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  1. bleak
    01-20-2019 08:27 PM
    Yeah I watched a doc couple years back about this specific rescue dog. Check this mag out when Sharp posts
  2. Diablo
    01-20-2019 05:23 AM
    lol did you get that rescue dog/barrel to ur neck line? it’s about a St. Bernard

    didn’t know if that’s a thing in the US
  3. bleak
    01-19-2019 09:13 PM
    Sign in bitch
  4. Diablo
    08-30-2018 06:42 PM
    Just been busy bro, life caught up with me for a sec, gotta be a father and husband sometimes!
  5. bleak
    08-30-2018 03:30 PM
  6. bleak
    08-09-2018 04:39 PM
    He's so unstable these days it's so easy. He keeps throwing insults your way and literally every time I think ohhhhh noooo don't do it body.
  7. Diablo
    08-09-2018 04:09 PM
    lmao as soon as he said someone did it first, I instantly negged a second time and said I was Jabari

    then hinted it was you when he exploded looool

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