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Reporting Live From Ringside!!!

The Career-defining Triple Threat Championship Match Up is well under way: Each challenger has brought out everything, except the kitchen sink: The atmosphere is absolutely electric in this arena: You can just sense the animosity at an All Time High: I don't think there has been a battle with this much riding on it in since as far back as I can remember. The historic and the legendary AOWL Art Of Writing League is right in there, in the conversation for the greatest league of all time, bar none. Conceived way-back in 2013. . .when Text Battling was supposedly A Thing Of The Past: Masters of there craft thought otherwise. And ever since then:
All Time Greatness from Boards across the Internet have turned Netcees Topical League into The Institution:
Champions rose to prominence ushering in a new era of Textcee.
A Championship for the ages is upon us:

Pitting an Up And Comer Jobber against a Rising Topical Star vs. A Household Name.
The entire front page of the Discussion Forum is currently highlighting all the furor surrounding this highly anticipated bout:
꧁Which Writer will become Immortalized?
There banner hoisted into the rafters: for generations to come, Like Champions before them?


Season I Champion: dead man [7-3]
Moderator: King Ra (1-8) Split (9-10) King Ra (11-13) Adonis (Playoffs)

Week 1: Vertias (0-0) VS. dead man (0-0) [DEAD MAN WINS, 9-0.]
Week 2: dead man (1-0) VS. Nigma (1-0) [DEAD MAN WINS, 6-0.]
Week 3: dead man (2-0) VS. Pent uP (2-0) [POHFIG WINS, 5-4.]
Week 4 CONTENDER MATCH: Mike Wrecka (2-1) VS. dead man (2-1) [MIKE WRECKA WINS BY NS]
Week 11: Frank (6-2) VS. dead man (2-2) [DEAD MAN WINS, 5-3.]
Week 12 Spotlight Match: IAmBenT (6-2) VS. dead man (3-2) [IAMBENT WINS BY NO SHOW.]
Playoffs Round 1: Patrown/Asylum (4-3) vs. Dead Man (3-3) [dead man wins 6-1]
Playoffs Round 2: Witty (4-6) VS. dead man (4-3) [DEAD MAN WINS, 7-4.]
Semi Finals: Frank (8-5) VS. dead man (5-3) [FRANK DQ FOR ALIAS: RED GLARE.]
AOWL SEASON 1 CHAMPIONSHIP: Soulstice (6-2) VS. dead man (6-3) DEAD MAN CHAMPS SEASON, 7-2

Season 1 Best Record: Zygote (11-2) ✎
Round 2: Zygote (11-2) VS. Red glare (8-4) [RED GLARE WINS, 5-2.]

Championship Verse:

"I never knew you.
but i love you like a faithful apostle
like a recreated clone from data saved in a fossil
gave me a model, gave me a father, gave me a life
from a nether realm, a radiant light. angels at night
kissed apocalypse to make it alright, knowing the truth
was bitter like the moldiest fruit. hold your pursuits
stop the press. it's a mess, Ma was broken in two
Grandma was drunk, sobbing, telling me to hold her vermouth
only a youth, as a kid i didn't grasp what it meant
for my dad to hold his face inside his hands as he wept
lennon-esque spectacles fogged to mask his regret
ran away at 17 years old. then ran into debt
asthmatic camel smoker til he ran out of breath
i only knew the man who tucked me back into bed
never a man in distress. cold, distant, sad & depressed
i still remember the receptionist that sat at her desk
eyes lowered, apathetic to your cancerous death
a damp Floridian morning when we laid Grandpa to rest
i never knew you as a man, more of a presence, a sign
that my dad was not the oldest person ever alive
time passed, and the more i heard my relatives pine
for younger days when Leonard was fine,
the more similarities i found between your habits and mine
interests and compulsions where the patterns align
a doctor in his field of psychiatric design
until an alcohol catalyst spiked a rapid decline
made mortality shine - life is short and family is dear
sunday funeral, the casket veneer, acting sincere
the memories and stories cause a past to appear
but they could never hold a candle up to having you here.

unpacked this afternoon, nearing 2:45
stumbled upon a clip you must've used for your ties
your signature inscribed, cursive, set in a line
like a piece of time & space you left to prove you're alive
i held it and cried, sobbing, though i couldn't say why
it told me write a note to you, wherever you lie
like this little piece of metal has your spirit inside
going blind until i'm looking at the world through your eyes
you told me write a note to you, and leave it unsigned
because we never had a chance to say


Season II Champion: PancakeBrah [10-2]
Moderator: Mike Wrecka (1-2) Certain (3) Mike Wrecka (4-10) Certain (Playoffs)

Week 2 - Pancakebrah (0-0) vs. King Ra (0-0) - KING RA. WINS 5-3
Week 4 - PancakeBrah (0-1) vs. Shogun Dinero (0-0) - PANCAKEBRAH WINS BY NS
Week 5 - PancakeBrah (1-1) vs. breathless (1-2) - PANCAKEBRAH WINS 7-0
Week 6 - Pancakebrah (2-1) vs. NYCSPITZ (2-2) - PANCAKEBRAH WINS BY NO-SHOW
Week 7 - Vulgar (3-1) vs. Pancakebrah (3-1) - PANCAKEBRAH WINS 8-1
WEEK 8 - CONTENDER MATCH - Pancakebrah (4-1) vs. breathless (3-3) - Pancakebrah WINS via DQ
Week 9 - TITLE MATCH - Frank (6-2) vs. Pancakebrah (5-1) - Pancakebrah WINS BY DQ
Week 10 - TITLE MATCH - Pancakebrah (6-1) vs. Vulgar (5-2) - VULGAR WINS BY NO-SHOW
Playoffs Round 1: PancakeBrah (6-2) vs. YDK (3-5) PANCAKEBRAH WINS 6-1
Playoffs Round 2: Mr. J (6-4) vs. PancakeBrah (7-2) PANCAKEBRAH WINS 7-4
Semifinals: Diode (6-0) vs. PancakeBrah (8-2) PANCAKEBRAH WINS VIA NO-SHOW
AOWL SEASON 2 Championship: PancakeBrah (9-2) vs. Frank (9-4) PANCAKEBRAH Champs Season 2, 9-0

Season 2 Best Record: PancakeBrah (10-2) ✎

Championship Verse:

"Mark collected government paychecks, away from the workaday freaks.
$555 a week, enough to pay for WiFi and all the ho-ho’s he could eat.
He hacked for a fee. Went past meta-crypts to steal megabits
and only accepted BitCoin to hide the income from his case specialist.
Known online as ‘Crackpot’, he did well of it. He had e-stacks printed,
enough to buy a black tinted laptop with the slick matte finish.
Cyber sleuth. Had his custom avators and ‘gaia’ troupes on his hard drive
(his had the custom tailored tiger suit). All in all, an odd guy.
As a pastime he’d try to find the ‘truth’ in archives;
like 9/11 clues, hidden apartheids. He’d often laugh at the sheep
from his swivel chair. “I bet you all think you’re actually free,
while the Rothchild illuminati controls every action you see.”
Surfed Being right fueled him in topics and threads,
daily. He had trouble finding news and theories he hadn’t already read
lately. Until he found one post with a thousand replies plus,
written by the handle ‘Knowles’. He read, caught with surprised lust;

“Greetings. I am Reverend Knowles, and above is the tome
of the Church of the Cell. We wish to welcome you home.
You may be skeptical, but this is at the very root of the lives that you drew.
We have over 100 members, keen, with an eye for the truth.
Do you want to know the meaning of life? Contact this line if you do; 1-323-903-6972”

The idea was unique. Plus the subscribers co-signed with his ‘think’.
Mark was behooved to listen. The separatist view aligned with his mission
to prove the populous wrong. He eventually moved and was living
with the topics’ nubile admissions. He read the pamphlets over incense,
as was standard for the 'Imprint.' They rarely saw the prophet Knowles,
and instead recited his objective goals. ‘Reject the common known
paradigm.’ ‘Look towards the salvation.’ ‘You’re a steam of digits, honed.’
‘This is your home.’ and ‘We share the mind.’ The digital text spoke
of an endgame. Mark read every psalm with a confident grin.
Hooked. He’d found all of the win, bypassing the crowd in their din.
Looking forward to the truth, his...

Hair coiffed, angled. Crisp, the smile of a model with hazel eyes,
as he exited his squared off chambers and uncapped bottle of maple rye.
Reverend Knowles. He assumed the pulpit in a heavy set of robes,
took a breath, then let it go.
“Welcome!” to the crowded pews, to each successive row.
“As you know, our very cells hold computerized self-correcting code,
and on our collective road we finally arrive, tonight, at our compression goal.”
He lifts his glass, causing the congregated mass to follow,
each containing maple rye and a dissolvable tab to swallow.
“Drink with me! To rapture! Together, as enlightened, connected souls.”
Mark drank his with a smile. Eyes closed as the concoction hit his teeth.
As the poison made him nod out, right before it’d get to his heart
he was assured of his route, like the dozens by him. And before he’d give to the sleep
he cracked one last smile at all those idiot sheep still living in the dark."


Season III Champion: Certain [9-5]
Moderator: Certain

Week 7: Certain (0-0) vs. rhetoric (0-0) [CERTAIN WINS, 5-3.]
Week 8: Certain (1-0) vs. Witty (1-2) [Double no-show]
Week 9: Certain (1-1) vs. timeless (4-4) [TIMELESS WINS, 5-3.]
Week 10: Smegma (0-1) vs. Certain (1-2) [Certain wins via forfeit]
Week 11: Vividlyvague (6-3) vs. Certain (2-2) [VIVIDLYVAGUE WINS, 5-1.]
Week 12: Certain (2-3) vs. Vulgar (4-3) [VULGAR WINS, 6-0.]
Week 13: Pent uP (1-2) vs. 14. Certain (2-4) Certain wins via no-show
Week 14: Certain (3-4) vs. Mike Wrecka (5-6) Certain wins via no-show
Week 15 Contender Match: cyph her (2-1) vs. Certain (4-4) Certain wins 7-0
Week 16 CHAMPIONSHIP: zygote (12-3) vs. Certain (5-4) [ZYGOTE WINS, 7-1.]
Playoffs Round 1: PancakeBrah (5-4) vs. Certain (5-5) Certain wins via no-sho
Playoffs Round 2: oats (9-3) vs. Certain (6-5) Certain wins 4-3
Semi Finals: King Ra. (9-7) vs. Certain (7-5) [CERTAIN WINS, 5-0.]

Season 3 Best Record: Zygote (13-3) ✎
Never "Signed In" For Playoffs, Was Never Given A Match

Championship Verse:

"Look at the colors. Green means life, I suppose.
The slabs of granite, tight in rows,
show everything we take for granted, quite composed.
In the shot, there's hints of light, exposed,
but the background fades to blur. I'd guess that's wasted Earth.
I'd guess that's space reserved for the plight of those
who indulge in such trite repose, such tasteless work.

Dear "River Acheron" (a name that's probably not what it seems
as my Google search says that's a body of water in Greece),

Fuck you.

If it's not already obvious, please, let me offer you all I can see
in this photographic atrocity, that you signed with a digital flourish:
• I get the limited toning, close in on the pivotal moment.
That's exactly what ever other novice with a DSLR did with their focus.
• I'm seeing the rule of thirds, background divided to balance it out,
yet you've washed away everything in the sky's tint and matted the clouds.
• There's beauty in flowering fauna, the bud's growth to the seed head,
which is why dandelions are the favorite plants of most of the Pre-K.
• And then there's that signature, a brazen credit anointed in scripture,
but why would you put it across the lone focal point of your picture?

See, your composition is poor, subject matter unceasingly trite.
But you've made it big, River! Front page on the Deviant site.
Yes, it's teaming with bright, young, bookish media types
who hope their lame, broke clichés become desktop wallpaper.
Meanwhile, never seeing the light of day, these desperate art majors
slave over true beauty, inscribed in unpublished Descartes papers.
This Internet culture has delineated the path to success
is throwing up whatever you can as fast as you can, prepackaged and sent.
Reprints and Photoshops have won over this pantomime
where genius gets strangled by weeds.

Artistic dandelions."

Season IV Champion: dead man [11-3]
Moderator: Adonis (1) Timeless (2) King Ra. (3) Timeless (4) Adonis (5) King Ra (6-11) Certain (12-Playoffs)

Week 1: dead man (0-0) vs. Rawn MD (0-0) DEADMAN WINS BY NS
Week 2: Certain (1-0) vs. Dead man (1-0) [CERTAIN WINS, 5-0.]
Week 3: dead man (1-1) vs. Innovator (0-2) dead man wins via NS
Week 4: NYCSPITZ (2-1) vs. Dead man (2-1) [NYC WINS, 7-2.]
Week 5: 3PA (2-1) vs. dead man (2-2) [DEAD MAN WINS, 6-3.]
Week 6: timeless (3-2) vs. dead man (3-2) [dead man wins 5-0.]
Week 7 CONTENDER MATCH: Dominate (3-0) vs. dead man (4-2) [DEAD MAN WINS, 7-1.]
Week 8 CHAMPIONSHIP: Certain (7-0) vs. dead man (5-2) [DEAD MAN WINS, 6-1.]
Week 9 CHAMPIONSHIP: dead man (6-2) vs. Zen (3-0) [Zen wins by NS.]
Week 11: Copy Pat (7-3) vs. dead man (6-3) [ dead man wins, 8-0]
Playoffs Round 2: Split 8 (4-1) vs. dead man (8-3) [dead man wins, 4-0]
SEMIFINALS: UnbornBuddha (10-3) vs. dead man (9-3) [DEAD MAN WINS, 4-0.]

Season 4 Best Record: Certain (11-2) ✎
SEMIFINALS: Certain (11-2) vs. NYCSPITZ (9-5) [NYCSPITZ WINS, 5-2]

Championship Verse:

"fade out

and here i am. back to my senses
stovetop benedict and ashes for breakfast
marble credenza, hardwood under carpeted floors
office fluorescent. carving copies til the carbon absorbs
i feel like i was here all night. honest, i swore
to god i woke up bedside at 11:04
to phone alarms and rapping knuckles pounding the door
calling as the raven did, so quoteth Lenore
opened it to emptiness save plaster and mortar
mattresses, apartment building :: caskets and morgue
death has other cousins in a relative form
blinked twice. shook it off. man, this fucking disorder
has me paralyzed. sterilized like needle exchanges
sleep in chains. awaken free of them with ice in my veins
bruises on my collarbone. mysterious pains
recollecting memories like thoughts from a grave
let me stay. perhaps nowadays i'll sleep for a change
wait. that's not right. it's almost sure i've been fading
in and out. without a doubt. seriously. maybe
who knows. leave me alone. i've got nothing to say
nothing to offer. nothing critical and nothing of praise
i'm stuck. recluse afraid of darkness casting a shade
shoulder blade a demon haven. drag me away
woke up bloody yesterday and couldn't explain
why i felt this way. searched for scratches or scrapes
made myself a plate of maple ham and potatoes
sat and concentrated so it wouldn't escape
straining for an image to recapture the frames
like swinging nets at butterflies blindfolded. it fades
gray matter destined for preemptive decay, let me rewind
otherwise it's just a matter of time. my clock is faceless
grandfather towers over with a bend in his spine
crushing us like table grapes when pressure's applied
"NODONTDIE" smeared in soap scum in the mirror beside
a set of vertical lines. tally marks in perfect alignment
stickmen on their sides, unrecognizable signs
collapsed and cried. bit my cheeks into a fleshy disgrace
to stop myself from falling asleep. or staying awake?
one of the 2. i wonder what i wanted to do
before insomnia blues. a carton of reds, a carton of blues
narcotic narcoleptic gnarled like harvested roots
remind me why i'm talking to you? here's the truth
i'm gentle, calculated, anxious, thoughtful, concise
jolting into consciousness caressing a knife
that's all i know. i'm sorry. i've been fading, you said
cliffhanging off the voice in my head
knuckles on my door. open, close, rinse, repent
fade in
and here i am. next to you, while you rest


Season V Champion: UnbornBuddha/Godcomplex [14-5]
Moderator: Split Eight (1-2) Adonis (2-4) Split Eight (4-8) sral (9) Adonis (10) sral (11-12) Adonis (13) sral (14) Adonis (15-Playoffs)

Week 1: Unbornbuddha (0-0) vs. Razah (0-0) [RAZAH WINS, 3-2.]
Week 2: UnbornBuddha (0-1) vs. Tyson (1-0) UNBORNBUDDHA WINS VIA NS
Week 3: UnbornBuddha (1-1) vs. Mr. J (2-0) [Mr. J Wins, 4-1]
Week 4: UnbornBuddha (1-2) vs. Zinaii (0-0) [UNBORNBUDDHA VIA NS]
Week 5 Contender Match: UnbornBuddha (2-2) vs. Asylum (1-2) [GOD COMPLE/UnbornBuddha wins, 4-2]
Week 6 Championship Match: Godcomplex/UnbornBuddha (3-2) vs. Razah (4-1) [GODCOMPLEX WINS, 4-0]
Week 7 Championship Match: God complex (4-2) vs. PancakeBrah (2-1) [UNBORNBUDDHA WINS VIA NS]
Week 8 Championship: God Complex (5-2) vs. YDK 2-1 [YDK WINS, 6-0]
Week 9: Godcomplex (5-3) vs NYCSPITZ (2-0) [GodComplex Wins, 4-0]
Week 10: Godcomplex (6-3) vs Ullr (4-2) [UNBORNBUDDHA WINS, 4-0]
Week 11 CONTENDERSHIP: Razah (6-3) vs Godcomplex (7-3) [GC VIA NS]
SPOTLIGHT BATTLE: Asylum vs Godcomplex - Both Win Via NS
Week 13 Championship: EtH (4-0) vs. Godcomplex (8-3) [ETH WINS 6-1]
Week 14: Frank (3-3) vs. UnbornBuddha (9-4) [UNBORNBUDDHA WINS, VIA DQ.]
Week 15: Godcomplex (10-4) vs. Mr. J (8-4) [UNBORNBUDDHA WINS, 5-0]
Week 16: Godcomplex (11-4) vs. Asylum (4-4) [ASYLUM WINS, 3-0)
Playoffs Round 2: UnbornBuddha (11-5) vs. MMLP (6-2) [UNBORNBUDDHA WINS, 4-1.]
Semi Finals: UnbornBuddha (12-5) vs. Asylum (7-2) [UNBORNBUDDHA WINS, 5-0.]
AOWL SEASON 5 CHAMPIONSHIP: e11even/VividlyVague (7-1) vs. Godcomplex/UnbornBuddha (13-5) UNBORNBUDDHA CHAMPS SEASON 5, 5-0!]

Season 5 Best Record: Nigma (10-2) ✎
Round 2: VividlyVague (5-1) vs. Nigma (10-2) [VIVIDLY VAGUE WINS, 5-0)

Championship Verse:

"Sometimes, I feel like a Homunculus awaiting its soul;
Every neuron perishing as the disease’s stages unfold.
The daunting diagnosis desiccated my goals,
Homeostasis disrupted, as yin and yang separated from whole.
In this progressive atrophy I was fated to know, greatness arose
Greater than any black hole changing space of its course.
I’m a majestic brain in a corpse bestowed a plague at its core;
Hiding in latent form, unraveling at an age I know more.
Genetic warp that forever changed the way I walked.
We’ve evolved, no question, though our daily thoughts
Reveal the apes in our hearts. What we masquerade as is false.
I watch helplessly as my condition takes me apart,
Who said pain doesn’t scar? On the contrary, every ache leaves a mark.
Its how the universe created all its stars that I’m fond of gazing from afar.
Ah! Forget everything, as the hydrogen flames light up the dark nebula,
Compared to it ALS seems like the tiniest cataracts in God’s retinas.
The destruction of my muscular structure furthered my evolution.
But, I don’t suffer the illusion that bodily comfort isn’t in movement.

Weakened, I communicated with basic words
And I was subtly understood like an angel’s verse.
But, then I couldn’t breathe, suddenly inhaling hurt
A surgical incision was then cut deeply into my throat.
I lived,
But couldn’t speak anymore; I was living without a soul.
Nobody could listen to the profundity of my thoughts;
Thinking became a redundancy I once loved.

Man has traveled incomprehensible distances,
Infinitesimal primitives transcending our instruments;
This simian form paved entire empires with incredible impetus.
So, it’s nonsensical insolence to watch our medical ignorance.
The tainted consciousness of a helpless theoretical physicist
For not one treatment exists for my congenital carcinogen.
Musculoskeletal malignancy,
Has me contemplating my body—questioning its validity.
But, then a friend reached out & gave me an exotic voice
What most would deem robotic noise became my compass.
Once again I could look at the cosmic void in neurotic joy
And state my assumptions from a place of context.
Though, wheelchair bound, I enslaved a goddess
And made loneliness for cripples an outdated concept.
Our brains never sleep and process data constantly;
Energy our heart would rather waste on sovereignty,
Autonomy from bodily anomalies, anatomical atrocity.
The omnipresence of a universal cosmological agony
Means it’s a natural to exhibit rare neurological pathology.
To reckon with this dichotomous galaxy,
I’ve had to transmute my soul’s hypothesis via alchemy
Reconfiguring my sanity by tweaking my cognizant reality,
The socially agreed upon subconscious fantasy.
Where we come from is an ontological fallacy
Where we’re going is more important tangibly.
Look at me, I should be dead, I’m a biological analogy
Symbolizing a sick man’s winning strategy against an impossible malady.

“Mr. Hawking, you truly are a miraculous story”
Au contraire, it only seems that way
—When shrouded in pusillanimous worry.
Recalcitrance is but a shade of an entire mental realm.
An overwhelming oblivion, if you yourself are compelled
To never escape your former semblance of self, a mere sensual shell.
Yet, how could you never having went through a sense of hell?
I shall expunge all doubt now. (Everyone in the audience gasps)
As professor Hawking gets up from his wheelchair, making a stance.
Though miraculous, his withered form makes his act of radiance look sad.
Suddenly, no one pities the non-cripple, and begin to parade him and laugh.
The gap that existed between mind and soul starts separating at last."

Season VI Champion: Frank [11-5]
Moderator: Patrown/Asylum (1-8) Adonis (9) Asylum (10) Adonis (11-13) Asylum (14) Adonis (Round 1) Asylum (Semi Finals-Championship)

Week 1: Asylum (0-0) vs. Frank (0-0) [FRANK WINS, 7-0.]
Week 2: Frank (1-0) vs. Mr. J (1-0) [FRANK WINS, 8-0.]
Week 3: Frank (2-0) vs. Timeless (2-0) [FRANK WINS, 6-0.]
Week 4: Maximus (1-0) & Echo (1-0) vs. Frank (3-0) & MMLP (2-0) (FRANK & MMLP WIN BY NOSHOW)
Week 5: Frank (4-0) vs. Razah (3-1) [FRANK WINS, 7-0.]
Week 6: Adonis (0-2) vs. Frank (5-0) (ADONIS WINS BY NOSHOW)
Week 7 Contendership Match: Frank (5-1) vs. 2tripple0 (3-2) (FRANK WINS 11-1)
Week 8 CHAMPIONSHIP: Frank (6-1) vs Timeless (5-1) [TIMELESS WINS, 7-1.]
Week 9: Breathless (3-3) vs. Frank (6-2) [BREATHLESS WINS, 5-1.]
Week 10: Timeless (6-2) vs. Frank (6-3) [TIMELESS WINS, 5-0.]
Week 11: Frank (6-4) vs. Mr. J (6-4) [FRANK WINS, 2-1.]
Week 12 Contenders: Frank (7-4) vs. Innovator (4-4) [Frank Wins Via No Show]
Week 13 Championship: Artifice (8-1) vs. Frank (8-4) [Artifice Wins via No Show]
Week 14: Echo (2-2) vs Frank (8-5) [Frank Wins Via No Show]
Playoffs Round 1: Frank (8-5) vs. Razah (6-5) [FRANK WINS, 5-0.]
Semi Finals: Artifice (11-2) vs. Frank (9-5) [FRANK WINS, 2-1.]
AOWL SEASON 6 CHAMPIONSHIP: UnbornBuddha/Godcomplex (7-3) vs. Frank (10-5) FRANK CHAMPS SEASON 6, 7-2!]

Season 6 Best Record: Artifice (11-2) ✎
Semi Finals: Artifice (11-2) vs. Frank (9-5) [FRANK WINS, 2-1.]

Championship Verse:

"Keplar-452b spirals into the spacious galaxy - leaving behind a streak mesmerized and emblazoned
The crystalline titanium spaceship glided in with weightlessness, with hybrid agents. Just miles away from the divine gate of heavens highest haven' mystifying and sacred
The violet horizon vibrantly fades in, volatile vibration - dissapearing into a black hole, with violent gyrations
Tyrant invasions: An entire empire reliantly waiting on her commands, as she defiantly dictates, realigning her bracelets
The abducted human beings look on, defiled and complacent in observatory chambers: lime lighted encasements
Direly gazing out of the liquidized dye, tied in chains, nullified brains, wiped of retainment
Dissectingly strange, all of their desirable traits, indentifiably erased with a white, blinding, blanking: neuralyzing device of deprivation -
Sights set on the guy with humaneness: an enslaved patriot' striped in salvation, in the prime of his creation,
Renegade, she violently rapes him, occupying his space - climbing into his chamber, her thighs slimed, and grinding abrasive
Trying to save her race - the insemination intensified as she faked it - her Alien boyfriend looked on mortified and ashamed
"This is enough!" He politely proclaimed' his voice amplifying with enragement, as she rides his waist with multiplying elations...
Unsatisfied, frustrated, winding her hips, the spaceship wildly shakes, she whines untamed from gratifying fornication
"Dear, your enjoyment of this human interaction isn't too my liking" Evading him, she climaxed, electrified with sensations
The pressure alkalized as the human realized and awakened: she smiled into his face, surprisingly taken
by this human beings drive - gravitating towards his aura: enshrined in its radiance - she exuded delightment
Unappreciated - ramified with accusations, she denied embracing the human being with any true feelings, lying fragrant- falsifying her statements
Lying naked, beautifying her glaze: eyeliner drying after crying from blame, she reapplied the foundation
Nails stained - exhaling on her pink fingertips, the fragrance permeated the spaceship, indescribable, intoxicating,
The Alien thinks quietly in isolation: justifying his retaliation, a horrifying castration, rectifying the situation facing unobliging betrayment
His pride berating him: a strong distaste, vile salivating of a dying estrangement.
Alienation, pacing the spaceship- accelerating at stupefying rates through unsolidified decaying
The make-up, patted dry, she decorated her face, masquerading, hypnotized, impregnated
Humming a lullaby to her baby: purifying, penetrative, pacifying resonation
Gentrifying the nation, crucified for associating with the human, she is villainized for the ages
Magnified for her grace, glorified for her shape, exemplifying, a maiden
Her lipstick styling saying "I don't mind your acquaintance" bottle of wine at my place
Her erogenous zone shines from abstaining - glowing, deviating, from her boyfriends spying station
Unapologizingly playing him, sighting an ultimatum, not to engage with human kind of any kind on the crusades
Her black hole pried and gaped in cyber space, the universes Valentine
You stank b**** everything we ever had you violated and tainted, your ad in the classifieds for riding the spaceship
Becoming violently jaded, a lone firefly, excited, unscathed in a new environment
Celebrating your liberation in this final portrayment, close your eyes on the hiatus
Showing you her true colors: don't try to repaint them"

Season VII/VIII Champion: N/A Site Crash. Season Voided

Season IX Champion: Brokenhal0 [6-2]
Moderator: Adverse

AOWL SEASON 9 CHAMPIONSHIP: brokenhal0 (5-2) vs. Symetrik (0-1) BROKENHALO CHAMPS SEASON 9, 3-0!]

Season 9 Best Record: Diablo (7-0) ✎
Forfeited Round 2
Championship Verse:

"I water my tree with a pail that never empty's
herd's of goats defend me,deers eat the berries,
spread seeds, so the fruits can grow plenty
strangling deadly weeds , blossoms blooming heavy

Leaf by Leaf, I manufacture homes for squirrels to sleep in
provide shade cause my shadow gets deepen
I ain't no great gardener,balsam fern follows trails to golgotha
the frankincense ignites a candelabra with a vital pulse

My branches got scorched by numerous lighting bolts
aphid's have orgy's inside the mulch , fibrous oak
woodpeckers carve the codes grotto homes in old forest growth
as bushes burn for wisemen , kush calms the hyper soul

Honey combs,muddy clothes,my buddy hopes to die
burberry noose, he tried , to climb with every shoe that he tied
the day we found him dead,the knot was very loose and dry

Tied up to these functions , hot air balloons get depressurized
another caveman eating grubs out the decaying desert pine
using a arrow head like a banger knife wearing festive nikes
the cherry blossoms smell like cotton candy and lemon rice
little dude set you're intentions right
or learn ya lessons for the rest of life

Bboy with the rain dance,dry days span longer in this wasteland
Another knuckle-dragger space cadet
standing naked near a screen door in tampa, waist deep in the pits
found greater payback climbing trees where serpents slip

Little Timothy rather gamble with gravity, his god was a Fascist
adorned his crown of thorns, like a impalas antlers
mystery notes tied to olive branches , these doors lead to nowhere
and you ain't got no chances

And yet you dare to try me,you'll be swashbuckling with pirate zombies
weeping over spilled milk he ran back home and cried to mommy
a seed modeled after a fools likeness , rational minded , quercus ilex
when the ibex hide from nairobi nightmares im out poaching lions

Eden is thriving they don't believe in violence standing in eves shadow
beanstalk man who crunches marrow trees of death cant touch the tarot
the pail contains blood not the wells cider wild satire
on the farm we used iboga bark for the bonfire
carving lover's hearts on sycamores in south carolina

The day it snowed wingless angels gathered under weeping willows
squealing like crows when halos are lost among the shadows breach
celestial ground is found broken like a bottle on a shallow beach
exposing a bottomless depth abyss falls as I gather speed
A small piece of your soul that's left immersed in fractal sheets
will attach to a rope as the doorways open to factual peace

These pecans taste sweet as the night breathes
opium grows among the camphor trees
the illuminated brethren showcasing agony's

Held within this welded sphere , to sacrifice a binding tide
rolling down a hill of tears , a pail full of vanquished pride
sequoias grow for a million years , looking for a brighter sky
into the wood chipper you go , tell us why ?! a thousand goodbyes

With one drop of water Timothy disappeared
The ground was cleared inhale the damp evening air
There's no need for fear another hangmans noose swinging bare
tied to it was a empty watering pot and a lock of hair.....The shade"

Season X Champion: Frank [11-4]
Moderator: Adverse

Week 5: Cereal_Killa (0-4) vs. Frank (0-0) [FRANK WINS, 5-1.]
Week 5: Adonis (2-2) vs. Frank (1-0) [FRANK WINS, 4-0.]
Week 7 CONTENDER MATCH: Frank (2-0) vs. NYCSPITZ (2-0) [NYCSPITZ WINS, 3-2.]
Week 8: Frank (2-1) vs Master Rock (4-3) [Frank Wins, 3-0.]
Week 9 CONTENDER MATCH: brokenhal0 (4-3) vs. Frank (3-1) [FRANK WINS, 3-1.]
Week 10 CHAMPIONSHIP: Frank (4-1) vs. Eviction (7-1) [FRANK WINS, 5-0.]
Week 11 CHAMPIONSHIP: Frank (5-1) vs. Mike Wrecka (3-1) [FRANK WINS, 3-1.]
Week 12 CHAMPIONSHIP: Frank (6-1) vs. dead man (1-0) [DEAD MAN WINS, 5-1.]
Week 13: Soule (0-1) vs. Frank (6-2) vs. dead man (2-0) [FRANK WINS, 4-2-0.]
Week 14 CONTENDER MATCH: Frank (7-2) vs. brokenhal0 (7-5) [FRANK WINS, 4-0.]
Week 15 CHAMPIONSHIP: NYCSPITZ (8-2) vs. Frank (8-2) [NYCSPITZ WINS, 3-2.]
Week 16: Frank (8-3) vs. dead man (4-1) [DOUBLE NO SHOW]
Round 1: Frank (8-4) vs. brokenhal0 (7-7) [FRANK WINS, 3-0.]
Semi Finals: Eviction (11-4) vs. Frank (9-4) [FRANK WINS, 4-0.]

Season 10 Best Record: Eviction (11-4) ✎
Semi Finals: Eviction (11-4) vs. Frank (9-4) [FRANK WINS, 4-0.]

Championship Verse:

"The Wind And The Sun went . . . head to head in a war: they couldn’t settle the score, without the help from their lord.
The two competitively fought, according to the testaments lore. They asked the Universe, for its advice: for its nonjudgmental support.
According to legend, sorcerers and speculative reports: The Sun And The Wind were friendly before their detestment abhorred
The Messenger recalled "The Sun And The Wind's argumentative rapport!" How they spent their energy quarreling, like a magnetic storm
The Sun attempted to ignore the Winds torrential retort! The Wind told the Sun: "Your powers are mediocre in this realm of yore!"
As the Winds got suspenseful and sought to put an end to their vendetta for all of eternity and forever more!
The Wind told the Sun:

"Whoever can get the shawl off of that bow-legged tourist—will be very victorious, for centuries forth."

“Rest assure, whoever can get it off will be regarded as The God of the Spectrum Board!”

The Wind And The Sun agreed to the celestial sport and began to manifest across the horizon like the Pegasus Horse
The Sun let the Wind set it off: The Wind blew until the tree bended and torqued and the leaves fell off and sequestered the fort
The Wind upsettingly roared as the adventurer steadily explored: holding, his coat, tight, against, his trembling arms, trying to get himself warm...
The Wind got venomous and strong and almost blew him off of his destiny's course with a menacing swarm, every step, was met, with the wind leveled and warped!
The Wind inhaled and exhaled frost—as the adventurer thought: How strange the weather is in the Western Hemispheres North¡¡
Wretched and raw: The Legend looked disheveled and distraught, as the winds picked up speeds, like heliports, propelling him forth:
The man looked to the heavens, for an answer
The Universe questioned his resolve and thought that he was better off pushing forward through the senselessness of the storm
Congested and hoarse: The Wind developed a sore-hacking-cough, trying to get the jacket off: from all the effort involved.
The more the Wind blew...the tighter the man held to the shawl, wrapping it, around, his chest, as the wind looked breathless/unsure ¡¡
“I’ve given it my best effort.”
Said The Wind: Blue in its face with its oxygen level restored. Catching its breath, as The Adventurer ventured forward with his septor and sword
The Wind accepted the loss: The Sun told the Wind “To Watch” and warmed up the adventurer with a benevolence source
Out of breath
The Wind watched as The Suns temperatures soared: as The Legend tore off his leather shawl, wiping the sweat from his pores: and rested on the X of the shore
The Sun had used its leverage to charm the adventurer... to see just who really was the Super Power of the Nebular Courts
The Wind had guessed wrong, but it never thought it would be a breeze: as the adventurer went for the oars
The Wind gave the boat a push: as The Sun settled—adorned.

Gentle persuasion is, sometimes, more effective than force

Season XI Champion:

Moderator: Frank

. . .Baron Mynd, through out the decades, you've been in some prime time match-up's. Take us back, if you will: through your illustrious text career and tell us:
Where does this one rank all time for you?

"I think you’ve asked me something similar previously actually, but I honestly don’t tend to think of them in this way at all to be real. When you’re talking a longevity of “decades”, that’s a huge body of work - across multiple websites, different leagues and tournaments etc… You simply couldn’t achieve that without being highly self-motivated, and to not only get into that higher echelon, but to want to remain there for such a long period. I’ve always said that the best indicator of a champion for me isn’t so much them winning a title, but those that defended it time and time again after doing so. Getting to the apex is the relatively easy part, we’ve seen countless ‘champions’ in that sense, but you tend to find once they’ve become the champion they feel like they’ve achieved what they set out to - plus everyone else involved then has their own eyes on the prize, they want what you have, they want to beat you to become champion themselves - so the heads that manage to defend that, week after week, against the hungriest competition in the league - those are the ones I really tend to appreciate the most. You’re only ever as good as your last verse. It’s difficult for me to compare today to, let’s say, the RSTL because I was still young and inexperienced and “finding” who I was as a writer. The competition was fierce, I was a child back then, I was trying different things and I could tell a story but I didn’t really tend to incorporate as much from a technical standpoint early on, then I went away and adapted what I was doing slightly, came back for another run, yet my style has changed so much since then - I’ve honed and refined it, and you really do have to constantly develop and try new things if you want to stay ahead of the game. Styles become dated, preferences change, we mature as writers and move forward. If I can come back to your initial question without going on a tangent here, the most important match for me will always be the one I’m currently involved in. I don’t tend to look back on what I did then because it’s not relevant in the here and now, there’s plenty of time to reflect on those once I’m done for good. For now, I’m entirely focused on what I have to do, my verse is already over halfway complete and I’m not here to play. This isn’t about the opponent, this is about me writing to the best of my ability, and that should be their priority too. I don’t rank any match above the one I’m currently involved in in terms of importance, it’s irrelevant to me in the grander scheme of things."

. . .As someone who is considered somewhat of a Textcee Historian: What are just some of your more nostalgic flashback memories of the Topical Circuit. . . For example, one of mine was reaching out to the then Tha Talent (@Certain) on, around the first season of AOWL and telling him all about Netcees, through Private Messenger, and confiding in my Mentor about my feat of making The Finals with Red glare and Myself. The message sat unread, until one day I got this message on Netcees from someone named "Certain." I didn't know who he was. All I know is that we were about battle one another in Round 2 of Season 2 (he was also running the league now.) I'll never forget it, it said "I know you. You know me. I'll reveal past names eventually, probably after the playoffs." It was a surreal moment when I found out his true identity. Here is the message I posted on RM in 2013 and his response:

i.E: "We meet again. It's closing in on a decade, I believe since we last spoke. I don't even know what to say to be honest. You reached staggering heights. I am so proud of you. You ain't the newbie from d12world no more. You full filled your destiny kid. It's i.E. I go by Frank now. I came back and champed the topical league at It ended up crashing and every body went to this new site - It's a few months old but the league is one of the most talented I've ever been in. I just beat your boy @Pent uP. I always knew I could beat that dude. I'm currently battling my Alias ''Red glare'' in the championship - it's week 7. I'm 10-2 combined. I'M BATTLING MY ALIAS. Don't know if that's been done before. You the only one who knows. You and whoever else reads this shit. Yo.......... God bless you my brother. I owe you an unrepayable fee. Thank you for everything."

Certain: "I just logged back into RapMusic for the first time in a long time. This is awesome. Why the silence?"

The rest is history. Certain went on to run a number of highly successful topical leagues and well, I went on to become the winningest Textcee in Netcees topical history. If only he could see me now:

So, Baron, Which Textcee would be proudest to have witnessed just how far you've come today?

"Nostalgia wise I’m sure something like the Keg Party crew battles that went down on RapMusic would be up there - It was a different timeline entirely and in a sense you really had to be “at” RM to understand how deep the league was stacked with talent at that time. I remember a lot, being around to see Richard Corey and Tali Rodriquez active was super dope. The old R.H.Y.M.E league was dope at ProjectRhyme. There was a crazy topical tourney happen over at the board Jonathan Mercy / Three-Planes-Aligned was from, it was a foreign hip hop forum but with some talent, and for whatever reason we all got invited there for some invitational tourney and it was like a best of the best type thing that went down. Dope for sure, and almost never seen through to completion - but that one was. Fantastic to see go down.

I’m not entirely sure anyone would be especially proud of me still writing or winning stuff, some of the early guys in Order Of The Shadow may be surprised - in fact you know who I’ll pick right here? My guy Iglos. I knew of him from way back when, I was a little 11-12 year old kid not knowing how to write for shit who had all the time in the world to type something, and he was somewhat dope to me even back then - always had a clean flow to his verses that I fucked with, and I would just badger him to collab with me, I would be writing multiple verses every day and he was polite enough to always just send something back or send me something he wrote to see if I wanted to jump on it with him - he came back for a short time actually and we did a collab with another old forum head while we were all around, but I think for Iglos to have known what I started out with, to what I’m capable of now, I think he would enjoy seeing that transition a lot. I actually have him added on Facebook somewhere too, shout outs to him man. Huge respect."

. . .You are truly a Tour De Force of these forums. . .We can always count on Baron Mynd for his accurate Top 10 Topical List:
It's been a while since you've done this. But, excluding yourself, please give us Diablo's Top 10 All Time List:

"Jesus. Top ten all time is decidedly harder to put together when you’ve been around so long and so many forums haha! At the end of the day it’s subjective and can be rotated depending on preferences. I think longevity also plays a higher factor in my own personal standings than most, but I’ve never been one to take the easy way out though, so here is a list at least for you to (dis)agree with as you see fit:

Tali Rodriguez
Vern Acular
@Pent uP
@dead man

You can interchange them wherever you feel the need, it really makes no difference to me, on their day they’re all capable of beating one another. Such are the fine margins at their end level boss stage - plenty more I could easily reel off that come to mind alongside those as I’m a huge fan of @NYCSPITZ and @Eng also, @Pinot Grij for sure, @Atheist. Heck, throw Frank in for good measure there or there about."

. . .That's some list! Your Alias Game also deserves an honorable mention while we're at it. Theoretically speaking, if you were in fact victorious in this contest. Realistically just whom would claim the title? sraL??? Lars??? Clutterbuck??? Brian Byran???? Baron Mynd??? Dank???? Diablo??

"I think it’s Diablo named in the thread title, right? Let him have it. It’s not like it really matters a great deal or anything who claims it. It’s merely a vehicle to get to the end destination in the grander scheme of things. I tend to not place such an importance on the mode of transport so much as the journey and destination. It’s been almost twelve months of competition to get to this point, I think the league started week 1 during November 2022 and were now at the end of October (as of answering this) with the deadline for verses still some days away. It will literally be a calendar year or there about of competition before this is resolved, that’s a long period of activity for anyone. Quite possibly the longest ever season of the AOWL!"

Baron. . .Currently you've 22 victories and 0 loses throughout your AOWL Career. Another victory would place you 9th All Time tied up with the Dead Man. Over the span of your Topical Career, dating back across multiple websites, what would you gather your all time record as?

"I typed a lengthy response to this one but it appears to have been lost i. Transit somehow. Let’s see what I can retype from memory:

I went 22-0 at RapBattles in their Sacred Scriptures league. I went at least 100 wins and 10 championships in the RSTL to tie with VernAcular’s record. I’ve put up a list of 50 websites I’ve champed previously, if we work to a conservative estimate of at least four weeks/showings/wins minimum to get to and win a championship match, that’s at least 200 wins you’re talking. So let’s call it 322 wins or there about (without even taking into account that some were champed multiple times and/or tourneys.) I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to assume I have would have done at least half that again given my longevity, so let’s call it around 500 wins. Lord knows how many losses in all honesty, I don’t tend to keep count, but know that there are very few who have a win over me I haven’t also beaten over time. You’ve seen the threads here over the years calling people out, even if you said 25% of that number were losses it would probably be a lot higher than the reality but still pretty quite impressive IMO. The records and percentages themselves aren’t of particular interest to me, I’ve mentioned previously how I place more importance on A) Not only champing, but defending the title for as long as possible after champing B) Longevity in whatever area someone excels at and C) Being able to do both across multiple different forums, leagues, tourneys etc. Those are the categories I particularly place an importance on when naming people on an “All time” great list. There are many that write, and to a high standard, but very few with the will to win that are successful in staying at the top, proving themselves time and time again, across multiple leagues, tournaments and websites… Those guys to me are completely different beasts. The cream of the crop. The best to do it."

Master Rock. Quick question: Master Rock, quick question. . . Without a doubt, by and large, is this not your biggest battle, of your Textcee Career?

I would say so! A three way battle bro!!! That is something spiritual! I battled Universe and Diablo before but never together so this is quite exciting. I assumed that my nemesis (Diablo) and I would battle into eternity but throwing a wrench into the mix better known as Universe is a pleasance surprise. Let's go!!!

What's Master Rocks motivation at this point? Is it the bragging writes? Or is it the money?

I simply write just to write. If I don't create, I get anxiety as though something is missing. As an artist this is my release. I need to produce, so just know that my work is never done.

You mentioned Diablo as being a nemesis of yours. How did your beef with him begin?

Diablo and I began our rivalry back when I began to champ the Netcees writers league. I began doing topical and he was harassing me constantly being a troll. He tried to get to fold but I did not fall for his BS. I saw through his tactics. I wasn't there to play games just write.

What would you do with the money if you won?

f I won the money... I am not really sure. I guess I will take my family out to dinner at the steakhouse.

O.K...O.K. Let's attempt to get a few questions in, with some of the boys in the back:
Soule. . .Soule! You've been in some big time match ups before on your board: Tell us! Has there ever been a Topical Battles with as much anticipation than what we we are about to witness, as this one?

I've faced the best of the best and I've beaten most of them but I gotta admit, universe vs Diablo with Master Rock too? Sounds like one hell of a iron man match.

. . .Absolutely! You're a well-versed Topicalist, yourself: Give the fans a detailed rundown on how Soule would approach the topic, if he were in the mix?

Well, anybody who knows my writing knows I always go the story/narrative route. There's lots of options with "The Hunt". From a wolverine, sabertooth or kraven angle. To a man hunting the lion or bear that killed his family. To hunting the demons within and trying to kill addiction or guilt. The possibilities are very broad and I think it was a great topic for the finale. I believe everyone involved with come at it from a different angle. Definitely gonna be interesting.

. . .Most definitely: Just how does one determine a winner in a triple threat match? Give the contestants some insight into how you plan on voting on this match. . .

Well luckily topical triple threats are a lot easier than text haha. You don't have to diss two different people, you just gotta write a better piece than two other writers. When it comes to voting, you give each respective piece feedback. Point out the pros and cons. Some people like to rank categories like imagery, wording, emotion, story, originality, creativity etc. Some don't and that's okay too. After you give feedback for each piece, you explain where you thought one piece did better than the other two. For example...

Franks piece really moved me while universe and Diablo were dope too but just didn't match his imagery and emotion. I feel he told the better story here and he gets my vote.

. . .Sounds to me like you're already speculating that, Master Rock, doesn't have a chance in hell, here, does he? In all seriousness: in these Modern Day David & Goliath type of match-ups: What does it take for an Underdog, like Master Rock, to come out on top victorious, here?

If he wants to stand a chance, in your eyes?

I think Master Rock is a great writer and has proven himself before but to beat Universe or Diablo, he's gonna have to make sure his verse is near perfect. Granted. Diablo and Universe have proven before if they aren't 110% into it, whether life is too busy or writers block, they can drop a faulty verse too. But to be safe, Rock is gonna wanna take advantage of the max lines allowed and really capitalize on either a dope story or a super technical piece. I've voted against Universe and Diablo before so it's not impossible. But it's definitely a challenge. Rock is going against two of the best to ever write and if he can pull it off, it'll be something we all remember.

What do you remember about the Canadian Montreal Screw Job?

It was the first time wrestling looked real.

On the real! Did you really just glance over Universes Username just like that in the Title Match?

I did hahaha I was super confused when he posted in there. Glad to see him battling though. Adds extra depth to the battle I think.

here is rumors going around the back already about Season 12. Give us your thoughts on that: Have you heard the rumors?

I have not heard anything but if there's a 12th season I'm definitely interested in competing.

. . .You could Bet on it! Speaking of bets: Soul, you've wagered 50 smackaroos on the winner, of this classic in the making.... What were you thinking?

I was thinking it's gonna be a battle worth paying for and odd numbers make my eye twitch so when I saw $250, I couldn't help but fill in the gap.

Guess that's why its called pay-per-view!

@Certain @UnbornBuddha @Vulgar @PancakeBrah @veritas @RichardCorey @White Earl @Zen @Wise Wiggles @big baby @Mr. J @Eŋg @Hush @Ghost1 @zygote @dull boy @CopyPat @2tripple0 @Witty @Split Eight @Pinot Grij @Just Write @Cimmerian @JESODIST @Nigma @Soulstice @ill nik-A @Eviscerate @Mercy @Rawn MD @Fig @patrown @breathless @Dove Dozer @IamBenT @ThisisDAM @Atheist @Diode @dyedinthewool @Three-Planes-Aligned @King Ra. @Orc @Cashius @Darth Yoda @namix @TYSON @Bodey @Artifice @~RustyGunZ~ @Objective @Nigma @Sinacog @ACTIVATE SELF @Concrete @Answer @asylum @YDK @Spoken @Tha Pastor Reach Yeah @Soule @Urban Dialect @Aesthetic @Alice @White LGI @Pakistani Hand Cannon @sacrifice @Chyeahhh!!! @Shredder @john hensley @Etherwave@uh-oh @Johnny 6 feet @Headless Verseman @Joko @EtH @Atheist @Johnathon Mercy @PiE @Seyance @Maximus @Sn00p @Ullr @Strikta @Sharp @Aero @kungfugrip @R!canTheoryz @Fracture @Clout @i single @UserName @Barcotic @Bobby D @Camp Bell @Coup @Darker Ego @Immolate @High Voltage @ribbit @david stern razor burns @Mike Wrecka @Exoduzt @Angkor @rakontur @Bladed Thesis @EtH @Cormier @fraze @Argh @The Law @Razah @Exis @Maximus @Flow@detour @trajik @trap @WZA @Scripter @Vinzr @Answer @Anjahl @Clayray @Defiant @Echo @Profit @Greed @corleone @Que @Mike Wrecka @Saint @Universe @Dominate @Quil @dead man @Zuo @Blue Bayou @Cereal @dead man @NYCSPITZ @Adverse @Dope girl @symetrik @brokenhal0 @Scar @Bladed Thesis @Civil Rawr xD @Master Rock @ZeeDee @Scar

(mic drop)

*Stares into the camera as drool stains my leotard*

Mistakes were made. It's been almost a decade and I've done a lot since then.


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Dope. That's a finals mag.
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Yooooo those were former champ verses take me back, Certain’s from season 3 was dope but both those from Deadman are fire too - loved that one about his grandfather. Raw.
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really cool read frankie
I remember the poplar trees
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Good battle, guys. Much respect. @Universe @Master Rock
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