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Default Hybrid Angels collab - Metheus, Ebbenflow, Espionage, Freefall, Mizzery (2003)


see I dont war wit cats but uhh, the enforcer's back..
so I'm leavin somebody's corpse in a gorge wit rats..
Meth stroll through YO hood.. glocks out 'n shit..
lookin for the ki's like I'm locked out my crib..
these hateful niccas should grateful.. chances are,
I made the style that got flip'd to the style that made u..
we the Angels that merked Charlie.. so godly that
u thinkin we aint sposed to be on this earth, are we..?
all of a sudden cats is thuggin & feel bold..
u fuckas can kick the bucket til ya make a field goal..


Im dope with a verse.. commence an attack, when i`m wreckin a rant... leave you smoked in the dirt...
grab my dick, choke it and squirt, til it leaks out, green spots, broken and hurt...
i'm soaked with the verse.. spray liquid... i slay misfits til they face get left with eight imprints..
it's an everyday pattern, but fuck it, i fade bastards til they fall sleep and awake shattered..
so get away, while i spray, verbal grenades, stay leapin hurdles over turtles with Aids..
im certtain your gay, that's why i attack fruity fellows, i'm smooth with swell flows, check the proof, it's yellow..
mellow, and mild.. i'm jealous with rhymes.. so much i'm expellin a line to a jesuit mime..
rhymes? i tell it sublime, just ask the trick that talked back.. i rocked his hat with a chalk rack..
like i said.. im sick like a doctor.. kickin the hot verse.. with syphillis shot nerves..
kickin to flock birds.. i shout out to hybrid.. blot out the nicest.. cuz i'm flat out the ricest.


a hybrid an unbounded mind
...whose rhymes make minds fly tranquil...
around cloud 9
rockin jesus sandals... golden wings on ankles
named rap's messiah... after i killed a handel sample
i got a babyface... everything in the purest form
black skin, red blood, check the flag, trini to the bone
over ur head, like a halo??? im usin a strange flow? well in lame terms
i'll still break ur back man, like batman, w/ bane yo


if yall got beef, imma claim vegeterian
these cats are ill, someone get em a vetrenarian
it gets scary when you tried carryin my weight
crushed ya worms so bad ya got buried in dabait
its rare id even try the angle just to dive and hang you
from a stage thats live in plain view in big words HYBRID ANGELS
HA! ive smoked my life and cash away a pack a day
left the batch i blazed to ash thats gray and left the pack astray
in fact i may come back to stay since the beginning
every inning im winning yall stay fallin off like lemmings


steal-souls, we still full'a, that legendary text-touch/
but if you feel-bold, still-hold, my hands close to the techs; touch//
set in stone, we nice, sick, ill, dope, and so fourth and such/
don't battle much, no one holds a candle to us, aside from catholic nuns//
but i'm rattlin on, formed the angels with himself, no one challengin' God/
drop bars, like alcoholic retards, with balancing-rods/
still hold swords to throats, extort ya hope, of course i'm dope//
chatterin like you want war, but nope; you more than don't/
so we sit on thrones observin, alone we servin/
any crew that steps, but you hoes n vermin, actin handicapped/
HA! expose you persons, no one as sick or close, for certain//

just a little somethin' lettin' y'all know we still run this internet rap shit, HA!
Originally Posted by Just C View Post
I can't lie though man you got a nice looking dick. threat of hands rescinded.
Originally Posted by Ouch View Post
I bet a lot of babies could be made with that.. thats some porn star status
he must eat a lot of asparagus
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