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My mic ripped out organs from mouthes now I'm speakin' in tongues
Almost had like a dozen babies from some nameless cunts
But with none pregnant I dodged those bullets like Matrix stunts
Cliffhanger conception, A part of happenstance
My papa was a rollin' stone that started a fuckin' avalanche
Back to the future where my present system rocks
Flux capacitor for a heart beatin' 1.21 jigawatts
Rhythm akin to ancient amphibians
Spittin' harder Jew-l's than Hasidic stutterers sayin' Lillian
Swimmin' in women leavin' they axis sawed
Now bitches consider my sex routines fuckin' acts of God
Mistaken for Hal Jordan's identical clone
When emittin' green from a fist full of emerald stones
Ex is pimpin' with intricately arranged chalices
"Ima play - Arrrrgh" like a pirate acceptin' game challenges
Ethiopian strip club, My financial hole
Since patrons couldn't tell the strippers from the dancer poles
Given specific deeds, Eden's garden of gifted seeds
We're all in the same boat we just paddle @ different speeds
Enjoy a life of arrogance & cherish the perks
'Cause the will of God's been changed,
The meek no longer inherit the earth.
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