This has got to be a first, give him an award or an addressed plaque:
The first black boy to dress like a white boy …tryna dress black
So you dress like everyone around you…when will you get it hoe?!!
That’s not good... your city has a lotta homosexuals
How you gonna come at a grown man, questioning MY style
When ya rainbow ass looks like a billboard marketing alternative lifestyles…
Bitch looks like a skittles commercial, the shades are the worst
Looks like you tasted the rainbow, before and after came on ya shirt
See, I grew up on hand-me-downs, boy…AND I had to wait to have ‘em
So no, I don’t respect a wannabe, rich enough to rock the latest fashions
Rainbow, jewelry…I know hood, and you’re just a fruity ass cat…
So I’ll continue to show the type of class you’re too stupid to pass
I passed like Halle Berry’s Queen, droppin’ Alex Halley comments;
the Hawthorne of the raw poem who’ll Cantebury ya Tales in boxes.
I’m Shakespeare. And you’re just a faggot helpless in bondage
unless my dick ever gets lonely …then you can bet that he’s sonnet…
I bet this lil’ bitch woulda had my back until I hoe’d this clown
I ain’t lil’ Wayne…I can tell when a baby wants to hold me down
Dude you back pedal like unicyclists, PR got you scared…
and you’re only here cause b-boys clowned you off of there
No matter where you go, there’s someone ready to service dude
I guess it’s back to rapmusic…wait, them kid merked you too
This is hopeless, he’ll never get off the rag, let’s be serious
Cos’ this mainstream minstrel cycle will always continue...period

keep talking Kosh, just keep talking, keep convincing, over and over and over, maybe one day we'll believe you homo. You post pictures on myspace! Myspace, faggot. That's the home of teeny boppers and shit. That's what it's for. If you want to sell shit or if you're a teenybopper trying to get in touch with other teenyboppers. THAT'S YOU, faggot! You are a teenybopper. A fuckin' MTV, BET watching, Bape wearing, Gold teeth fronting, posing little homo ass. Keep talking. Seriously, keep talking. You almost got us believing you. You're almost Ben Grimm, faggot. ROFLZ, YOU'RE ALMOST THERE, BITCH! WE ALMOST BELIEVE YOU, HAHA. Fuckin' Mousekateer, blues clues, betty boop mothafucka, lol. You fuckin' Hyphy, 16-18 year old age-ranged, I-don't-want-them-to-think-I'm-old, lying little girl. lol!


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