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Default ALIEN

When ALIEN came to he dominated the battle arena and keystyle tournaments. He champed Think Quick or Die and Stick and Move shortly after starting to battle on the site, both two of the first keystyle tourneys to ever go down here. He then did his thing in other tourneys and had some impressive wins in them, he also joined the battle league tag team league with oneduh and made it all the way to the champ match. If the keystyle tournaments didnt show how talented he was at coming up with quick rhymes, when he won the cypher tournament that definitely did. ALIEN was winning left and right, some started to say he perhaps was winning cause of his name but he shut those haters up when he won the alias tournament, where who he actually was in the tournament wasn't known until after it was over. If all that wasn't enough he won the 2nd stick and move tournament and shortly after champed the Battle League, by defeating Hush (a fellow hall of famer). ALIEN has no doubt left his mark on the site.

Tournaments/Leagues Champed

Think Quick or Die
Pop Po
-king david-

Stick and Move
C. Gaffle
jack ripper
Real Talk

Stick and Move II
Blue Bayou
Frank Metts

Cypher Tournament II
Cyphered with
Alvin Karpis
Frank Metts
Baron Mynd

Alias Tournament
Caleb Walker

NBL Battle League
Headless Verseman
murda sho.

Most Impressive Wins
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vs. Eddie

August 30th, 2009,

Originally Posted by Eddie..
That seems like a legit warning.. I won't be testin' it dude...
Cuz last time I poked a bear, your mom ended up gettin' pregnant with you
Say I champ leagues full of noobs, that shit is useless...
Cuz you were in the same leagues & tournies and didn't do shit
So really there's only one reason left for your big head it seems...
Ya mom must've snuck a few drinks during the pregnancy
Don't take credit for your alias' losses, no one buys it you fuck...
Pick a better partner next time... that's what my advice is to Cuck
STOP running ya lines by Hush faggot, its still you that's gonna lose...
But if you start rubbin' off on him... we're gonna have to boot em from the crew
What an uneven matchup... I really don't understand it...
The only Fairway to kill u,
Is to drive you 300 yards and then bury you in a sandpit
Originally Posted by Butler vs Shake
on some gay shit.. sup b? this dood luv the D,
Shake infiltrated enemy lines n told sperm.... "cover me"
Originally Posted by Eddie vs TimeVirus
on some gay shit.. sup b? this dood luv the D,
Time infiltrated enemy lines n told sperm.... "cover me".
Hate bringin' up the past, but you knew I'd show that you bite...
Said you did as a joke? Not funny to me but we'll let the voters decide
Its just karma for stealin' from what others were writin' in the past...
Ironic isn't it? Your own lines comin' back to BITE you in the ass
Shoutin' my name 24/7, so I've constantly got to mention...
I ain't seen an Alien fan like this since the ComiCon convention
I got Burden next, he bites/flips just like Eddie its true...
Your both the same to me, he just does it better than you
Just too stupid to realize I'm great, he don't get it at all...
Ironic how my punches fly over his head... but hit em dead in the jaw
Vylint: Eddie works at NASA cleaning spaceships lol
GeOff35: -deadd
Used to hate ALIEN for destroyin' his dreams, but he's over the beef...
Took a job cleanin' spaceships at NASA just to be closer to me
And don't front like that ain't your job bitch, stop it...
Fag was first to apply when he found out he could polish rockets
My apologies for all the quotes, but I know that your happy inside...
Aside from the raps that you bite,
This will be the most quotes involving you that you'll have in your life
Don't play me its foolish, talked all that shit and I made you look stupid...
And I didn't have to use my "played", "wack", "forced" nameplays to do it

vs. Calefaction

September 21st, 2009

Procrastination at its finest...

Dear Calefaction,

You been losin' as of late, wonderin why ya lost ya pace?
Cuz ya runnin' ya lines by me so much, they askin' for water breaks
You stay bitching... like everyone who votes against you is a hater...
But with the way he Swayze was bound to die sooner or later
You can google 'calefaction' if you don't get the name of this bitch I'm battlin'...
You'll either find the definition of heat... or the textcee who's the livin' antonym
Cal kinda like Rosie O'Donnell... so not exactly a tough guy,
But his career was takin' off til everyone found out about the Muff dive
His verse got straight flushed. and what happened after? I'm ashamed of this joker...
I mean I've seen less threads dropped after a loss... in games of strip poker
Some days I come home to twenty IMs... and he'll be accountin' for half...
Which pretty much lets me know that he must be down in a match
He ain't turnin a blind eye to my punches... cuz they'll tilt his ass
Guarantee Calcium landed on his grill like a milk mustache
My verses are full of haymakers, even he sees it as a fact...
While finding one from u that aint played or flipped... is the needle in the stack
Yeah I'm quick to discount Cal... since day one I've sworn he's not a big deal...
He "retired" like a senior citizen but throws tantrums like he should order off the kids meal
Every concept I flip is fresh and witty, in any verse none of it's filler...
You may put a decent lineup, but I can't point out one thats a killer

vs. Lefty

March 13th, 2010

Thanks for the extension...

Cuz honestly why Rush Hour verses, are you some newbie at rap???
Even if u took a week, ^^^ whatever you drop will still flow as smoothly as that
I'd end ya life for the right price, as long as they got the cash for spending...
I'll get the cannons spinning... and shoot Lefty for the Bucks like Brandon Jennings
Undefeated.. Been ridin' that momentum, getting better each match...
Guess its time for DJ Alien to turntables... and give that record a scratch
There's no doubt I'll be crowned victor...... because I'm amazing lyrically...
Cuz everyone knows whenever Left hand is raised, it shouldn't be taken seriously
Pic battles bring out his best, and its hard for this kid to manage...
As far as looks go,
He has to drop dope cuz every pic battle he starts at a disadvantage
Ya streak peaked there, but what u didn't hear this loser mention...
Was that he only ran thru and wrecked it after Kung...X...and User left it
He's always there for the jail boys, they call em names for pets, its fine...
Every inmate knows, if they never gettin out, they gettin Left behind
It was clear since day 1...... that unless he phoned in some help...
He wouldn't get past round 3,
.....................that applies to the tournament below this as well
He can never make the cut when he steps to the stage its true...
Guess you can say its cuz most scissors aren't made for you
CLASH took over sets, you got recruited for numbers to pose a threat...
Its funny they finally allowed Left in Dohpe, after everyone dope had left
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ALIEN - The Reacher & The Settler

April 1st, 2010

Try n bear with the length...

A wise man told me once a man and lady mix...
The relationship, in its own way is fixed
He explained that this is what I'd come to believe...
In each pair theres one who settles and one who will reach
The settler is one who lowered their standards probably...
And the reacher feels like they must've hit the lottery
But it bothered me because I know theres a catch to this...
Reaching a middle ground of an unspoken unhappiness
But how could this be? We were meant to be together...
But after thinkin it through, it made more sense to me than ever
Senior year, was basketball star, and king of the homecoming...
And in the eyes of everyone else, she was a nobody
As far as looks go, she wasn't as best as they come...
I'd give her a 7 n some, but her personality was second to none
And yet we'd become friends, so I thought I'd maybe try...
Cuz what I saw in her, noone else could with a naked eye
And so the relationship roller coaster ride had begun...
And I didn't care that what her and I had become was surprising to some
I showed her off like any other, everyone could see that it was working...
Did everything in my power to make it seem like she deserved me
She was happy, I was too, said it would be like this to the end...
And even though she made the effort, she didn't fit in with my friends
No big deal, she'd come to my games and support me every night...
I'd see her sittin on the bleachers by herself in the corner with a sign
I mean I liked it but I felt bad, even though it was a pleasure to see...
Couldn't help but feel like she was puttin in more effort that me
We'd go out and it was cool even when she got peeps from the fellas...
She was the one who reached for me, so I had no need to be jealous


I mean she wouldn't wanna go and do some stupid shit...
If I'm the best thing that happened to her, she wouldn't wanna ruin it
At this point, that couldn't stop the way I felt, I loved her...
But in the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder
Girls would come up and flirt, say things, and mess their hair...
But why was it that she'd see it and still not ever care
It seemed like things were different, no more tedious yapping...
We'd sit together and it was obvious that we were clearly unhappy
My boy hit me on the phone, and we hardly ever speak...
Said he saw my girl a crazy drunk at a party with her peeps
I was reluctant but to me, this homie never jived me he was clean...
Guess that bacardi was her key to unlock a side I've never seen
It wasn't that I was against it, but I felt so badly embarrassed...
Cuz it was the morals and values I thought she had that I cherished
At that point, I knew I had to bite my tounge...
For now, because tomorrows conversation would turn into a violent one
Called her out the next day, no way this could all be true...
Oh and let me guess, you cheated on me too
I said it loudly and clear, just to get a rise...
And then my heart sank as she stayed speechless n couldn't look me in the eyes
What was this disguise, was I fooled by fuckin lies?
She buckled and murmered "just a couple times"
My throat closed, couldn't speak, I had given her all of me...
She looked at the floor and offered out a simple apology
It took my all to hold back tears, I stood dead in my place...
But for some reason, I heard myself still begging to stay
I had to grin and bear it, I didn't care if I was looking foolish...
Her only look in my eye came as she said she couldn't do it
So when she broke it off I forced a laugh and shrugged it quick...
But in reality, it took until now for me to come to grips
That wise man's quote finally showed me its worth...
But you can't know of the hurt, until you find out the roles were reversed
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