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Default Ryuu- The Morning Dawn Of Ryu ( 2001)

This was a keystyle i did to the 3rd-week cypha topic (If u could be a fightin' character, who would u be?) And i wanted to know what y'all thought of this. Iight, here it is.
Well well, who would I be… I’d be ryuu… from Street Fighter
The Morning Dawn of Ryû
Sunrise, morning comes, trees swaying in a day of new-winter/
Visualize, strike accurate to crack shit, wooden board to-splinters/
Stand up, relaxed, untensed back, quickly adjust my head-band/
With eased practice, perform karate katas, punches like lead-man,/
Rhythmic kicks, twist of wrist, subtle body moves to inflict-blows/
Ears adjust, my partner Ken, the American master of kicks-rose/
Flew at me with a leveled jump kick, instincts settled in-to-parry/
Forearm rose, blocked right side, Ken flashed me a grin-too-merry/
Hours pass, flashin’ fists and kicks fast, with a long friendly-spar/
Reflect, on how we must part ways soon, we will then-be-far/
Step back with calm horse stance, hands combine to fire a Hadouken/
Blue fire rises and expires, then I noticed my Shotokan Sensei Gouken/
Ken sizes up my chi-projectile, and pulls fists together to respond/
2 spectacular shows of soul energy converge, then I shout “Now it’s-on!”
Gouken watches from his side of the dojo, as me and Ken trade-blows/
Front snap kick to my ribs, but I feint and dodge, and quickly fade-low/
Muscles flex, as I attempt a roundhouse to his neck, but his agility/
Allows him to evade, and sweep kick me down, I’ve learned humility/
Flip up, with a front-lunge punch, it connects and elicits a strong-groan/
I smirk at my hurt-equal, how could anyone think he’s a blonde-clone?
Wind picks up, and leaves are spiraling as Ken prepares a hurricane-kick/
“Tatsu-maki-sempuu-kyaki” he utters as he rises, I move and feint-quick/
Rose, spinnin’ like a cyclone, quick traces of chi surrounding his aura/
U wouldn’t want 2 be found at the end of that, like a Christian with a Torah/
I tapped into my inner reserves, and months of practice at this deadly-art/
Visualize my opponent, right fist shivering as I leap up with a readily-start/
Right knee rises, as I mouth the words of this secret move “Sho-ryuken”
Left arm tucked, as right arm rises straight, portaying my glory-too-then/
Stance of a dragon, leaping with might, I connect mad hard with his-chin/
His body flew up and bended down, to the ground, “Now, the towel is-in”
My master replies, Ken picks his feet up and flashes me a handshake/
When these 2 shotokan masters spar, strongly, we make the land-quake/
Revered martial arts as honor, since Gouken took me in as a little-kid/
Spar for Karate’s love, despite the scars and bruises on my middle-hip/
Although I wish to battle once again, my American brother-frowns/
At my obsession with the Art, and strong desire to fight another-round/
Gouken cries “Yosh!” for “good”, and I’ve now finished this story-fer/
I wished to express my pure way of living, Bushido, The Way of the Warrior/
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