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Default Hush

As soon as he arrived he made it known that he was a monster with keystyle battles. He champed Knock out Kings, a keystyle battle tournament shortly after he came to If that wasn't enough to prove that he can keystyle battle better than most he later champed 4 fight nights and made it to the finals of several other fight nights. Fight Night is a spontaneous keystyle tourney that can happen whenever, a tourney in which each battle is due 10 minutes after it starts and the whole tourney finishes in less than a hour. After Hush and Sephiroth dominated several fight nights back to back they both went at it in what was Named Ultimate Fight Night to decide who was the keystyle king once and for all and Hush came out victorious. Hush later went on to champ the *******.com Battle League twice in Season 1, he was the only one to do so. He signed out of season 1 of the NBL with an impressive 11-2 record, the best record out of everyone in season 1.

Tournaments/Leagues Champed

Knock out Kings
Mike Wrecka

Fight Night II
Blue Bayou
Dead Minned.

Fight Night V

Fight Night VI
G. Willigers

Fight Night IX
Frank Metts

Ultimate Fight Night

NBL Battle League (2x)
Frank Metts
Headless Verseman
Nate P.
Caleb Walker
Allen Knight

Most Impressive Wins
Frank Metts
Headless Verseman
Blue Bayou
Cypher Tourney - Session I
Mr. Ektid
Joe Metts
Frank Metts & Orc
ALIEN & Sephiroth
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vs. god0fwar

March 29th, 2010

gow aka country

Ronald you’re a inbred redneck Quit the acting son
Scared to put a pickup cuz it look like you was born in back of one
I’m a instrument of death, gainst that how your chances seem?
Its war vs a Country.. whose national anthem is A-Teens - Dancing Queen
Pure fact. The outcome of this battle a be proof that your whak
the nEW names jester, but u were a joke waaaaaaaaaaaay before that
your just lame, so stop the searching for text fame
such a faggot…and you depend on boards even more than the X games
see If my girl on line its after a shopping spree, ur sex life is make believe
And your online girl is most likely a middle aged guy whos real name is steve
^^it’s the fucking truth, Im a real nigga who grip the pump an shoot
You’re a fruit cuz you bruise easy…an full of the seeds of other fruits
certified virgin, an the whole way u act be gay as hell
internet pedophile whos most successfull pickup line EVER was a/s/l
everybody online know I got flava chicks, spit major scripts
you aint got room to got teen chatrooms on ya favorite list
Hush the boss man, i'm in charge and droppin the noise
While I be pulling strings.. this guy pulls teeny boppers and boys
Im from Brooklyn, you’re a suburb dweeb so fag stop
ya live ya life online..while im spring cleaning ur defraggin ya labtop

vs. Moms Lasagna (NYCSPITZ)

April 29th, 2010

Your in hot water fucking w/ me, be it blade or the gun…
So When part of ya noodle stuck to the wall, we know that its done
This tourneys for me is a favor for ducking my bitch haters…
All it take is one cut to see the red sauce spill out of ya split layers
The alias fits you perfect, sometimes irony border insanity…
He known for being stuffed w. meat n swallowed by all the men in the family
Moms Lasagna always jealous, give this dude some help fast…
Mad cuz only Mom's Spaghetti made the cut for Em's Lose Yourself track
dunno if its ur check-in or the crossdressin that’s more embaressin…
Lama picked this round, YOU CHOSE to name yaself Carolyn

vs. Frank Metts
April 28th, 2010

Kid gloves are off, good thing my tutorings done u wonders buddy
this times real, no if it'd STILL be my fucking understudy
lord how ALIEN destroyed you...I feel like my help wastes
Stick&Move was the final straw, that u sucked in enuff to finish 2 milkshakes
I'll leave your life wrecked, d/r’ing like you owe me a life debt
a stan with a case of stage fright so bad at work u can’t even call for a pricecheck
half your verses are asscheeks, so its no hope when my wraith peaks
winnings beyond luck..especially when u used it all up on him last week
your out of your era, the 50s are over an grampas feelin depress’d
if its STILL cool for you to say the N word then I guess ur concepts are fresh
I know the fag wants a truce, it aint a battle it’s chump abuse
U match the garbage pail avy wit a verse of straight dumpster juice
I’m high with cotton mouth, u a racist fuck wit white hoods when rocking out
type of dude ask his black friends for tylenol n drool as they pull the cotton out
another relic from the older regime, noshow an save a bit of esteem
30 yr old textcees not just a tournament alias..Frankies still living the dream

vs. Headless Verseman

June 19th, 2010

1000bars???u think niggas wana read that much of ur rapping b
no1 wana see headLess Verse man..but we'll take the 2 middle words from u happily
I asked for a pic battle n ur ducking n dodging took it too far
iunno if ur digital cam really broke...but I'll bet good money u are
it was Friday night, I had my lap full bouncing smuts
we both knowhow to party but ur VIP at the hairclub for men don't count for much
ur a washed up 1999 textcee, original whak version
don't fit in the new era, for u it's the same old mistakes w/ ur whak wording
couldn't fight his way out a wet bag, I'm going ez for concience sake
head punches couldn't scar I'll leave enuff on his 2 compensate
lol@pretending fracs ur partner...some shit only a geek do
if it's him smh@dude having the same whak style u used when hens beat you
is it him or ur split personality? That's whY I'm trying to riddle
cuz usually when a queer like u tag teams there's another guy in the middle
to beat me u'd need ghostwriters pre writing as months go by
u pulling shenanagins only a chump would try to loose to a iPhone key I wrote drunk n high
ur a txting disgrace, against me risking ur reps a mistake
can't decide if I wana follow hens or aliens footprints, or if there's any room left on ya face
how were u ever considered good? Ur weak jabs won't rock on *******
dude never threw a real dangerous combo, his fighting styles pop rocks n pepsi
after this battles there's no question if this guys a bitch
sad, that to get recognition u would try some hoe shit fit for a German shiza flick
so cut the bravado, ur a lonely faggot an YOU know that WE know it
failed so hard at ur txt comeback ur now trying to fit in w/ a league full of poets
u writings not as hot as me, ur desposable here.. I'm a commodity
cuz my archives a gold mind , this birdbrains the canary used to check the air quality


vs. Orc

June 23rd, 2010

As far as getting American culture confused, ur pretty guilty dude
This fool Walked into Paul Mitchells an asked for the Zohan Silky Smooth
u mad cuz im well known, and at a party bitches look at u an say send him the hell home
asking y gollum wont shutup about his precious ring, or how hard it was to edit the bitch on his cellphone
so apparently when ur not text battling u hang in a queer club
the type of weird thug to ask the bartender to pour his appletini in a beer mug
ur father molested u n ya bro, he had no respect for you.. right??
so you turned to a life of alcohol and weird indian guys renting you 2 for the night
the pressure of being bi curious got u stressing like the stars
so watch out panic at the disco.. make room for emo depression at the bar
u have just topped the fat washed up txtcee for gayest flic in a pic bout
u didnt just set off the gay alarm, u sent it straight to level defcon 5 w/ his tits out
an ya chick to the left gotta lace outfit that look like it cost her a dollar
she'd have to put 3x the amount of THAT in my drink before I’d give her a holler
from ur seat in the reverse VIP I can tell you dont date much
sitting there looking fucked up on the sidelines even worst than ur shapeup
its easy to tell that party is dead..prolly got the DJ phoning the coroner
from the empty cups I can tell u got the guinness record..for drinks alone in the corner
a night on the town w/ 2 guys?? when it comes to dudes I bet that u had plenty
dont be mad I cut my girl out the cut out the lies that u bag any

vs. tettris

October 11th, 2009

what swag?

your pic look stupid as fuck, plus ur rhymes suck
tettris in dohpe is ironic..when a bunch of squares equal there line up
your a lifetime net nerd, just happy to belong in a pack
this fanboy bitch the type to turn his net sig into a henna tat
am I a vet? thats sweet, see my time on the net was brief
brag all u want but u been around 10 years an champed less than me
jus a lame honkey whos face look like it been hit wit a acura
u whak as fuck and I hope u see the light after a hickee from dracula
he a pedophile rapist, Im in chicks jaws splashing kids
Tett the type to find a hot bitch...... trailer home........ then drag her back to his
he a soldier? nah, he fights like he's gentle
he hens new recruit, so this is bootcamp and his tailbones a hike to his temple
I'll rock ya slack jaw, this racist hillybilly a damn weakling
now he waiving the white flag, only this time not at a klan meeting
your a rider boy, how the fuck ur throat get any oxygen
only guy to complain about dental surgery cock blocking him
we kicking niggas out, our weakest member was ouch
they got this soft guy on the bench an now it resemble a couch
give up on the tracks bitch, stop spitting and practice
real gangstas veto your verses, I just wish vito would whack it

vs. sound

March 19th, 2010

Honestly sound, u could never rap with mics, your whak at life
But I do wish you take your act on the road...dressed in all black at night
u either gay or a virgin, hot chicks an drugs mean my dick is never soft
if sound get high..its a matter of time before a guy twist the knob to get him off
when kung noshowed I bet u felt a chill run up the chord of ya spinal
u aint beat nobody to get here, an I’ll have to beat one to get to the finals
just be happy getting this far cuz gluttony is corny son
how could u hunger for more? I been feeding you the whole fucking tourney run
I feel smart, to be a champ at this u gotta have real heart
U complaining bout no time to txt… but should be worried bout the skill part
Plus you black and poor. watermelons chicken an grits reveal your mystique
hell we can talk stereotypes all night and how you gotta steal em to eat
half whak and half dope...u never know which sound is showing in threads
dont care what calibur u drop next..long as theres a smoking gun and hole in ya head
entire life u been failing at wealth, cuz we cool don’t think I’m sparing your health
u couldnt clash w/ the titans, ya stint in the crew was shorter than the movie trailer itself

vs. Sephiroth

April 17th, 2010

there can only be one champ; u aint him being honest
nigga i;ll knock ya head off before the crown even settled on it
it take a real warrior to put the fake under the earth, bum
dave had to do a 2nd fight night … u faggots fucked up the first one
better disperse,run…cuz truth is my nigga its bedtime
real shame is how lama fit ya 15 mins of fame in a 12 min deadline
n u steady repin that crew hard? That’s why Im laughing clown
the cymbal of clash, we could get 2 of u to bang ..n STILL wont make half a sound
an you on some anime fag shit, I’ll smash everything that this guy credit
but if I send u back to the drawing board you’d create a new hentai fetish
aint u a virgin infact? It’s a struggle to see u blowing with hard raps
if ur lucky enough to claw ya way to the top you;’d get stuck on the bra straps
don’t take it too serious seph, I only kid an play
n u wear ya heart on ya sleeve; its a vneck even me an burd consider gay
game over- u aint standing a chance friend
sorry sephiroth… this is one computer game that u cant win

vs. Porch Monkey (Mr. Ektid)

Old May 8th, 2010, 09:19 AM

Watermelon, Grits, Fried Chicken&White Gravy like...

Busy running over competition, opponents get destroyed trust..
Soon I'll be standing on porch same as the rest of u unemployed fucks
You seem the racism type so lets type til the hating ignite…
Voters a pick’ Cotton… n not cuz ur lazy ancestors weren’t doing it right
Bet you feel safe behind your alias..usually were laughing at you
So congrats on ur 15 minutes of fame in that win over gaffle or blue
Listen you weak clown, when I hit opponents they keep down
most monkeys fling learned to consistently write it for 3 rounds
gameover; this the furthest level u ever been without using the passcodes
actually this the furthest u got in anything aside from another mans asshole
dude's probally a txt groupie.. an it's well known I floor kids
u realised ur dream, Resin been your hero and now finally your his
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Guilded Gladiators (ft. Tettris and Lefty)

March 15th, 2010

A Hush comes over the crowd...

What can I say? my lifes perfect, the greatest to log on and write verses
Fuck raps I type hearses , only me being the best and death in lifes certain
The page contains my wrath designed, mad scientist syllable mastermind
past my prime only to discover ive’ accomplished double the rest in half the time
see I’m living above dreams, everyday I wake up get buzzed/leaned,
coach of a drug team
….dope enough to irrigate a hundred haze plants with my bloodstream
So give up the rhymes kid..your chop meat while Im looking like prime rib
If I facial ya chick..she run home so u can put cucumber over her eyelids

as they view the Tet offensive...

Watch as we salaciously storm from a haven that breaks from the norm
Never straying from form...born from warlocks and creations of scorn
Nations paying homage to the knowledge we display in the course...
Of sendin cats to St. Peter with ether that sprays from our pores
Daily report: we're retiring names with mad heart, desire n game
Liars r slain for getting gassed cuz our verses are fire and flames
Inspiring lames...our shit is built strong to fuckin embarrass dudes
Not a challenge with their drop n talent so we're cuttin their parachutes

and when they think nothings Left...

everything gets written with gold pens, we’re scripting the dope trends
I flow gems, raising the bar with grown men sitting on both ends
As close as it comes to bein a star when keyin a bar
Opponents are seein a scar, I’m blacking out like all my vehicles are
I’ll pee in a jar. it’ll get sent to a lab, Docs in a state of confusion
Cuz every day that I’m spewing proves I wasn’t made from a human
Hated on losing, I’m calling names, bodies piled up of fallen lames
killing until I walk in the Hall of Fame swinging a ball n chain

and just like that, they were gone...

Drifters feat. Sephiroth
April 6th, 2010


been out of this world since before i thought of a rap career
my vision was clouded..then I finally breached the atmosphere

so i treat the pen like a gift, and let my passion wake
feeling grounded, but each word that i write helps me gravitate

trained with the pressure of the world on my back for years, for practice sake
my words shatter mountains an lift weights that a make atlas break

a way to fascinate, a verse can take me past saturn
traveling new worlds, with each step, like back packers

fury of a savage minds power is potently measured
wit a thirst for knowledge to drain rivers an turns oceans to deserts

a scholar, a student, who's on a hopeless endeavor
the realest left, so you can say that ima token investor

my lifes a sci fi movie with a sound track full of rap beats
racing sephiroth to greatness using saturns rings as a track meet

yes, we're the athletes, the ones they pin their hopes on
competition, we 'gundam' down, while you kids are voltron

i shine hard the sun doubted so i had to show him in contest
then went on to give a dwarf star a napoleon complex

we can only lose to ourselves, besides that we're unbeatable
only way our ego's get crushed, is if our self esteem was low

grew up humble. til i got tired of looking at the walls i had in my room
so the day before i had my first ego trip i packed my bags for the moon

shot for the stars, landed in heaven like a city visit
skies the limit and im already there, chillin with biggie's spirit

unlocking mysterys of the universe is easy..i just had a key
then i defied proceeded to drop a verse in zero gravity

with all that, it seems i didn't learn my lesson too well
defying the principals of logic, just to end up expelled
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see chyeahhh!!! for critique

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