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Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic Barcotic

"Get out the car!!" they panicked, these faggots just seem hard
Zelph did the same to Nik but with a badge & asked for his greencard
Shots thru the roof hit pavement, bloody shells painted a wet floor
Red rounds falling out the bottom, we've finished a game of connect four
round/rounds concepts are always a reach imo. calling the pieces in connect 4 rounds? nah, this is lazy
Ask yourself..what’s worse? To die by the blade or a burst
Cuz as soon as Something Old goes missing, they’ll all get the msg - that’s a silver alert
execution couldve ben a lot better but this is dece
N ur health is what’s vital. Des, what's your wife charging the gyno?
Another kid past 40? She obv had no urge to beat the clock like JR in the finals
You old as fuuuucccckkk, not a peer, almost at rest with your soul
You're more of a grandfather to me.. your son's words at eleven years old
Introduce your wife to my Haitian friend, said she wanted a wider stretch
She let that Zoe pound her pussy dead, now she’s feeding kitty to that entire set
miss due to pronunciation of zoe
Your bitch is maaad insecure, socks in her bra until it was time to deliver
Felt her up & said let me give your Chesapeake Bay, then she cried me a river
Didn't want to grant the extension, this faggot Nik's actually lacking
I'm like fucking dock a vote, & republicans can send your spic family packing

3 gd punches
3 jabs
2 misses

Me n nik are old school. Mix our styles... instant hits.
Sex symbols makes sense too - since one of u is an arrow and the other is a bitch
lotb so far, fire
fuck is this pig on? l ever see u, ur leaving dead. on my life
zelph look like a Klingon which is also what he do to every vet on the site
feelin it
& aero need mad help. I never seen a dork so lame
I’ll give u a tip... as soon as you get here with my pork lo mein
nahh, this is played in mainstream rap ffs
both y’all some beta bitches. fucked up when u drew a bout w/des
I’ll go from A to Z & when I’m through, we’ll see who’s the real alpha. bet.
Difference tween Aero’s travel threats to meet up & fight is I’ll actually kill u in ya home, son
I can really go the distance... u dont battle much but when u do u’re proud of losin a close one
Don’t front, FB walks around with a D-vice while u girl has one u can’t stop see, copy?
she loves that after 1 round I’m quickly back up... while u callin for it on the company walkie-talkie
she screaming out papi. Oddly mommy didn’t care for this pig that trick is a bitch
Zelph’s sex symbol is the non-smoking pregnant one so ur kids aren’t born with that shit on its lip
lmao got em
Aero out here like he’s done well to gloat & he can’t even tell a joke
People eat up anything... never won a major tourney, has a losing record & calls himself the goat
ehhh, loose af tie in but ill give it a pass

3 gd punches (including lotb)
4 jabs
1 miss

another close batt, dope read
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Think about it, the only other living legend is Barcotic and he dumbed his style down for yall. He made that sacrifice so y'all can eat. Would he be making gun bars in 2009? I think not.
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