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  1. rough draft for a track (audio)
  2. All I Ask - (audio)
  3. Locked in.. (audio included)
  4. Damage... swag and flow type.. audio link included.
  5. The sky's the limit... Audio link included.
  6. Said and done.. audio included
  7. Cold Blooded - Sleeps Feat. Loose Logic (audio)
  8. Last Chance - Audio
  9. Definly Raw (Audio)
  10. Hope y'all don't mind audio....track off upcoming mix CD
  11. New audio...Wake up
  12. NOT a Site Diss! CopyPat Double Feature (with audio)
  13. LuminoCITY [MUSIC VIDEO]
  14. audio: The One I Love. soundcloud link.
  15. audio: Get The Message. soundcloud
  16. Audio: The Highschool Dropout.
  17. Scandalous Manuscripts (Audio)
  18. Audio: Say What You Want
  20. Audio: Gen is Like.
  21. Brain Thief - More Bars (Audio)
  22. Brain Thief - Thieve Brains (Audio)
  23. A Few Songs, feat. Dubbs, Gravity, Grewsum, etc.
  24. pup - i make that 'audio o.m freestyle
  25. pup - i promise that bitch 'audio o.m freestyle
  26. Punk The Rapper - Gold (Macklemore)
  27. Audio: Not Again. Badweather ft: Genocide on Verse 2 & Spooks Mcghie on the chorus
  28. Life Without Me (Newest Song)
  29. Aesthetic's(audio)
  30. "Richard Sherman" *NEW BEAT*
  31. New Age Instrumental (teaser)
  32. Shady as Fuck Audio
  33. Audio track - Not Ready
  34. Audio - Wake Me Up
  35. Where's the Hip Hop (Audio)
  36. Hip-Hop Audio Freestyle: Psilocybin
  37. Freestyle Audio: Water One Tree
  38. AUDIO - dreams money can buy
  39. All This Pain (Youtube video and Lyrics)
  40. React (audio)
  41. AUDIO - Pound Cake
  42. One More Line (audio)
  43. Freestyle Audio: Pstilocybin
  44. Psichocys (Freestyle Audio)
  45. Audio: LIFE. Ft Badweather (seadad) Genocide, MarylandMade (dino)
  46. Audio: Never Know (Prod. Sean J)
  47. Audio~ Pyscho
  48. Wake Em Up Yung Gritty & Kin (AUDIO)
  49. ~AUDIO~ Suns Gonna Rise (kin & Gz)
  50. (audio) Stand Out
  51. ~Stay Knockin'~
  52. When We Slide Through (audio)
  53. tell'em what u want @kin
  54. Audio snippet bong hits
  55. Smile (prod. by One Tone)
  57. not ready - new beat
  58. Real Hip Hop (gritty & Kin)
  59. Nightmaric Dream Audio
  60. Haven't Had a Dream (audio)
  61. Audio - So Dope
  62. (Audio) Barbie Gurl
  63. (You are all nothing but) CHATTEL RAP 1 (now with audio)
  64. Got It 2 Give It ~Feat. SEADAD~
  65. SONG: Mimic - Dear Soul (Pre Studio Session E.P)
  66. Wordsmithz (Dove Dozer f/Kin) AUDIO
  67. realest shit i ever spit (AUDIO)
  68. Audio: An Epic Failure Ft: Badeweather
  69. Audio: Say What You Want Ft. Genocide (prod by Uh Oh)
  70. My New Cool Godly Ass Mixtape
  71. AUDIO: Burnt Out. Ft: Genocide and Badweather. Beat Produced by Uh-Oh
  72. AUdio: Magic Show. Ft: Badweather and Genocide.
  73. AUDIO: Pain From The Past. Ft Genocide and KIN. Beat by Uh-Oh. Produced by Kin
  74. AUDIO: Pain From The Past. Ft Genocide and KIN. Beat by Uh-Oh. Produced by Kin
  75. 2 old tracks, check em
  76. Audio: No Next Time. LARS DISS. Beat by Uh-Oh
  77. first audio in a long time
  78. OUTSTANDING! all audio heads ENTER THIS THREAD!
  79. Armed And Dangerous. Ft: Genocide And Noodle Beat By KIN.
  81. Isolation. Beat by Uh-Oh
  82. Thorough Bred
  83. old time's sake
  84. A Better Man. -Genocide
  85. "murder" topical verse
  86. H4ZE - Summer Breeze
  87. Take You Away (Sick Widdit) -Genocide. Beat by AnnoDomini
  88. The Dark Side. -Genocide. Beat by AnnoDomini
  89. "On the Mic" - EL1TE (Prod. by Kelly Portis)
  90. "Real" - EL1TE feat. Manc Sinatra and Caesar
  91. New Music: Mic Check (Mixla Productions)
  93. New Mix I Put Together
  95. Much Needed Feedback
  96. Percy Sledge Sample (Prod By Trev Dabeatsmith)
  97. A coworker challenged me to rap about vegetables. NATURALLY I HAD TO ROAST HER
  98. beginner beat
  99. Post your beats link.
  100. Spittin some hotness over a Jazz Spastiks instrumental
  101. Dropping sum intrumentals soon...
  102. Random song to an old eyedea and abilities beat
  103. Saw a pretty lady, made a dumb little song
  104. Why Mastering Your Audio Is Vital
  105. Have a bunch of finished songs that need original beats
  106. a little something
  107. Some Really Good Artist
  108. Lyrical Assault (FUCK GENOCIDE)
  109. New music: Joel Venom - Blowout
  110. Day Drinkin'
  111. check it, will give feedback to whoever feeds me
  112. New Music: Joel Venom - Mayhem [Chopshop Saturdayz]
  113. Me Myself and I. Ft Dino, Genocide, Badweather. in. that order.
  114. Scarface In Purgatory Freestyle
  115. Joel Venom - 4PM IN CALABASAS
  116. Quick piece
  117. MIGHT drop music tomora
  118. This is just an audio question..
  119. Monday morning. Badweather & Genocide. REAL SHIT
  120. Its Possible
  121. wow i just found the coolest site EVER....
  122. 1 minute beat - Everlasting! -
  123. MERC - Raiden
  124. Joel Venom - Dial 9
  125. Fallen Angel. Beat by Jackal
  126. Loose Logic - No Shame
  127. Jay Gravity - Boundaries
  128. AnarKey - Under Rated
  129. Text-to-Audio
  130. SINISTER (Movie Theme/Trap Beat Version) FIRE!!
  131. Dope track from an old contest
  132. video battle?
  133. Dramatic Strings Sample Beat
  134. New Beat I Made '' Forgotten Soul ''
  135. You Don't Who You Are.
  136. Cool records
  137. 1st Audio Track
  138. [Trouble] Skizzo Feat. Loose Logic
  139. First beat-tape I made 'THE LEONARDO COLLECTION' 2015
  140. Reviaiting.. Lolol
  141. music video edits
  142. Get Older Audio Rap lol
  143. Out The Truck
  144. How to catch a body - Live Rap Battles #UBL
  145. Crazy Bars V
  146. I Will Destroy You part II
  147. Lyris vs Ray Chris
  148. Drinkin'
  149. [Fresh Video] Immolate - FREE
  150. [Fresh Audio] Immolate - Sisters
  151. Immolate - Drugs Girl
  152. Waldo WiZe vs Lyris (B.A.R.Z. online video battle)
  153. I made a little song called Blood In that Water
  154. In The Window
  155. Dope Compilation of Live Battles!