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Aero Aero Aero Aero Aero Aero Aero Aero Aero Aero Aero

Aero ran up on Des & Nik with the chrome like

"Get out the car!!" they panicked, these faggots just seem hard
Zelph did the same to Nik but with a badge & asked for his greencard
Shots thru the roof hit pavement, bloody shells painted a wet floor
Red rounds falling out the bottom, we've finished a game of connect four
Ask yourself..what’s worse? To die by the blade or a burst
Cuz as soon as Something Old goes missing, they’ll all get the msg - that’s a silver alert
N ur health is what’s vital. Des, what's your wife charging the gyno?
Another kid past 40? She obv had no urge to beat the clock like JR in the finals
You old as fuuuucccckkk, not a peer, almost at rest with your soul
You're more of a grandfather to me.. your son's words at eleven years old
Introduce your wife to my Haitian friend, said she wanted a wider stretch
She let that Zoe pound her pussy dead, now she’s feeding kitty to that entire set

Originally Posted by Destroyer
my wife has tits!!!
it's the angle!!!!!!
Your bitch is maaad insecure, socks in her bra until it was time to deliver
Felt her up & said let me give your Chesapeake Bay, then she cried me a river
Didn't want to grant the extension, this faggot Nik's actually lacking
I'm like fucking dock a vote, & republicans can send your spic family packing
Quotes from NC’s Homosexuals:
Originally Posted by Barcotic
listen. IM the guy who gets fucked around here
Originally Posted by Hush
You can’t see his balls and his ass is fine
Originally Posted by Ghost1
I would sooner put a dick into my mouth

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