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Default God of War

Gow came to with an automatic target on his chest since he was at the time, the owner of a site that was competing with Netcees and Lama didn't want the owner of another site being successful on here. GOW's first few months on Netcees were not going to be easy. god0fwar didnt know what he was getting into when he signed up for the NBL battle league. Lama put him through a gauntlet. Each week he was paired against a tough opponent. He lost about the same amount of battles as he won but that was understandable considering the competition he was up against. He didnt make it to a single champ match in season 1 of the NBL but he ended up making the cut for the NBL season 1 tournament. He defeated everyone he was put up against in that tourney to become the NBL season 1 champion. No one expected him to win the tourney. Many were still questioning his skills, but time would show it wasn't a fluke. GOW came back for season 2 of the NBL and ended up champing that league and winning the tournament for that season as well. He champed two NBL seasons back to back, the first to ever do that. He's shown he can hang with some of the best. And if you don't think he can don't challenge him to a banishment battle cause you might end up in the same boat as ill nik-A.

Tournaments/Leagues Champed

NBL Season 1
Alvin Karpis
Murda Sho.

NBL Battle League
Jayson Fresh
Hiragana aka SMG
Nick James
Tyler Durden

Fight Night XXVIII

NBL Season 2

Battle Arena Tag Team
(With Knucklehead)
De$troyer & Masaii

Most Impressive Wins
ill nik-A
Alvin karpis
Pharaohe Def
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vs. ill nik-A

April 25th, 2011

you should of run out of life before david put out tha site
i mean your such an old timer, you prolly go ding when you wind down at night
and forget your crack buzz, or any of your whack drugs
its funny that you have more lines in your face, then any of your fuckin bags does
plus i never fuckin liked dude, your whole persona is trife to
u'd think i put your body out to sea nik,when thats the route they have to take to find you
you hold ur lunch in a paper sack,since u cant afford the best food
the only time id carry a brown bag, is if your mom passed out on the way to the bedroom
this fagots lost it, no one can grasp his nonsense
you ask for so many pink slips, that your posts is starting to match your closet
all he does is fuckin cry, ive champed the nbl uve shunned it twice
i mean you act so salty when you type, your raft must of flipped over a hundred times
u cant compare my tracks with, the fuckin heir of whackness
cuz you wont ever leave me beatnik, even if you were a child in the era of that shit
ima go ham n stop, cuz i dont really wanna damage pops
since the last time a bitch fucked with this cuban, she was at a sandwich shope
your always on the baby shit, all that whining makes me sick
i mean you cry so much,i thought you supermodded at rb under that as an alias
n u being a family man is so true, n thats a reason to boast dude
cuz your so short and stumpy, that you probably have roots everywhere u go to
your just another clown kid, plus your to old to count bitch
i bet your friends call you a little rascal, since thats what u ride around ur house with
and i dont wanna hear his moans, i jus want this queer to know
the diference between us is im 6 from thirty,and you hit that shit 10 years ago
i hit 20 n new i had this fucker ripped, put in a slumber quick
soon as you hit 20, you put a new piece on the stem so u could haved another hit
n every line is a slaugher, someone should remind him of honor
cuz we wasnt surprised to see u duck, after ur family spent so much time on the water
ive finished this verse, after i diminished his birth
and put nik in the ground, like i threw a punch and fucking indented the dirt

vs. sound

August 19th, 2010

lama said you aint as good as you think, that your nothin lethal
im not surprised to see you son these kids, ur known for takin care of other peoples
u never been on tha steets, ur not even half a soldier
cuz the only way ull ever be known for wars bitch, is after this battles over
n ur girl shoulda replaced u here, cuz u know damn well bitch
itd be the first time she took ur seed, instead of givin u someone elses
stop runnin around the board,screamin that ur not a cheata
the way you fucked ill, you probably have aids, syphilis, n ghonarhea
and your girls loose as fuck, that bitch is a cheap lay
cuz she never made a sound during sex, it was a mark,tom,jeff, or a DJ
u tried to cheat in ur picture match, that shit isnt good
i would tell u to leave n save face, but id want to get rid of that as quick as i could
im watching for sephs vote, ur crews always made interference
n you gave your verse to cale to drop, so atleast the writers makin an appearance
your always involved in big beefs, but i see why now son
the last time you was in a minor situation, it led to u not bein allowed around one

vs. Alvin Karpis

August 4th, 2010

i can see why ur a threat, breakin bones of easy rappers
cuz when i checked ur hall of name spot, it automatically linked me to fractures
and youre not robin me of this win, so stop riding nuts dude
we only think ur the boy oneduh, from how fuckin bad he sonned you
it mus not be hard to get girls, or pass a sluts test
cuz anytime they bring up kids, your always down to touch on the subject
its a rush to the top, u climbed faster then alotta cats
but it doesnt mean u got time on ur side, jus cuz u replaced him on lamas lap
and your an RB original, u'll always be from it
we only think its a joke site, cuz thats where u get all your punches
but im a bad man, this shit is a wrap fam
it was such a battle for you to come out the closet, ur last loss was to azlan
u never been on a track, so stop talkin like u sicker
the only time we'll ever see karp after a hook, is at the bottom of a river
n all you have is generic lines, i mean god damn fag
with so many mis-directions, no wonder u cant find ur way to a champ match

vs. Hush

March 29th, 2010

ur trying to fuck the 12 yr old on R.E. n i can see how it could work son
while ur living out ur second child hood, she can finish her first one
another puerto rican rapper, that should stick to the laugh shit
cuz the last time you had a read bar, it was on ur fuckin flag bitch
i seen your pics in tha tourney, it made me not beleve in ur name
how could you be hush, when everything about u is screaming ur gay
u sit at home all day n type, ur girl is the one out supplying dinner
so id say she wears the pants, but yours is probably to tight to fit her
your not that dope at writing, and your even worse at spittin it
cuz you havent been a victor, since it was put on ur birth certificate
n u say girls is racist, they show no intrest when you drop offers
the only time they try to turn on this spickets to get there lawns watered
you rep your burrough every day, brooklyn where they breathe murder
your steadily throwing up BK, in the form of milkshakes,fries, n cheeseburgers
you'll say i have ghost writers, riders, and date net chicks
but the last time a girl said she wanted hush, she was ordering from netflix
you claim to of created a dynasty, saying u started clash like thats relevant
ur not part of an empire just because napolean helped u become class president
youre face isnt structured right, ur cheeks n jaws havent grown yet
so u can catch hush bumpin asher roth "im eddy"....munster in his fuckin roast thread

vs. Oneduh

October 9th, 2010

u blamed lack of drugs for no showin the S.C., n that shit was really gay
since we already knew without dohpe or metasin, u couldnt win the fuckion tourney anyways
he said hens was his equal, n i wanted to believe this shook vet
but the way you cheated nik out of a win, proves your just trying to follow in his foot steps
you aint a legend faggot, you need to stop all that bitch shit
you dont realloy wanna step one, since you never got past that fuckin level to begin with
and your not an O.G., you'll never be able to claim tha gang rout
cuz the only time we'll ever see one carrying a 45, is when hes tryin to figure his age out
your not a hustler either homey, and you'll never see paper
your only married to the game, cuz for 4 quarters ur wife'll let my whole team play her
another faggot ass racist, hating, but that dont matter bitch
cuz while im trying to play nba 2k, ur makin petitions for them to put another K after it
i'll make sure u wont win again, u'll never get no praise
the only time you'll ever see one up on tha board, is in a fucking nintendo game
and i seen tha thread about whips, but it dont matter what ur ridin in
cuz while ur pushing a beamer, the rest of us'll be pushing for your retirement

vs. Sephiroth

October 22nd, 2010

rofl@verse of the week for three weeks

you've never held a heater, or busted a slug in ur day
so its funny as fuck u got a lama on ur dick, but never had a gun in ur waiste
and ur a snitch, if u get pinched, u wouldnt even need a lawyer bitch
we all know that anytime u go to cop some work, thats just who ur fuckin employer is
u act like a female on the net, n that wont help u get to far
cuz when i went to, it just proved to me how much of a little bitch YOU ARE
but i will admit ur loyal as fuck, n thats not a joke when
you said you'll always ride for clash, n u do in every battle of theres u vote in
cuz without them ud have no ammo, n it'll always be pathetic
since cale delivers you so much info, it prolly comes with a side order of wings n breadsticks
you being a legend is laughable, ur not the best made
cuz the way you just robbed aero, you could supply an archery team for a decade
and bring all the fake personals u want. you'll still have lame drops
since sephiroth comes so played, his final fantasy involves a pre=owned sticker at gamestop
for clash u was like brail to the blind, n nobody doubts that
i mean theyd settle for you if they had to, but we all knew theyd rather of had sound back
and ud never throw hands, , i wont ever think this kid is abusive
it doesnt mean your a scrapper seph, just because you take other peoples shit n use it
n you pulled some shady stuff our last match,that shit wasnt lookin right
screaming about how rb's treating u biased, because they make u wear hairnets when ur cookin fries

vs. Tettris

May 27th, 2010

ur not mean or viscious when it comes to text matches
the only dude to ever see ur tempur was gettin on ur bed faggot
and you just had a shot for tha title but couldnt bring tha best lines
hush beat you so bad nintendo wanted to put the score on there website
yeah ima get hate votes its the only reason ur racist ass is really a threat
cuz i havent seen u get rode like this since the begginin of american history x
and im known for gay bashing so ur just another example
while im tryin to cut off peoples oxygen ur trying to watch that channel
50 yr old pedo fuck on a board of kids ranting about dandy times
gettin mad as shit cuz chris didnt deliver his paper on family guy
im employed in this game,i done ate and served tha best
you only think its a job cuz everyone keeps tellin u to work at text
so you'll use played shit, bout videos,netgirls, and fake pics
i'll use old concepts on you, by posting up a screen shot of ur age bitch

vs. Hiragana

November 6th, 2010

sup hiragana aka SMG

girls dont like u homey, so we all know ur a loser with that
cuz the only time ull see a bitch with hiragana, is when its a tattoo on her back
your old ass been around ages. u have nothin worth fearing yo
the only way youll see three-zero next week, is in a flashback to ten years ago
i heard ur racist as fuck, when u see brown u wanna damage it instantly
cuz we all know you wouldnt of beat blackwell, if it didnt run in ur families history
you play music for girls, its the only way u can toucha bitch
since SMG never fucked a pussy, till he dropped the S n put a DJ in front of it
ur verses dont make sense, n that shit seems odd
cuz you could drop a tower of babel, and still wouldbt be able to reach god
you aint a gangster homey, we dont think u spit led off
since the only time u can kinect n be a part of the game, is buyin that shit for xbox
and my words is razors, ima leave homey miserable
cuz one hit'll leave hiragana cut into three pieces................multi sylable
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i beat him 10 times

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