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Rawn M.D.
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Default vs Cymbicort

I’ve heard people call u an alias, its funny the things they dream up
I can understand maskin u suck, but at least ur doing that while treating emphysema
N ur girl swallows these nuts, deep throats and fucks like a banshee
Only time shes on cym-bals is playing that instrument after me n the whole band beat
Im the one real NCG, check my canteen and commissary account
My lawyer may argue cym-antics, while I just stuck around in order to carry him out
Lets be real, u don’t have the heart or the brain to b competition
Being sym-pathetic is more than a neurological condition, considerin its how u cop ur bitches
I bet u read their biography with hopes Knuck kept me locked in jail
Because Cymbicort’s only a half-life to mine, regardless of that packet insert or clockin sales
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Rawn M.D.
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Default Pourin Mimosa's (P.M. exercises)

Poured Mimosas (for writers challenge league)

Person Missing found, Post Marked to those with impeccable taste
Professional Master and gourmet body’s been recovered after several days
Last seen in his kitchen, thinkin deep over Preppin Marinades
Ploppin Measurements of spices, leaves, and Powder Mixed together for their taste
He was a Plate-Making cook, his life’s ingredients were known
Pickled Mangos and Pealed Macadamias, and with a flamed wish would get going
He was good with a spatula, knew the steak weights and temps
His Posture Mimicked expert, with his back starched straight and tense
Placed Marbled filets on-top of coals in his favorite woodfire grill
At the same Precise Moment smoke turned to a flame n grew alive in the keel
Always knew the cut to choose, or Prime Meat slabs for ordeals
But if he wanted too, he could cook up some Pork Meal that would taste like veal
A culinary Prided Man like him was of Profound Mention
Could Benny Janna ten katanas, while cutting puffer-fish and ground PepperMint
He Planned Menu’s each morning through inside deliveries
Paid a Minimum wage out, while eating himself empty in Priceless Misery.
Being Partly Morbidly obese, arteriosclerotic with Plaque Metastasis
The doc placed him on Prescriptions, Mainly written as Blood Pressure med’s and hepatics
He never washed his grill, and claimed its experience was gold
Procured Mutton from New Zealand, and Poached Mixed greens over sole
He engorged on his creations, his gluttony Provided Motivation
Crusted Parmesan Meatball Primavera, Manicotti submerged in arrays of Pino/Malbec flavors
He never ate out of the apartment where he Personally Manufactured garnish
Peppered Maroon his Pollack, Married it in with some homemade Picante Margarine
He had choked out while scarfin, to a Partial Myocardial infarction
Linguine on his tongue blocked his Parietal-Mandibular lines of crossing
Pumped Madly on his chest and drank down a prime Pub Marzden
the Police Md says his stomach contents were fresh from the garden
They Found’m dead on the carpet; Pronounced Master chef, cause of death - gastric distress
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Rawn M.D.
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Default Mennonites

(for writers challenge league)

He was devout, a sacred believer in the renewal of faith
A separatist and seer; bearded with an un-groomed face
pious and penitent, he rebuked conforming to norms
Carried in horse drawn chariots, with genuflect in his arms
He’d been baptized after birth through crimes of the church
felt this practice was reserved for adult minds to discern
Drowned down by dogma, bogged out by his beliefs
The church refused to recognize him, or his theology
He walked the higher path, and wouldn’t wash his feet
Excommunicated the weak spirited through divine decree
Moved misers with wise words, and treaded their tithes
spoke of divinity being where humility and the trinity coincide
He dressed plainly, replaced all of his button with hooks
To him the bible was inerrant, and much more than a book
A fastidious Anabaptist, his way of living was asceticism
Stood up to the clergy with a dictum to create schisms
On a pilgrimage for purity with his puritanical beliefs
Planned a siege vs the secular through biblical authority
he weaponized the Canon through the Commandments
Disbanded from all his earthly burdens like a Jainist
Moved into exile, and grew wheat to fight the famine
To this day his followers still live the same way Amman did
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Rawn M.D.
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Default Burning Desire

(for a collab)

I feel her heat as it radiates from my face, and sweat drips off my brow
This old flame still remains, which always incinerates everything that it's around
My heart palpates as her whispering lips become alive in the flickers n whisps
Her lingering scent intoxicates me; my muscles cringe when the flint hits the wick
Her love for me’s been slowly growing; her fever haunts my sights n brain
This fire inside’s been personified, affixing eyes whenever she lights the way
Her presence and heat brings pleasure to me as our momentum builds
The ceilings above crack as we reach climax and the smokescreen becomes real
She moves hypnotically, burning my desires to ash that last merely an instant
The walls scream from her intimate being, as they witness my steaming mistress
She’s amazing in her naked state, and absolutely glowing when observed
Dressed in red to blue depending on mood, or how deeply she intends to burn
Her former suitors are scarred by wounds from whom they are beauty marks
Each holds’ his latent spark awaiting a charge to defribulate or break they hearts
Her essence is magnificence with attitude more flammable than heated passion
With an embrace that singes skin, but it doesn’t hold a candle to her breeding actions
Our relationship is toxic, and destructive; when we fight she acts a brutal whore
Spreading her legs making men beg, she erupts with all hells fury of women scorn
Once the smoke clears and the sirens grow near, we both slowly return to one
Leavin only ashes and burns that detectives match into words for our consuming love
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Rawn M.D.
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Default Heads Up

(for elements torny - story telling)

Joe had his heart set on being rich, to the point where he would kill for the glitz
Grew sick of his 9 to 5, spent his time getting familiarized with drills and their bits
Worked safe combinations, and kept track of trucks that passed weigh stations
Knew their movement, and what they carried but couldn’t sit and wait patient
Possessed the blue prints for bank locations, sewer grids and maim placement
His main aim became payment, and it was there for the taking… if he arranged it
Teamed up with some guys with the access to guns, get away trucks n dynamite
Together they devised a plan to hit the Suntrust after dusk the following night
They decided that Jerry would approach the blond bank teller carrying a note
Indicated this was a heist, and if she alerted VICE that’d b burying them both
See Jerry was a pro at the reel in, he possessed the appearance of a chameleon
The type of crook that’d never look at a camera, but instilled fear like a villain
They had Cici the Brazilian, who’d take toward the ceiling being flexibly resilient
She maneuvered with a feline’s double jointed spine and walked with her heels in
Tony, the largest guy in the cohort was equipped with dynamite n a blow torch
He was more intimidating than mean, but could crack a safe door with no force
And if it came to killing, they had Lenny with the long nose approach the guard
Len had a long nose, yeah; but those who saw his shnoze were ghosts or marks
Joe was the mastermind, he had alarm codes and averaged Po’s dispatch time
He’d act like any other bank customer, but was the brains that backed the crime
They synchronized their watches, with everyone taking the proper precautions
approached the bank in costume at shift change, while Cici proctored the awning
each occupied a teller doing their job, and put into motion their concocted plot
Jerry made his transaction, while Tony gained access to the safe deposit box
Joe bid his time in line, while Len blocked the lens and the rent-a-cops went blind
Cici entered into the attic, cut the wires and then tapped in to the security feed
Tony lit up his torch, and Len revealed his long nose, which threatened to sneeze
Joe took cover with the customers, quelled their screams while he begged with pleas
Jerry emptied the teller’s draw, as Tony assaulted the vault and beckoned heat
Len drew his weapon to beget his greed, as the ceiling beam had collapsed clean
With Cici laughing, and at her guns end stood Len, Joe and Jerry

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Rawn M.D.
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Default Paper Chase

(collab verse)

The games over when we out for that payola
beatin on ya bitch till my bed’s spring break like Daytona
with an eighth rolled up, on a hunt for those ends
black card, senior discount the way we dish out hundred n tens
with a love to just spend, till our pockets light
bitches stop on site, need a Zamboni machine to even rock my ice
my lodge is nice, ride on nothing but yachts n bikes
high speed, fast life; learn from my misfortune but forgot its price
get that VIP treatment wherever we be at
feet up with the seat back eating gourmet filleted Chilean sea bass
we be that; money motivated for the payment
because the grass is always greener for the team that turns the rake in
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Rawn M.D.
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(for writers challenge league)

The baby was born with angelic blond hair and the devil’s blue eyes
The doctor smacked him on the ass, and his cries signified a new life
Darwin summized that only the strong survive, so death to the weak
There’s 7 sins and 7 virtues, and ironically there is 7 days in a week
Cancer cells brings immortality, but also kills its host in the end run
Even if we chose the road less traveled, in the same place we’d end up
In a world where one bergan belsin equates to mozarts 9th symphony
The mona lisa’s traded at market value for the next mans life misery
So we let it breath and become truly inspired while holding our breath
And feel the most alive closest to death, stuck in an oceanic abyss
Leave our footprints in the sand only to get washed with the tides
People say moneys the root of evil, but we pray and pay our tithes
Could it be part of the grand design, our mind fighting the I ching
We look to the heavens, but the sun eventually becomes blinding
The writings been on the wall inside cave drawings and hieroglyphics
Predicted by mystics, but we’ve missed it and nobody likes the cynic
We’re the light inside the prism, our density’s bend our perspective
Tell lies to ourselves out of comfort, taking comfort in self deception
Eugenics, vaccines, nuclear medicine, gps tracking, and fukashima
We’ve lost faith in humanity, leaving athetist as the true believers
Building walls to block us off, with our discord funding nationalism
Modern day conquistadors to space, displaying passive aggression
Dispatching our engines in cold wars with no compassionate victims
Who the fuck gives a shit about sputnik or immaculate conception
We’d violate the Geneva convention just to blast our way thru heaven
And plastic our skin to fabricate aesthetics while capturing Yemen
She carried him 9 months in her womb to die from preeclampsia
He had the devils blue eyes with angelic blond hair…he was America
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Rawn M.D.
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(swag n flow)

Leave em spellbound, got hound dogs n hell hounds
Who, when they smell foul reactor die like melt downs
Kicking karate with Mr magi real power in the wheelhouse
Chewing salami with lucha brazi moving bodies with steel out
golem giants prone to violence mikiah phifier paid in full
doods who banged em tools way before gangs in schools
rage n anger-fueled with no deep end like training pools
my bitch got a firm ass, inject cement in the sht
Watchin her watch my designer wrist watch's str8 legit
taug-hauer, after hours-inner hips benz like the whip
twistin lambspread, lambskin deep inside her clit
I break bread, spend blood money dead presidents
On the street its all lovely, Walk and demand respect
Im knowingly Fresh, opening chess in moments of death
choking the pet over his head holding a check, solely adressed
Mi amigos massive, each blows only priemo grasses
In tuxedo fashion getting flamingo ass in casino bathrooms
Slang that Nino crack cut back with amino acids
with G Code past Vito stats reloading three chrome magnums
My adrenals equal that of a week old mastiff
Or a sleak slow assassin doing evil magic hopkido backflips
When we roll past its as thick as the ass on my last bitch
after kegal classes spread eagle over my mandingo aspects
Im Frank Zito’s last kin involved in illegal actions
who's genome matches ba baracius with green hulk fragments
We talkin Greek god status when we bought Athens
tongue deep in a bad bitch thunder clappin deluged Baptists
Hit with the leadoff back fist and eat raw catfish
with a team all bat shit and guano where that deep draw cash is

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Rawn M.D.
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Default Once u pop, u cant stop

(for pic battle vs ill nik-a)

Hai conio! ur mom's doctor must've burnt the arroz con pollo
and delivered a pathetic white wash walled off version in the clone of zorro
a racoon aint got shit on this baffoons own mask snafu
I'd say that I'd wax you, but ur eyebrows need that and some vidal sassoon
I read a book a day while cookin base, im good that way
in all that gray ur wardrobe's 50 shades from beat bitch, and looks as aged
rockin that 2 gun pose, but doods not thug though
hair cut like u snubbed lowes, which got me wonderin where'd the rug go?
this fat fucker latin lover prolly smashed his cousin
and black'd his knee caps so bad he wears them shorts to match the color
crack is nothin, this coke head claims he got a job, ha!
only Chore Boy got was corner store bought and used to pack rock ontop of
with that face full of pac holes, dood's got the shingles nod
apparently as a teen u got them pringles on, and that statement holds water...
no Elian
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Rawn MD
Get MacDon
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Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD
Default Shrug

He steams and then blows up...
his own treasonous soldier, stuck in a zenith of novas
eyes to the heavens; mouth open; Eden - ambrosia
The serpents released skin, his beacon is hopeless
just citizen kane's dreaming of rosebud; feigning, but focused
seeing the sequence, but keeps repeatin it over
to see through the fog, his heat in this cold front
keeps feeding the cobra, leaking; squeamishly sober
he teases the vultures, while preening his coat up,
but its easy to coax em; deceive with emotions
his genius is stroking, bereavements been broken
on his last leg leaning, his reprieve being loaded
the bees keep stinging, cleaving their own stun
vehemently shogun; him being the lone gun
his speech. uneasy; labored breathing, slow tongued
envy greening; the greed being explosive
the seizure's robust; plague, Egyptian locusts
reachin achievements, needs depleted; hopes bust
but, leads from the crows nest, with Theseus's motion
to where the wind takes him; breathing his own gusts

A. bove T. he R. est
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Rawn MD
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Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD
Default SnF verse

Musically, I'm So charged...
No farce, Im fluidly Harpo Marx w joke cards, and a gold harp
A fluently tone sharp Amadeus Mozart mixed with van Gough drog art
In a boneyard of ubiquitous Ozarks, being split with a trochar
Skin thick as a grown shark, resistant to solar, sickness and sonar
They don't know war, I'm Carl von Clauswitz, on the fritz
Draped in a nondescript coat with Vutton imprints taking vodka sips
Innately lost hope; confident in how glock's kick n roger grips
with a bitch, strapped to load on that bondage tip, who wants the dick I
'm donned The Prince, my code of omerta is hold, or fair tough
At home in the harshest weather, since polar bear rugs and arctic winters
My heart hits tempers that cause octave timbres in odd offences
Raise'n cop suspicions, parlay in yachts for business with pocket stipends
drinkin liquors they stop dispensin'

A. bove T. he R. est
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Rawn MD
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Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD
Default SnF verse

Find me a middle man...
I got young gunners who'd kill for a little bread to get ahead
A crooked ass criminal at his pinnacle, with past acquittals in the feds
Keep my eyes low, behind those rose prada nickel plated lens
and tread with more a low profile than the tires hulled in the v8 benz
My minds so Capone, or Geryon with a list of sick demands
with twice the Gaul n no flaws than diamonds ship direct from France
drinkin raw, single malt that burns with the strength of ants
study'n law by the clause, I'd take that charge just to catch a glance
A strategist, protagonist, that plans the best when damned
Hyperactive pistol grip, bullets Ritalin regrets through blood n sand
My head is, invested in measurements, sums, cuts and grams
Defense system, munitions, guns, business, drugs, trusts and grants
Saki sippin, double dippin', embezzlements just another scam
they watch mine, I watch the time on my rolex bezel colored crayon
Slangin raw, China paw and angel dust in stables from Japan
strong-armin the game with fatal gloved hands in case the gun jams

A. bove T. he R. est
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Rawn MD
Get MacDon
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Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD Rawn MD

"The King"

The crown be humongous
grew out like a fungus
at Everest's summit
there aint no where else to trust
the world is our oyster
words from my lawyer
if you stuck in that boiler
sweat it out, or else clam up
they lackin the roster
we practiced in posture
to passion and prosper
out for the stunt, on ramp up
This Atlas aint shruggin
relax in the struggle
anatomical structure
fashonied from fascia and muscle
The maxim is fuck em
An alchemist wonder
crafted from once was
gold transformed back to mans blood
A wrathful tough stomach
pushin max out a bucket
stained glass accustomed
sand castles fortress from damp mud
Piscal couldn't measure
squad move the pressure
hail to the emperor
who trumps cross hairs and fox hunts
the practicing Edmond
Dantes after Pompey
drinking ethereal bombey
amazed, but not flummoxed
Studied in Ancients
Minotaur in mazes
A mental of metal
prestige in degrees that dont rust
My Word is extortion
the works of which forks bend
asleep with a horse head
Greek Gold fleece silk sheets roll ups
Wont speak on a cordless
Rose feets and plush orchids
it bleeds n gets orphaned
then we meet when he grows up

A. bove T. he R. est
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