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Conversation Between Kill Spree and RAPTOR..
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  1. RAPTOR..
    04-15-2019 10:06 PM
    Yo man I would appreciate it. If you could write up quick reviews for last weeks LR? I’ll add my part as well. Also fill me in on who’s up for the champ match. Thanks man
  2. Kill Spree
    04-15-2019 10:02 PM
    Kill Spree
    Here to help where I can brotha
  3. Kill Spree
    07-26-2018 11:53 AM
    Kill Spree
    Word that would be dope if I write tonight I’ll just send it to cred. I’m out of town tomorrow till Sunday so we’ll see
  4. RAPTOR..
    07-26-2018 11:42 AM
    Yo no problem I’ll probably have to take the ext
  5. Kill Spree
    07-26-2018 09:05 AM
    Kill Spree
    Yo I should have my verse late tonight homie. Unless you need ext

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