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Howdy folks, this was a decent week overall to be honest. We had way more no shows this week than I had expected, considering we had ZERO in week 1. We had a lot of drama with two particular people who “OMG GUESS WHAT?!” Are known to bitch about everything, well, one more than the other but still. Destroyer & Ghost1 aka the happy couple. Destroyer is the oldest nigga on this site and he acts like the biggest child ever. Sways and bitches like there’s no tomorrow, and while that’s usually something mods can deal with and look past - the shit votes will not. You’re all starting to get the picture, look at that chyeah vs JB battle out right now! Those votes are phenomenal! Now I’m not saying you have to get into such detail as some of those votes are, but you can’t leave a one word vote - that’s complete bs and won’t be counted. If you have a problem with it then you’re just lazy and have no intentions on bettering the system here. Aside from that, I’m happy you all voted on almost everything and most battles got closed in a timely manner with no extra bullshit. Props.

Battle Reviews:


Chainz (0-0) vs. Deon (0-0)

This turned out to be exactly how I thought it would, and was a double no show. Chainz did check in but you need to actually post a bar to get the win, Deon fled the site again for another 10 years or something idk. Both are signed out until they vote on battles and sign back in.

Ahriman (0-1) vs. Flow (0-1)

Flow won this by a no show, props for dropping what was actually a pretty good bar bro - shame you were no showed when CLEARLY Ahriman has been on the site lately, and managed to post in the BA.

Innovator (0-1) vs. Bongo Bear (0-1)

Innovator won this by a no show and posted a bar that I highly doubt Bongo would have topped either way. I’m still convinced that Bongo is a Lenox alias or something but whatever. He said he had lung trouble well uh fucking idiot stop smoking and maybe you’ll do better. Bongo is signed out until he votes on battles and signs back in.

Mediocrity (0-1) vs. Incredible (0-1)

Mediocrity no showed and has been inactive from the site for the entire week, not sure what happened. Incredible dropped a cool bar and improves to a 1-1 record, hopefully his next opponent won’t hoe show. Good job. Mediocrity is out until he votes on battles and signs back in.

Pinot Grij (0-0) vs. Infiltrate (1-0)

Infiltrate won this battle via no show and continues on with an undefeated record. He dropped a cool no show bar and I honestly didn’t expect Pinot to go MIA. I guess Pinot had other stuff to attend to and for some odd reason didn’t make sure to put the 1-2 on the top of his priority list. Pinot is typically good on his word so he’ll stay signed in and get a battle next week. Props to Inf for showing up.

Ghost1 (1-0) vs. Jabari Black (1-0)

Lol so I guess someone figured out Bags plot twist of trying to see how many weeks he could go with using old 2014 bars. I hadn’t really paid attention, I just thought he was really rusty and washed up. Ghost1 gets DQ’ed for recycling his bar and gives JB the free win, smh. Jabari had an ok bar for the most part but the 2nd line was shorter than the first and didn’t rhyme too well. Regardless, JB improves to 2-0 and will continue becoming elite.

BodySnatcher (1-0) vs. Schadenfreude (1-0)

Body posted a bar about putting the stick (AK) between your teeth like a toothpick. He was a bit unhappy about the outcome of votes and felt a bit unappreciated, thinking some people were just hating. I agree with his logic but I also disagree with this particular bar. I’m always unbiased when it comes to voting for the better bar or verse, and this particular bar came off as more of an “umm stick between ur teeth like a toothpick...yo Quan is he forrrel right now?” I mean yeah bro it works, like I get what you’re’s just didn’t have the impact you were hoping for. It happens to the best of us, that’s just the game man. Schad on the other hand had a punch that got some very good lovin from the voters. The wording and execution just flowed brilliantly and it made for an overall dope bar. Schad came up with the win and improves to 2-0.

Plot (0-1) vs. Defiant (0-1)

This was a surprising 1 sided battle. Defiant came nice last week but fell really short this time around, not sure what he was going for with the ASL Punch. Plot had a fresh concept that was incorporated with some multi usage and cool flow and it did the job. Props again for both of these guys for showing.

bleak (1-0) vs. DynamiCz (0-1)

Cool battle here, both had original concepts but with different turnouts. Dyna came with a “hang you out on a rail like dry cleaners pickup” that unfortunately came off as more corny than tough. Bleak had a dope bar with a nice concept we haven’t seen before in a combination with a nice personal and pretty crisp wording. If this is the start of a new bleak era then I’m all for it. Good job to both of you.

Lenox (1-0) vs. Larkin (1-0)

This was a pretty good battle. Lenox had a larkana nameplay concept that was used in a typical way what didn’t take much creativity in the execution but was still an ok bar. Larkin had a Pamela Isley bar that the majority of voters seemed to like more than what Lenox had. Pamela Isley took the bread in this one and moves on to 2-0. Good job fellas.

Twodrop (1-0) vs. Chyeahhh!!! (1-0)

There was a number of battles that went down to a slight margin of votes this week, and this was one of them. These guys duked it out over decent punches that was ultimately decided by voter preference. Chyeah had a gluteus Maximus line that was stupidly funny and twodrop had a MK reference that seemed misdirected towards the end of the punch. We didn’t quite understand the whole sleeper life cell play bro, maybe if you can explain it to us now? Anyways good job to both of you and thanks for participating and dropping votes.

Exis (0-1) vs. Cereal (0-1)

Lol this battle was actually briefly closed at 6-1 in favor of cereal at one point, then I realized it was way too soon and opened it back up. Exis ended up coming back for the kill and won it last minute lol, this battle came down to the wire and was really close, back and forth in votes. Both guys need to step it up this next week, the punches they dropped here weren’t up to par. Props though.

Cashius (1-0) vs. Blue Bayou (1-0)

This was definitely battle of the week here, and I know for a fact I already reviewed this battle I just don’t know where it went in my notes. Anyways, both of these guys delivered and made this the most enjoyable battle in the league yet. I personally voted for Cashius’ bar but at the end it seems most people went with Blue here. Both did an outstanding job but Blue barely edged it at the end.

Destroyer (1-0) vs. MMLP (1-0)

The worlds favorite upset win. MMLP didn’t quite write a good bar but destroyer had a worse bar, which like come on we know you had better lol. Anyways this battle went down to the wire and MMLP ended up winning by a vote. Good battle guys.


Soundcloud Audio Interview Link:


1# god of war
i met gow 6 years ago there abouts who quickly crossed in and out from discussion, whom showed how much his love for the site is but care for members personally..

2# Certain
Tha Talent whom's accomplishments have reach in a sound area have help guide fellow members whilst running and continuing his writing style.. from rapmusic

3# sraL
With Baron Mynds freestyle adventures and youtube channels for a brit he has been moving serious weight..

4# Innovator
As an upstanding young citizin Inn has really being deliver a consitant performance with creativity of free point of view's..

5# Frank
Alias switch is the one word that comes to mind.. with a dominating performance in a league of story and continue to back it with a second board name at one time.. impressed no matter what league you are in

Top 3 punches:

Ghost1: Have er chokin on the balls then bang er over the table like I was openin a straw

plot: I'm so in the zone, best clutch your rosary stones when I'm toting the chromes..

DynamiCz: Hang you from a rail, plastic bag over your suit like Dry Cleaners pick up


Originally Posted by Schadenfreude
His best effort's going to waste, for the most part..
classically I post art, while Body's decomposing I'm playing Mozart.
This was unanimously chosen to be the punch of the week by a number of people. The wording, execution, concept, flow and tie ins were all done so smoothly. To say this bar wasn’t done perfectly is just hating. Yeah sure it’s not “omg I’m about to cum” spectacular, but it hit his opponent well and sealed the deal. To be honest, there weren’t many good bars this week to choose from, but this definitely triumphed over the runner up for POWT.


Originally Posted by Defiant View Post
claiming he gets girls now,...... games so terrible it should be undone
His idea of a chat up line is ASL.......n how far have you got with someone
- We just want an explanation of what you were going for here bro..

Voter of the Week

This week I want to recognize @Amen as being VOTW. Thanks.


Infiltrate (2-0) vs. bleak (2-0)

We are now boiling down to who are gonna be the contender prospects for the belt. Both of these guys are 2-0 and have earned that record. Props to bleak for dropping a dope punch last week, and props to Infiltrate for winning on a no show. Now in this battle we have two different weight classes for sure, Inf is top tier who’s been consistently winning at everything for a while now. bleak is pretty much mid tier at this point but is trending up. I think Infiltrate is going to take this one based off of talent, but I definitely believe bleak has the potential to pull off an upset here. If Inf drops nice then it won’t be close, but if he slacks and bleak drops good like last week then anything can happen. Infiltrate 60/40

Schadenfreude (2-0) vs. Larkin (2-0)

Another battle with some of the other undefeated people left in the league. Schad dropped a fuckin banger last week and KO’ed his opponent with ease. Larkin beat Lenox by a decent margin and had a pretty solid bar as well. This has potential to be a good one but I think Schadenfreude will take this with just being dope as per usual. Schadenfreude 70/30

Blue Bayou (2-0) vs. MMLP (2-0)

Both of these motherfuckers pulled off some HUGE wins last week, props to both of them for doing that and earning some respect. Blue had a nice bar on Cashius which caused votes to stream neck to neck the entire duration of the battle. Lol shit was crazy and a bit annoying to keep up with but it’s battles like those which make the 1-2 Punch so great. MMLP pulled off a BIG upset on the one and only Destroyer, and I honestly did not think that battle would go that way. Destroyer was quiet as hell until he noticed that people were actually voting for MMLP, which caused him to start bitching and making thread tags calling voters out like he does in every battle. Sometimes it’s funny Des, but 99.9% of the time that shit is annoying and childish. Des was also docked 3 votes because they weren’t valid and were against the rules. MMLP barely won though, his line wasn’t good but it was slightly better than Des. I have Blue Bayou taking this in a route. Blue Bayou 85/15

Ghost1 (1-1) vs. Lenox (1-1)

Ghost1 recycled last week and I’m still trying to figure out why he used that line out of all the possible ones he could have used lmao. Lenox, like I said, is a rising star but needs a lot of work on mental health if we’re being real here. I’ve given him a lot of help and advice, chances, opportunities and he always seems to piss people off somehow. Ghost has the upper hand in this battle and I think experience is gonna win it here, I predict a tattoo bar. Ghost1 51/49

Innovator (1-1) vs. Cashius (1-1)

Innovator won on a pretty cool bar last week, and Cashius barely lost his battle against blue. Inno has definitely gotten better, but Cashius is a huge favorite here and is likely to just outclass Inno. Cashius 70/30

Pinot Grij (0-1) vs. Plot (1-1)

Pinto forgot he had a battle last week or some shit and no showed, it’s all good though I can’t hate on someone like Pinto. Plot won last week against defiant in a shut out, props to my boy plot for showing up and also voting! It hasn’t gone unnoticed my Israeli friend! I think Pinto is gonna fucking demolish that fagit Plot though. Pinto Grij 70/30

Twodrop (1-1) vs. Flow (1-1)

This battle can honestly go either way. Twodrop has significantly improved since he’s started, yet again so has Flow. Flow is definitely the more polished battler here but Twodrop is known to come with some surprisingly nice lines, shit that makes you look at your ugly ass android phone like “30 to eat like a tennis a minute.....ahh that’s nice af!” Yeah I’m definitely going with flow here lmao. Flow 65/35

Burd (0-0) vs. veritas (0-0)

This is probably my favorite battle this week lol. These guys have a low key dislike of each other and I have no idea why but I’m eager to see what happens here. A bit skeptical to see if either of them even show but it’s definitely gonna be a fun one. Orc is dope of course like duhhhh, as if. Veritas is a psychologist doctor troll who can surprisingly drop some cool stuff when he applies himself. With that being said, I’m going with. Burd 85/15

Killing Spree (0-0) vs. Destroyer (1-1)

This was a last minute battle but not really, killing spree decided to sign in looking for a battle and I suppose destroyer decided to stop being a salty Scrooge and took the offer. KS is a hit or miss with battling, depends how drunk off of Keystone Light he is stupid idiot ass redbilly. He can drop dope or he can drop beyond fuck nope, you literally never know. Destroyer somehow lost last week where I never thought I’d see the day where MMLP beats someone decent lmao. No hate to MMLP. Destroyer can bring heat too, in moderation. But If he underestimates his opponent then anything can happen, like last week. I’m gonna go with Destroyer here though. Destroyer 60/40

Amen (0-0) vs. Aero (0-0)

Here’s another battle that’s gonna be fuckin amazing lmao. As much as people hate on amen, he can surprisingly write pretty good “when he wants to”. Very rarely does it happen but hey he signed in so I guess something must have motivated him. Aero is the lesser half of Sex Symbols and was the cause for their lost against Something Old, hands down. Aero can drop hilariously dope though and I’m hoping he does. This is gonna be good lol. Aero 55/45

Alvin Karpis (0-0) vs. DMS (0-0)

Alvin is a legend who was a bit rusty while he was coming back off a long hiatus in the NBL, but has definitely shown he still has it. I have no idea who the hell DMX is but I hope he’s good and gives Alvin a challenge. Alvin Karpis 80/20

Cereal (0-2) vs. Defiant (0-2)

Lol cereal is a troll who cracks me up but I can’t pinpoint who it is yet. They don’t drop good and right when you think they might win, BOOP, they lose. Defiant is pretty cool and I’m really glad he’s been consistent with showing and voting. I think Def-rod will take this with ease. Defiant 80/20

Jabari Black (2-0) vs. Chyeahhh!!! (2-0)

This shit is already open for votes. Both of these guys dropped dope af and votes are showing it one sided for now but I’m sure that’s gonna change. Chyeah had a double penetration shotgun sex line or something and Jabari Parker had a “get blessed by the nun like a catholic girl.” Cool I guess? Nah good shit.

Incredible (1-1) vs. Exis (1-1)

This battle is open too! Good shit for dropping early guys. Not sure what came over your minds to drop what you did but hey IDGAF! Nah I’m just Joshin ya, you both dropped pretty good and I’m not sure how the votes are going but syyyy.


There’s been a lot of activity recently by a good number of text heads, but outside of the battle realm. I know it’s hard for some people to text whole verses, but this is 1 bar a week lol come on guys. Sign in to at least make a 1 week appearance, you’ll boost activity and interest. You know how many old heads ghost this site every day just waiting for some exciting shit to go down? A LOT. It’s like when Orc made the last seasons NBL sign ups (Legends Edition), that thread was insane with so many dope names coming out the woodwork. So some active people I wanna see get back in it are the following:

1. @Hush - A Netcees hall of famer and text legend. Yeah sure he may “rack a dissaprine” but when he battles it’s usually dope shit. See your way to the sign in thread bro, when you log into dive into the disc forum, drop a quick line in here and be on your way. Simple stuff, let’s go!

2. @takem2school - I get Cred has a lot going on, shit ain’t easy to keep up with when you’re making moves. I’m a bit disappointed he signed out after week 1, but emotions flare sometimes and we don’t think straight. Cred is dope though and can definitely champ this league, I wanna see you sign back in bro.

3. @WRATH - Yo you did great in the NBL, then you stopped battling and started sporadically posting in the disc. Sign your ass into the league and get with it again, it’s only 1 Punch bru.

4. @BodySnatcher - I know you just signed out but I think it was a poor choice. I know you have shit going on too but I see you with great potential to be a top contender in this shit. Your style is dope and getting unique in ways that suit you and your personality. Sign back in!

5. @Sharp - Actually nvm you’re cancer.

6. @Swerve - Another guy who was doing really good in the NBL and even made noise in the tag tourney recently. Swerve can definitely post dope lines and give people a run for their monkeys. Sign in bro.


Alright fellas well that’s it for this week, I had to change up a lot of things because I had Prewritten the mag before a few battles closed and then I had to redo and delete a lot of shit lmao. Also being back on bravo shifts make it a lot harder to post as frequently as I was the past couple months. I’ll still get shit done no doubt, but I’m gonna need a few volunteers to possibly help me with mag segments and what now. Let me know if you’re interested in helping out with the mag, any help is appreciated. Contenders matches will most likely start week 5 or 6. Allen Knight where are you man?

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