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  1. X~Cellent & Remy's (Enemy Of A Different Kind)
  2. Dynasty & X~Cellent's 2 faces of life after death
  3. Clark Griswald & Fiber: The Long Walk Home
  4. The Fairwell: 100 Bars feat 4 horsemen
  5. Goodbye (Lord Shivas SiQ' al The Eleventh Dynasty) *final piece*
  6. Time And Motion By: Genuinely
  7. Haste And Genuinely: Holla-Front
  8. The Sorrow (One Man's Misery) by Haste
  9. Soulless by MaCe and JRite
  10. The Finale: Conclusion To My Saga By: Po*TenSe
  11. Dynasty Presents: Issues Addressed
  12. XV Doom: Classical Rendition
  13. Haste and Sin's Life Unto Death/Death Unto Life
  14. All Star's "No Man's Land"
  15. Akin Dawa ft Reed Richardz - Trip to Mcdonalds
  16. 13th @p0$TLe - Valediction To Grandeur