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  1. emurgencee
    09-13-2023 10:17 PM
    these vegan diets can’t keep me quiet.
    stomach rumbling like a riot, i rather eat in silence,
    an increase in violence causes blood shed…
    these elk would look better if they were dead
    fuck it! nuff said…
    beheading primates on each side of the climate, on and off land,
    beach side of the island.
    trying to keep free of the cold at night, the souls that bite, i’d like a prissy pigmy just to hold me tight
    fold her like fresh laundry, make a army of beast
    there’s a lot of estrogen that she wants to release
    the increase in blood flow just lets the love go
    and wet the vessel something special, just like a tugboat
    i keep the upmost respect for the opposite sex
    in-fact, her older sister is probably next
  2. Diablo
    09-03-2023 01:29 PM
    you not wanna collab then?
  3. Diablo
    08-10-2023 01:10 PM
    you got it?
  4. emurgencee
    08-06-2023 03:14 PM
    yo send me a 16 bro. whatever you want it to be.

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