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  1. AOBL Text Battle League Sign Ups {Closed}
  2. Strikta vs. Hollywood {Hollywood wins by NS}
  3. SiK vs. Allen Knight {Allen Knight wins by NS}
  4. Muff vs. Rayge {Muff wins by NS}
  5. tyler vs. Meth {tyler wins by NS}
  6. Hush vs. bleak {Double NS}
  7. Genocide vs. Sharp Nine {Sharp Nine wins}
  8. God Of War vs. Inertia {Inertia wins by NS}
  9. Joe Boston vs. Malachi {Joe Boston wins by NS}
  10. Dr. Benzo vs. Boredom {Boredom wins by NS}
  11. Jay vs. Immaculate {Jay wins by NS}
  12. mdesanto vs. Dystopian {Dystopian wins}
  13. Week 1 Chat/Predictions
  14. Week 2 Sign In/Out
  15. Week 1 Voting Links - 2 Voting Links Suffice
  16. Week 1 Magazine
  17. _____________________Week 2_____________________
  18. Week 3 Sign In/Out (Records Inside)
  19. Allen Knight vs. Dystopian {Allen Knight wins by NS}
  20. Hollywood vs. Boredom {Hollywood wins}
  21. tyler vs. Ox {Double NS}
  22. Muff vs. Joe Boston {Muff wins}
  23. Jay vs. RPK {RPK wins}
  24. kami vs. Roll {Double NS}
  25. Arch. vs. Split {Arch. wins by NS}
  26. Vinzr vs. Tridium {Vinzr wins by NS}
  27. Beretta vs. megatron {Beretta wins}
  28. Mr. DV vs. Knucklehead {Knucklehead wins by NS}
  29. Defiant vs. NaymikZ. {Defiant wins by NS}
  30. Dominate vs. Grave Diggs {Dominate wins}
  31. Mac vs. bleak {bleak wins}
  32. mdesanto vs. HelloKitty {mdesanto wins by NS}
  33. Week 2 Chat/Predictions
  34. Week 2 Voting Links
  35. Week 2 Magazine
  36. _____________________Week 3_____________________
  37. Week 4 Sign In/Out (Records Inside)
  38. Week 3 Voting Links (Voting Info Inside - PLEASE READ)
  39. Week 3 Chat/Predictions
  40. Hollywood vs. Muff {Hollywood wins}
  41. Dominate vs. Allen Knight {Dominate wins}
  42. Defiant vs. Arch. {Defiant wins by NS}
  43. Knucklehead vs. RPK {Knucklehead wins}
  44. Boredom vs. Vinzr {Boredom wins}
  45. Rayge vs. WRATH {Rayge wins}
  46. mdesanto vs. bleak {bleak wins by NS}
  47. Witty vs. R!canTheoryz {Witty wins by NS}
  48. megatron vs. Utmost {Utmost wins}
  49. Grave Diggs vs. Flo Real {Flo Real wins by NS}
  50. Mac vs. fire marshall ill {Mac wins by NS}
  51. Week 3 Magazine
  52. _____________________Week 4_____________________
  53. Week 5 Sign In/Out (Records Inside)
  54. Week 4 Chat/Predictions (Information about Champ Matches Inside)
  55. Hollywood vs. bleak {Hollywood wins}
  56. Knucklehead vs. Defiant {Knucklehead wins}
  57. Muff vs. Boredom {Double NS}
  58. Utmost vs. Witty {Utmost wins}
  59. Sharp Nine vs. Flo Real {Sharp Nine wins}
  60. Rayge vs. Mac {Rayge wins}
  61. Strikta vs. Nomad {Strikta wins}
  62. RPK vs. Ox {RPK wins}
  63. Dystopian vs. Vinzr {Dystopian wins}
  64. Meth vs. Skunk {Double NS}
  65. Origin vs. megatron {Origin wins by NS}
  66. WRATH vs. Trouble {Double NS}
  67. IamBenT vs. PowPowBang vs. A.Z. Faison {Triple NS}
  68. Week 4 Voting Links (Please make sure to vote on the L4L Cypher!)
  69. Week 4 Magazine
  70. _____________________Week 5_____________________
  71. Week 6 Sign In/Out (Records Inside)
  72. Week 5 Chat/Predictions
  73. Hollywood vs. Knucklehead {Knucklehead wins}
  74. Dominate vs. Utmost {Dominate wins by NS}
  75. Sharp Nine vs. RPK {Sharp Nine wins}
  76. Boredom vs. Strikta {Strikta wins by NS}
  77. 151 vs. God of War {God of War wins by NS}
  78. Cashius vs. Skunk {Cashius wins by NS}
  79. Def_fuckin_5 vs. PowPowBang {Def_fuckin_5 wins by NS}
  80. Dystopian vs. Rayge {Rayge wins}
  81. Defiant vs. bleak aka Pimp Daddy Payne {Pimp Daddy Payne wins by NS}
  82. Witty vs. Mac {Witty wins}
  83. Spartacus vs. Split {Split wins by NS}
  84. Flo Real vs. Vinzr {Vinzr wins}
  85. Ox vs. Lotto Smirk {Ox wins}
  86. -_- vs. Nomad {-_- wins by NS}
  87. schoolblock vs. Trouble {Double NS}
  88. Week 5 Voting Links
  89. Week 5 Magazine
  90. _____________________Week 6_____________________
  91. Week 7 Sign In/Out (Records Inside)
  92. Week 6 Chat/Predictions
  93. Week 6 Voting Links
  94. Championship Match: Knucklehead vs. Sn00p {Sn00p wins}
  95. Dominate vs. Sharp Nine {Dominate wins}
  96. Witty vs. Strikta {Strikta wins by NS}
  97. Rayge vs. Pimp Daddy Payne {Rayge wins}
  98. Hollywood vs. Defiant {Defiant wins by NS}
  99. Dystopian vs. RPK {RPK wins by NS}
  100. Ox vs. Cashius {Cashius wins}
  101. -_- vs. Def_fuckin_5 {-_- wins}
  102. Split vs. God Of War {God Of War wins by NS}
  103. Twenty One vs. namix {namix wins}
  104. Hush vs. Usury {Double NS}
  105. Mac vs. Lotto Smirk vs. Jimbo {Lotto Smirk wins}
  106. AOBL Magazine: Week 6
  107. _____________________Week 7_____________________
  108. Week 8 Sign In/Out (Records Inside)
  109. Week 7 Chat/Predictions
  110. Week 7 Voting Links
  111. Championship Match: Sn00p vs. Dominate {Dominate wins; New AOBL Champ}
  112. Strikta vs. non azn Bob {non azn Bob wins}
  113. Cashius vs. RPK {Cashius wins by NS}
  114. God Of War vs. Allen Knight {Allen Knight wins by NS}
  115. Knucklehead vs. Pimp Daddy Payne {Knucklehead wins}
  116. Defiant vs. namix {namix wins}
  117. Lotto Smirk vs. Wicked {Lotto Smirk wins by NS}
  118. Ox vs. Twenty One {Twenty One wins by NS}
  119. Jimbo vs. megatron {megatron wins}
  120. AOBL Magazine: Week 7
  121. Week 8 Chat/Predictions
  122. _____________________Week 8_____________________
  123. Championship: Dominate vs. non azn Bob {Dominate wins}
  124. Knucklehead vs. namix {Knucklehead wins}
  125. Cashius vs. Allen Knight {Cashius wins}
  126. Strikta vs. Karaoke {Strikta wins by NS}
  127. Defiant vs. Lotto Smirk {Defiant wins}
  128. bleak vs. Def_fuckin_5 {Def_fuckin_5 wins by NS}
  129. Twenty One vs. Utmost {Utmost wins}
  130. megatron vs. Destroyer {megatron wins by NS}
  131. Kwal!ty vs. Untold {Untold wins}
  132. Usury vs. Flo Real {Flo Real wins by NS}
  133. Week 9 Sign In/Out
  134. Sharp Nine vs. Wicked {Sharp Nine wins by NS}
  135. NBL Magazine Week 8
  136. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  137. NBL Week 9 Chat/Predictions
  138. Championship: Dominate vs. Cashius {Cashius wins by NS}
  139. Knucklehead vs. Defiant {Knucklehead wins by NS}
  140. Sharp Nine vs. Def_fuckin_5 {Sharp Nine wins}
  141. megatron vs. Untold {Untold wins}
  142. Flo Real vs. non azn Bob {non azn Bob wins}
  143. Lotto Smirk vs. bleak {bleak wins by NS}
  144. Twenty One vs. Vinny {Vinny wins}
  145. Patrick vs. R!canTheoryz {Patrick wins}
  146. Aero vs. Ctrl Alt Elite {Aero wins by NS}
  147. kami vs. Dystopian {Dystopian wins by NS}
  148. ... vs fathead {... wins}
  149. Cereal_Killa vs. VENgeance {Cereal_Killa wins by NS}
  150. NBL Week 9 Cypher
  151. NBL Week 10 Sign In/Out
  152. NBL Magazine Week 9
  153. ----------------------------------------
  154. Week 10 Chat/Predictions
  155. fathead vs. Dystopian {fathead wins by NS}
  156. Jay vs. Boredom {Boredom wins}
  157. kami vs. Split {Split wins by NS}
  158. Twenty One vs. Defiant {Defiant wins}
  159. R!canTheoryz vs. Flo real {R!canTheoryz wins}
  160. megatron vs. Def_fuckin_5 {megatron wins}
  161. Aero vs. ... {Aero wins by NS}
  162. Patrick vs. Vinny {Patrick wins}
  163. non azn Bob vs. bleak {non azn Bob wins}
  164. Sharp Nine vs. Untold {Sharp Nine wins}
  165. Champ Match: Cashius vs. Knucklehead {Knucklehead wins}
  166. Week 11 Sign In/Out
  167. Week 10 Cypher
  168. Lotto Smirk vs. Chyeahh!!! AKA Edgar AlPo {Chyeahh!!! wins}
  169. NBL Week 10 Magazine
  170. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  171. NBL Week 11 Chat/Predictions
  172. Champ Match: Knucklehead vs Sharp Nine {Knucklehead wins}
  173. Boredom vs Aero {Boredom wins}
  174. non azn Bob vs Defiant {Defiant wins by NS}
  175. Blue Bayou vs Edgar AlPo {Edgar AlPo wins by NS}
  176. God of War vs ... {God of War wins by NS}
  177. Strikta vs Cashius {Cashius wins}
  178. fathead vs R!canTheoryz {R!canTheoryz wins}
  179. megatron vs Pryde {megatron wins}
  180. Vinny vs Twenty One {Double NS}
  181. Untold vs Flo Real {Untold wins}
  182. Jay vs Nigma {Jay wins}
  183. Lotto Smirk vs Ctrl Alt Elite {Ctrl Alt Elite wins}
  184. Week 12: Sign in/Out
  186. Week 11 Cypher
  187. NBL Week 11 Magazine
  188. ---------------------------------------------
  189. Week 12 Chat/Predictions
  190. Week 12 Cypher
  191. Week 13 Sign In/Out
  192. Championship: Knucklehead vs. Shank Sinatra - {Knucklehead wins}
  193. Cashius vs. Untold - {Cashius wins}
  194. Defiant vs. Edgar AlPo {Defiant wins}
  195. God of War vs. Strikta {God of War wins by NS}
  196. Utmost vs. Patrick {Patrick wins}
  197. Jay vs. Ctrl Alt Elite - {Ctrl Alt Elite wins}
  198. fathead vs. Pryde {Pryde wins by NS}
  199. R!canTheoryz vs. megatron {R!canTheoryz wins}
  200. Lotto Smirk vs. Xnub {Xnub wins by NS}
  201. FGR vs. GKillaZ - {FGR wins}
  202. Ronic vs. Rayge - {Rayge wins}
  203. NYCSPITZ vs. 4t5 {NYCSPITZ wins by NS}
  204. Black Mask vs. EndSane {Black Mask wins by NS}
  205. Death vs. Rap Maestro - {Death wins}}
  206. Tryce vs. Lifted {Tryce wins by NS}
  207. NBL Magazine Week 12
  208. NBL Week 13 Chat/Predictions
  209. yung fe vs. Rap Maestro {Yung Fe wins}
  210. Serious vs. Meth {Meth wins}
  211. Pen Prick vs. Uncle Drew {Uncle Drew wins by NS}
  212. Sharp Nine vs. Utmost {Sharp Nine wins}
  213. billy 12 vs. God of War {DBL NS}
  214. KZVR vs. Ronic {Ronic wins by NS}
  215. Death vs. Tryce {Tryce wins by NS}
  216. megatron vs. GKillaZ - {GKillaZ wins by NS}
  217. R!canTheoryz vs. MAINESPITZ {MAINESPITZ wins}
  218. NYCSPITZ vs. Pryde {Pryde wins by NS}
  219. Xnub vs. FGR {FGR wins}
  220. Shank Sinatra vs. Untold {Shank Sinatra wins}
  221. Jay vs. Edgar AlPo {Jay wins by NS}
  222. Black Mask vs. Rayge {Rayge wins by NS}
  223. Defiant vs. Ctrl Alt Elite {Defiant wins by NS}
  224. Championship: Cashius vs. Patrick {Patrick aka Swerve wins}
  225. NBL Week 14 Sign In/Out
  226. NBL Week 13 Cypher {Allen Knight wins}
  227. NBL Week 13 Magazine
  228. ----------Week 14----------
  229. Hush vs Rap Maestro - {Hush wins}
  230. Philly vs Rawn MacDon - {Philly wins}
  231. Analyst vs The Law {Double NS}
  232. Loast vs Serious - {Loast wins by NS}
  233. GKillaZ vs Atomic - {Atomic wins}
  234. Meth vs Xnub - {Meth wins}
  235. Ronic vs Uncle Drew - {Ronic wins by NS}
  236. Yung Fe vs Lotto Smirk - {Double NS}
  237. Flo Real vs Pryde - {Pryde wins}
  238. FGR vs Tryce - {FGR wins by NS}
  239. Untold vs Utmost - {Untold wins}
  240. R!canTheoryz vs non azn Bob - {non azn Bob wins by NS}
  241. Contendership Match: Shank Sinatra vs Sharp Nine - {Sharp Nine wins by NS}
  242. Championship Match: Patrick vs Defiant - {Patrick wins}
  243. Week 16 Sign In/Sign Out
  244. Week 14 Chat/Beef/Predictions
  245. Knucklehead vs Jay - {Knucklehead wins by NS}
  246. NBL Week 14 Magazine by Meth ft. Sharp Nine (6/19/13)
  247. ----------Week 15----------
  248. Lecture vs. Gazette - {Lecture wins}
  249. Karma vs. h.t - {Karma wins by NS}
  250. Hush vs. Slowhands - {Double NS}