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Bobby D
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Originally Posted by evaD View Post
I’m a mainstay in finals;
your only Maine stay was an Airbnb and you had to share a bed
Cus you had more random dudes checking in that night than in this very thread
I don’t even know why you’re here. You and des were tied up
Last time that happened was in User’s basement and you were just hoping you might fuck
All those left field wack ass concepts. Ur enough to make this final go on unread
Cus INF was going off on tangents way before he worked at solar sun-beds
I’m Surgical with letters bro - you can’t handle when the pressure grows
Cold steel to docs chest and you can hear his heart without a stethoscope
I saw your pic when you were Kyo and I’m not falling for it, cunt
Yeah I’ve heard of LGBTQ, but you can’t be all of them at once
There’s some symmetry between us.. two things we have and hold tight:
My set of weapons and your sexual preference cus they’re both ‘bat on both sides’
Love the sean lock joke ref the lgbtq line lol

Good verse man
Lirerally makes me uneasy having barons pic there plus can't stoop as low as he is right now. Lmao
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