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Default Cronus

After controversy at another site that tainted his name, Barcotic decided to come to Netcees under a new name, Cronus. He quickly moved up the ranks as he dominated leagues, tournaments and the battle arena. He ended up being recruited to one of the top crews known as "Clash" shortly after his arrival. If Clash had known who his alias was, he would have never been let in since he had a problem with a couple of members in the crew, who would publicly refer to him as whack on top of other degrading things. Clash was a crew filled with Hall of Famers (Alien, Calefaction and Hush). They must have saw the Hall of Fame in him when they recruited him. With all the tournaments and leagues he's champed and the incredible amount of wins he has, it's hard to make the argument that he doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame. Barcotic has shown that he has what it takes to not only hang with the best, but that he is one of the best.

Tournaments/Leagues Champed

Survivor Tournament
Credential (NS)
ill nik-A
Alvin Karpis
Jayson Fresh
C. Gaffle
Bags & Jayson Fresh (W/ Karaoke)

Pros vs. Joes Tournament
Frank Palanza

NBL Tag Team League
Eddie & Everclear (W/ Sephiroth)
UserName & ProperHops (W/ Kenny the G)

NBL Picture League
Nemesis (NS)
Vulgar (2x)
ill nik-A

Key Grand Prix

Fight Night XX
Advanced Neophyte
Broke Lesnar
Alvin Karpis

BA Tag Team Titles (2x)
HT & Allen Knight (W/ Calefaction)
Bags & Sn00p (W/ Orc)
Blue Bayou & Tettris (W/ Orc)
God of War & Alvin Karpis (W/ Orc)

BA Picture Title

Battle Arena

1-2 Punch League (2x)
Orc (NS)
Tyler Durden
Wise Ways
Killa Kami
N.Tavarez (2x)
Blue Bayou

Most Impressive Wins
ill nik-A
God of War
Alvin Karpis
ill nik-A
C. Gaffle
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vs. ill nik-A
March 10th, 2011

Originally Posted by ill nik-A
it is a remake series... when i was young yes many moons ago
we don't need a Nika lesson. ur age isn't in queston, damn
u were young so many moons ago, u coulda looked up and saw Apollo 11 land
as far as a man goes? he's not one, and I can't stand hoes
cuz 'Nik can n' will lose, then start Wild N Out like he was on the damn show
why is it that whenever u get beat textin, ur seen stressin?
shit, it's not our fault ur train of thought still runs off coal and a steam engine
this bitch is less than shit, and the outcome of this is definite
everyone knows Nixon trouble, with concepts dating back to 1970 presidents
u've got that hopeless skill, and the definition of broke is Ill
but if u got a dollar for every time u flop, u could finally sniff ur coke with bills
and after shit like ur Brook bout, u ain't claimin good clout
'fact ur the only bitch that'll hear "ur tribe has spoken" with no flame to put out

vs. Tettris

February 1st, 2011

peeped ya recent pic batts....

bitch ur old enuff to be taking pills, plus u got a face that kills
it's safe to say ur ugly, but u'd need a helmet, gas mask and teflon vest to say ur ill
oh u was good? no one remembers it tho. u ain't a veteran bro
u tried polishing ur style, but ended up doing boots for every member of Dohpe
ur old ass life is steady floppin, and u don't have many options
if u turned ur world upside down, all u'd see is change fall out of Lefty's pockets
but ur tag partner ain't here to help ur rep son. ur rep's done
u don't have a group of accomplishments, but it sure did take u a group to get one
best bet I'll wreck u dawg. ur just another vet I'm steppin on
this loser's so bent outta shape, it's no wonder the site was best with Tetragon
truth be told ur text is stale, so why are u willing to step n fail?
ur skill's got a kind of Vacancy that'd make snuff films with Luke Wilson & Beckinsale
I stay flossin, but the last guy to drop was flop n shouldn't spit
difference between u and Frank? well that's a grey area ur hair products couldn't fix
still.. kids are slow. they may still say this battle's close dude
but if anybody votes a Ty, they just got me mixed up with the guy that smoked u

vs. ill nik-A

April 17th, 2011

this man's broke. that van can't land hoes
just look at the Fruit Loop his block. he must be following his Toucan Sam nose
dude is prepared? na, he's stupid n scared
diss the Canadian in me all u want, but I ain't the faggot puttin Moose in my hair
stop droppin herb. we know ur losses hurt
it's been 3 fuckin battles and that tee's the closest u ever came to rockin Burd
u as a mod's absurd, but do the math bro
we only gave u a position of power cuz u look like a clean shaved Fidel Castro
like wtf do u do for text? ur a goof at best
n ur only the champ of deepthroating cocks. just look at ur damn rooster neck
here's the deal, my pic style's clearly real
it gets compared to Kungfugrip's, while u just attempt one on ur steering wheel
outshine my lines? u get fried for tryin guy
we all know u suck at delivering punches, but I bet those fajitas arrived on time
a nine by my side. s'what the king's about
but I don't wanna kill ya. I'd put the iron to ur face to try'n get the wrinkles out

vs. Karaoke

February 5th, 2011

k, let's talk DNA for a sec..

I made it for the new kids, while still making sure our base is proven
me & Beyond are the anchors, but UR the one preventing us from making movements
atleast the leader's worth seeing. I tend to give the herbs beatings
but I ain't surprised ur mad at the boss, cuz u got put in ur place in our first meeting
and I don't need to see ur face to know that the net's made u so fat
u clearly don't go to a Jim, Carrey. altho u were definitely the joke in our latest collab
ur just a clown and a geek. type to get left face down in the street
but u'd probably just cheat death, considering how good u cheat Sound in the league
"NBL champ"? iunno where to start kid. wow @ beating Alvin Karpis
everyone expected to see 'Carwin', then Nika went Brock Lesnar on ur ass regardless
bitch all u do is fold. ur shit used to be funny, but now it's stupid old
we haven't seen a bigger slip in entertainment since Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl

vs. Frank Palanza

January 24th, 2011

people tell u ur #1, but u shouldn't think that rank is true
it's not that everyone's a liar, it's just that NO ONE wants to be as Frank as u
I'd give u 40 to 1 odds in this batt, leave u broke n bounce
but how could u pay Pal? ur bum ass can't even make one of those accounts
just call me the piff dragon, blowin smoke as I spit bangin
and the competition? every one 'Lanza punch.... except for this faggot
the guy uses a soft style. I could go on but fuck a long bio
it's Frank Palanza; the first idiot to post a ******* diss that made us all smile
ayyo joes.. I'll honestly say I can see u lames improving
but u Lost Boys, especially with a guy on ur team who's lines outdate the movie

vs. Alvin Karpis

January 20th, 2011

my neighborhood=auto theft, death, feds and red beams
I need OnStar for my car. u needed OnStar for a concept to recycle against Scream
bitch clearly lossed to King, so in this I guess I'm the villain
cuz we're 'in Kar nation', but he'd better hope it happens to him when I kill 'em
this is exciting shit, but u ain't winnin so stop fighting kid
cuz if that was a kiwi don't envy u, or the lime colored thong u wore writing it
I'm not bright, but if u say my girl's ugly ur dumber n looney
my chick's an Easy A. ur chick's a bigger whore than the one in the movie
and I'm SO glad, that since my return I'm talkin to old cats
even me and Guns are shootin the shit, which explains those holes in ur notepad
face it, ur shit. I just wanna punch u in the face cuz u bitch
so if I Blindside u, it's cuz ur a bigger loser than dude who plays in the flick

vs. John Hensley

August 19th, 2010

ok, so in ur last battle u needed..........
a Sound vote removed n 4 dohpe votes just to save ur latest text spree
now u got ur friend gettin his Beyond swag on so real life feels more like *******
net geek, vet? please. u failed in the last playoffs n I'm about to recreate that
but u went out with bangs in both tournies..
n ur hairdresser needs to cut them ASAP
Hens mostdef shoulda lossed last week but holy shit, homey bitched
then he took mouthfuls of Salt for votes by giving blowjobs with his Jolie lips
guy in ur pic's got beef, n ur arm's around him knowing he ain't over it
ur going for a fresh start, but all he's thinkin is 'damn this kid needs deodorant'
the kid's frownin, u'd prolly say he's clownin but that'd just kill the truth
dude's clearly devastated, ur pullin him away from the liqour he needs to chill with u
cuz ur a loser, n fuck the rumours. every verse u drop is stupid shit
always knew ur punches were ancient, n those neanderthal arms are provin it
n I know ur waitin to cheat, I'm puttin u in ur place with a fatal defeat
but why the fuck u askin for extensions? if u had any more u wouldn't be able to see
ur wild, roccin a style that wouldn't even be accepted in a drug house
but hey, it's only right ur wearing pajamas when u get the knocked the fuck out

vs. Blue Bayou

July 30th, 2010

oh I drew u? easy, u couldn't beat me with ur dopest bars
for me this is a Halladay, and ur up to bat with a 2 inch twig n broken arms
I'm throwin hard, Bay ain't lastin, I'm about to smash him
u'll see a Bluetooth hit the ground so fast, wireless devices'll go outta fashion
muhfucka I'm royalty, so how the fuck u gonna toy with me?
everyone knows I raise the roof. ur bitch ass can't even raise the toilet seat
n don't act like this is gonna be a fair fight, I'm no fool kid
anything Ferrell be thrown out when u drop ur horribly played Old School shit
only gettin by because ur strokin dudes, u know it's true
I'd turn a blind eye to ur weak shit, but Beyond already does it in every vote for u
sucking eachother off, gunning for the top but really u fell
fuck what 'BB guns' for, he's better off buying a real one n killing himself

Originally Posted by Blue Bayou, beefing with Nika
ur the Mace of ******* fa'real
first Oneduh, then Deon. Nika would leave u mauled too
how's he the Mace of *******? bitch ur the one spraying it when he assaults u
all u ever drop is queer lines, I'm just keepin it real guy
ur verses get so many Stern reviews, it's no wonder Howard's career died
chicks've never liked u, even when they're loose n sleezy
if anyone has a Blue Crush, it's homosexual faggots who watch the movie weekly
n u think anyone feels sorry for u? well that's absurd sir
the only emotion dudes show for u is tatted on their cheeks after murder

*goes to get my 2nd tatty*

vs. God0fwar

May 6th, 2010

Originally Posted by e.r.
i only liked GOW when CLASH was writing for him
Originally Posted by Tettris to God
instead of u admitting that everything u have accomplished has been with the help of several OTHER txtcees who shall remain nameless, u walk around with an undeserving sense of entitlement with absolutely no humbleness and definitely not enough to EVER even consider that you may.........wait for it.........NEED TO IMPROVE!
Good luck Wordz.. Cal.. Alien.. whoever the fuck I'm battling. lol
Listen Ron....

I still think you should kill yourself, you're nothin', soft n' worthess
when I told you to put a cal in your mouth, I didn't mean suck him off for verses..
And I saw your pic Hush posted up, you clearly don't belong in rap
unless it's all just part of a new era; skinny emo faggots who'd never roc those hats..
Shit, with a face like yours? it's no wonder you ain't holdin' bitches
girls just hope you find your self esteem.. roller and somehow roll yourself over with it..
Ever since D. Minned ducked you, you've hated on his stage fright
but you not showing against Seph cuz he KO'ed you at RB is okay right?? (lol)
And fuck your run in the worst season of LLL, it was petty at best
plus you had enuff waves of dickriders to sink every vessel in Deadliest Catch..
I'm hittin' him hard, but he actually has me a little concerned too
cuz I'm pretty sure that War hammers.. are on display all over this nerd's room..
Cry and sway all you want God, I'm leavin' you fucked up n' hurt
you dun sucked off everyone in the mag, only to hear them bust on your verse..

....Bring on the played nameplays and false flipping personals.

vs. Nick James

just signed up here and I'm already knowin this cat's lame
cuz ever since I Sonic, I noticed his rhymes were older than that game
I fell asleep reading his verses, Nick ain't got the witty shit
this borin ass 10th string rapper makes seniors wanna get their knitting kits
dude's a bum, it's obvious that he doesn't keep the green
NJ nets in so little money, you'd think he made Carter leave the team
nd he lies about a "girlfriend", pretendin to fuck the whore
calls her sweet cheeks, the same things his cellmate said he loved him for
shit, we both felt like writin early, but I forgot to warn em
that I'm good at the break of dawn, AKA snappin his neck in the mornin

vs. Hush

May 19th, 2010

Fuck it....

He knows I'm no good at pic batts, so supportin' one is sorta dumb
bitch was just try'na take the easy way out, like every time he border jumps..
Posted ancient history about me "flipping", try'na take a cheap rout
well that thread was so old and false, he can roc it after I knock his teeth out..

Originally Posted by David Lama
He's at the top of the mountain. All he has to do is step on peoples toes for now
Wtf @ all the ball rubbing that goes on here, I call it a squirt fest
if Hush is steppin' on my toes, he's just try'na make the ass kicking hurt less..
Real cats know this isn't an easy battle, so don't get the facts wrong
dickriders say; ya! Dave gave Hush a bye baby!
I say his rap serves the purpose of ^that song..
He only wanted to deal with pictures, yet he acts like a fearless dude
if he ever says "whenever, wherever", he's singing his favorite Shakira tune..
And he can't even get pussy at parties, no game when hittin' the set
shit, even when he raises the roofies still gotta beg drugged bitches for sex..
They say the internet kills you, well then I hope this punkass dies
just gave him a brush with death, now he's try'na paint his nails one last time..


vs. Kenny the G

October 29th, 2009

Kenny the G again?!

Ok, so 16 when I said 12? That's cool. I'll add a couple bars.

PS: Nice trying to sway.

He barely did anything at RB, now he feels like he has to join the pros
but it's no surprise that G strings along
....with matching bras is his choice of clothes..
We got a new pic champion last week, most voted fairly n' honest
but then Sound Left, which reminds me of Ken's two embarrassing losses..
Shit, I hate peepin' this faggot's verses, it's not really my reading taste
his concepts just don't work for me, but if they did, I'd fire them for being late..
Voters tend to look for mediocre consistency, forgetting about sick bars
and if no real misses wins battles, his blow up doll is the only reason he's this far..
Flicks get better with age, but some shit's better when it's new, see
cuz we all know K-Pax
....punches that are older than that movie..
Gangster?! he wouldn't be considered one by any genre or race
but I'm Canadian and I think he's a G, ay.. without the comma n' space..
I joined this site to make an impact and now I punch n' snap dudes
Ken's just another swollen member, but whacker than anyone in that group..
So he went from rags to nicer rags? I'll give credit where this punk's due
but I just gave him a run for his money, watch him chase the dollar I just threw.
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