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Default Lefty

The expert of swagger and flow, is much more than just that. He can diss pictures better than most, drop haymakers and open mics, he can pretty much do it all. At one point he had the best unblemished record on the site at 16-0. When he joined the NBL Picture Battle Division, some of us were doubtful if he would be able to hang since all we really knew him for was his swagger and flow but he didn't disappoint. He ended up dominating the Picture League and even ended up champing it. He was the last champ the pic league had, he never lost the belt. He then went on to win the Legacy tournament which is one of the main reasons he has been Hall of Famed. The Legacy tourney was like a Gauntlet for him. He ended up beating not only ALIEN and Hush (2 Hall of Famers) but also ill nik-A, Beyond and Alvin karpis in it. Shortly after winning the Legacy tournament he champed the Battle League, taking the title away from ill nik-A. If all that wasn't enough to get Hall of famed then winning the Pic & Roll Keystyle Picture Battle Tournament tournament was, it was the first tournament of its kind and he faced some tough competition in it and still managed to come out on top.

Tournaments/Leagues Champed

NBL Picture League
Resin M-I-C
Frank Metts
Defcon_5 (2x)

NBL Battle League
ill nik-A
Headless Verseman
Ra's Al Goon
Jayson fresh

Legacy Tournament
ill nik-A
Alvin Karpis

Pic & Roll 2010
Alvin Karpis

Most Impressive Wins
ill nik-A
ill nik-A
Alvin Karpis
Frank Metts
Kenny the G
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vs. Tettris

April 21st, 2010

oh, you got quotes? lol

play piano, guitar, do karaoke and I'm in a classic rock cover band with my dad
I can murk you in an hour, this fruit is a coward
telling dudes you tickle the ivory bars proves you've dropped more than a few in the shower
new mod abusing his power! your appearance is another fail
ugly ass look like grizzly & sam adams met n fucked after 12 summer ales.
son is frail. name something this kid has won, lol kidding son
Tet champing anything is a bigger site diss than anything nika’s done
after Left n Hush hopped on your collab, Tet’s prolly grinnin'
knowing your teammates got you to the HOF…congrats, text scottie pippen
i’m shotty grippin. dohpe runs in MY family. this bum is confused
so after i son you, atleast our family band can cover your wounds
i continue to rip shit & take it back to my pic diss
how you expect to champ stick n move and NOT explain why he’s in your bed to begin with?

vs. Hush

April 5th, 2010

haha love you bro

(i had a line about the baby before i saw your verse that tettris can confirm and i dont feel like changing it, so if people think its feeding they can kill themselves)

but yo

you're a broke, chubby aubrey graham. i'm laughin at nonsense
beating this fake Drake's cake. like 75% of your cabinet's contents
imma savage with bomb shit. dude smokes masking he's real scared with raps
so not only does he roll Degrassi's bout to have Jimmy's wheelchair to match
watch his real collapse. in pics youre shredded for sure.
we're not forgetting it whore...
in that 1st rd battle with X-it was clear you were headed for yours
& yup my wife pushed on HER due date. now imma father this lame geek
be thankful...
i pushed OUR due date to prevent having a daughter & sonnin the same week
kid's brains week. im after a win, i'll tap n fracture your chin
n if we take it to the mic, vic you'll get sidelined faster than him
this wetback brings laughter within, fuck shaking his hand
if i'm compared to shady's looking for some after scaping my land
congrats on escaping your fam. you mexicans are silly son
if my memory lapse
i'd still know your gene pool looks like its doing theirs in a filthy one
and fuck ny. i bet your rent's a disgrace, even the Mets are a waste
the 5 boroughs got nothing on yours under that fence to the States

vs. ill nik-A

March 18th, 2010

I hope both being in the picture battle tournament doesnt end up sacrificing the quality of their verses this round

this kid is frontin, 20/16, my vision’s stunning
we don’t need the pic tourney to know the Odds against you…n yall look like distant cousins
listen youngin, you never signed up for the tourney. it’s clear clown
how voters gonna take the subside when your talent has for years now?
been knocking peers down & lama’s saying this guy’s my rival?
no way nik’ll son. watch, I bet he’s courtside for the finals
you died on arrival, immigration was your biggest mistake
when it comes to flows, you ride styk’s remembering your trip to the states
aim a clip to his face. he aint grabbin cheeks, you’re a fag n geek
if ya’ll ever see nik in dimes they musta sniffed AT LEAST a bag of each
i tend to brag with speech. you’re fucking bad at rap
who you ghosting for?
any rapper ill advised dropped a verse that was exactly that

I just see lefty having more hunger than nik
i doubt it. grab your gats, you gonna put a clip in n buck?
posing with a .50 cal? your heavy ass burned that many lifting it up
get it, you’re fat! forget dohpe/clash. in those crews you didn’t belong
created "aim"votes!
& named yourself undrraps, but clearly your food isn’t for long
lets forget records. you’re not as nice as stated claims
a SouLyricist murked you…in the battle of gayest hyphenated names
so try to get sly with me, heres the irony…it’s curtains
you had two weeks notice to write and your punches quit workin


March 14th, 2010

I have to predict alien here, mostly due to him having more impressive wins in the past.[/quote]
lol @ impressive wins. I’ll pass 19-0 while exposing your weakness bro
shit, the only Fame your flow throttled started battling a week ago
peep it though, maybe last week’s no show really suits you
cuz the idea of Phryme missing's something your careers getting used to
abuse who? we can throw fists, you’ll be hitting the floor kid
you’re the type to con Ektid & bite his punches when none of yours did
you’ll leave with a sore lid. all hype, no reason to stress you
i’ll leave this punch As Is…he probably matches your ip address too
test who? ive seen is Snack this, Lefty that. you’re clappin at whom?
it’s no accident we’re all hoping mr. nameplays in traffic at noon
take you back to the womb. champed Stick n Move, but I doubt your cockin triggers
ironically that tourney name’s to blame for your lacking a father figure
clash proves who you’re runnin with is the reason you’ve won n shit
your record speaks for itself & it’ll need a publicist after im done with it
come to grips. being alone's your style, you’ve sworn by it
next week I’m giving hush beatings and you’re keeping your addiction to porn quiet
so if it gets more violent, you’ll talk about clips n burners for fun
your lying lines about guns linger longer than his tournament run
I admit we spoke on aim. fuck clash, I’ll pass the test
a match with Left?
they’ll be dusting for fresh prints if youre talkin jazzy, Geoff

vs. Beyond

March 5th, 2010

name dropping groupie.

as soon as day's breaking, he’s pacing and stays hatin
fuck vacation this face scraping’ll make Chile look like safe haven
i’m cake chasin and clip thugs. fists that’ll split mugs
any punches Be list look more like the cast of Celebrity Fit Club
you started at Nobody’s Smiling?! wow, dude musta been smitten
sorry it died
but you’ve tried keeping it living with every punch that you’ve written
played lines is a given. read your no show verse, quit rap. a quick fact…
no matter how you dressed up that cum line, it STILL looked straight off the thrift rack
fucking kid’s whack. I haven’t lost and don’t have that event planned
it aint in the bag. those are your net fans dressing like Nets fans
don’t test Left’s hands, I REALLY had a pops in the joint
reading Beyond verses shows you’re pussy if it got to that point
and first round opponents? you still got failing scores
a fucking whole team of FlowD0cs had no shot fixing whats ailing yours
i could give a fuck where you live, i’m known for hoarding guns
i’m in the east, Bey...but your catalogue isn’t something we’d order from
for you it’s more than fun. its young boys you’d die to caress in bunks
i should tank. then it’d be Alien vs. a Predator dateline’s been tryna catch for months
you’ll be stretched in trunks. fucking LOLLLL @ your NBL record, whore
Guns clipped you AND you got hit with the Tsunami hawaii was checking for
dohpe is who im reppin for. check brackets, you werent predicted to merk
I’m rippin this jerk. It’s March, Madness should’ve written his verse

Beyond: It was my name/alias on a bunch of sites and yes, I actually have glaucoma. It's an eye disease that can lead to gradual blindness
lifting his skirt. fuck your disease, I’ll blind side you with metaphors
baretta’s, 4’s….when I aim the glaucoma’s really what youre headed for
i settle scores, and there’s no way you’ll whoop marcus ass
you literally cant see me, I’d fight you just for the handicapped parking pass
your bars is trash. got no crew, start knockin on veteran’s doors
you need to Snatch lines, both he and his roommate’s are better than yours
getting severed for sure, somebody put a frozen steak on his eye
i’m afraid for this guy. even the Beyond/Lefty matchup’s based on a lie

vs. Alvin Karpis

February 24th, 2010

Son, I’m VERY known…get turned to dirt and buried bones
Talking that Jazz with leave AK sidelined like I’m Jerry Sloan
You’re fairy prone and a homo, no real shot at a fair chance
Everyone knows Karp enters…grabbing wood to erect with his bare hands
You don’t wanna square dance, I’m guessing with my sixth sense
That you’re avy…
Imitates your life, round male cheeks with your fist clenched
Getting piss drenched, you rep the Steelers? that’s hardly lame
watch dude from Pitt fall…I’ll hang him with the rope from the Atari game
I’ll harm your name…my Legacy’s known, full of polished scripts
Your verse’s body style is the used one driven by college kids
I got them brolic spits. The time is near, you’re dying here
Is that your battle record or you just citing the Impala’s finest year?
Lying queer…I saw your comment in the predictions. You squeeze snubs?
Read the interview…
Even Beyond-say you write more like a bitch than she does
Not a mean thug, you know I get props for sure
While any track AKon is the music trannys go GaGa for

vs. Defcon_5

November 11th, 2009

listen you bobblehead

49 wins? That’s impressive, but it’s gets gory in beef with me
I guess ONLY you can afford to lose 30…and still be stuck in morbid obesity
I was referring to pounds, if your brain is working extra hard
to provide us food for thought…it’s looking like you deserve a Mensa card
I mean jesus Def, you must really think you’re coming the hardest
Or preparing for a less than wonderful harvest by stashing that crumb in your armpit
regardless, that lazy physique musta been swallowing friends
Almost looks like your nose is running
And everything below failed to follow the trend
How’s this gay compete? That’s an oily face to say the least
Your chin and forehead look like they been bathing in bacon grease
Name your favorite treats, you’re too sweet and shook to brawl
It’s no shocker…those are just fingers used to unhook your bra
Probably cooks it all. Got sleep apnea, I’m sure there’s trouble resting
But being a slob suits you and it’s looking like your cut is double breasted
That guts infested and I don’t really argue, I toss lames
One question…
Did shaving your chest make it easier to lick off that barbeque sauce stain???
Cuz it’s either that or a bacon bit, save it bitch you’re losing now
That’s not even Def
I just “clicked to see what Hercules from the Klumps is doing now”
Foolish clown, you need to skip soda and go the water route
Fuck the car
That pig got rolls Royce wouldn’t see in an ACTUAL slaughterhouse
See what I did there? now this prick’s scared, Ewwwww @ your pic shared
He’s happy to battle me just for the chance to vanish into thin air
Get a win, where? Even those eyes are looking high Def
But we don’t need that clarity to find THE STRETCH MARKS ON YOUR BICEP
What should I try next? In pic battles, I often think
He just holds up his hand
To show what happens when you mistake your OWN ring finger for a sausage link
Call a shrink, I’m not believing this shit…your diet is in need of the sniff
it’ll come back ten fold…and that’s only counting the ones I can see in this pic
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