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Default War

Chapter One
The Morning.

As the alarm sounds, my pains throb, muscle spasms turn my brain raw,
today, we launch for the space station, out the door by 0600 for take off.
The other marines pretend to be ruthless killers but it's not hard to see,
their scared and rightfully, we're headed to the vacuum for war, not peace.
We tighten our armor, check for holes, strap the belts and ready our souls,
"Well, marines, who's prepared to find our species a brand new home!?"
You see, there's a planet just beyond a black hole that's habitable but taken,
so we've been ordered to conquer and take it, by genocide or enslavement.
If we die, we'll be heroes, forgotten in time as the Earth crumbles away,
so we must not fumble today as mankind depends on our struggle to claim.
"5...4..." I mumble and pray, sweat dripping down my muscles and face,
"3...2..." we hustle to space, engines igniting the fires of trouble and faith.
As the temperature slowly declined, the hole creeped into view,
like a road with different hues, an iridescence of greens and blues.
I clinged to my seat, fingers wrapped around leather as gravity would,
we were inhaled by the worm and rapidly pulled.
And it all went dark... as a tragedy should...

Chapter two
The Catastrophe.

We came out the other side but our systems were fried, unable to pilot the ship,
in best case, we happen to drift towards the station or hopefully the planet.
We've enough food for a couple months so precautions were considered,
but any hope had withered when we witnessed what luck would be delivered.
A large ship approached ours, with guns the size of our vessel,
it wasn't built by any material I recognized, definitely alien metals.
A tractor beam of some sort pulled us into the machines abyss,
and there we seen the sick, twisted reality of our enemy's intent.
People being farmed, looks like doctors and scientists,
strapped to walls with tubes down their throats, I offered a silent cringe.
Followed by a violent itch, we ready our rifles and open the door,
"Jonesy, cover our six!" as we tip toe through unknown recourse.
Ready to show no remorse, we stumble across an alien corpse,
with "traitor" carved into it's flesh in a language translation almost ignored.
Part man, part fish, it's anatomy completely deformed,
something we could only describe as being an animorph.
We managed to move forward and that's when we found their colony,
millions of aliens working in perfect harmony...
when the alarm went off, we knew we were concluding this odyssey.

Chapter three
The battle.

Running back to our ship, the stampede behind us tightened our grips,
jonesy tripped over debris and was ripped apart by the violent mutants.
Our bullets pierced their bodies but never slowed their approach,
claws tearing through the floor with screams of incomparable notes.
The lieutenant spun around and dropped his grenade belt, ready to go,
hit the button and the blast door closed, "Semper Fi!" as he explodes.
Three Marines left, the ship nearly within reach but the horde caught up,
unscathed by the sacrifice, poisoned thorns from their spines almost shot us.
Our pilot pulled out his pistol and tried to slow them down,
but received a hundred razor sharp teeth... is this hopeless now?
Back to back, we used our machetes to try and fillet the newts,
when the horde stopped, staring at us as if to appreciate their food.
They opened a gap and that's when we seen what must've been their king,
golden scales, his sword burning bright with a stars energy.
"Fisht...demps...region?" our translator reads "are you warriors?"
Dempsey looks at me for a response but in awe I simply nod.
Before we could move, he rips through Dempsey's suit,
the blood spray so black you'd think Dempsey was a newt.
I grip my blade and prepare a defensive posture,
and begin to pray as I hope to repent this monster.
I noticed his gills flare open and so I swipe, next thing I know he's to my right,
the army of newts paralyzed by what unfolded before their eyes.
his sword at my feet, claws still wrapped below the hilt,
their king drops to his knees, blood filling inside his gills.
He falls to his death, followed by the rest kneeling in sync,

"Thisht...Sproon...Oerta!" They sing...

My translator repeats "Our new King!"
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I real love the Sci fi theme. I love Sci fi. And the story was very engaging. I only can complain about the fluidity in a few places. Like the first few lines of each chapter. Although, they pick up as you gain momentum toward the middle of each. Quite creative and unique.
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