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  1. rough draft for a track (audio)
  2. All I Ask - (audio)
  3. Locked in.. (audio included)
  4. Damage... swag and flow type.. audio link included.
  5. The sky's the limit... Audio link included.
  6. Said and done.. audio included
  7. Cold Blooded - Sleeps Feat. Loose Logic (audio)
  8. Last Chance - Audio
  9. Definly Raw (Audio)
  10. Hope y'all don't mind audio....track off upcoming mix CD
  11. New audio...Wake up
  12. NOT a Site Diss! CopyPat Double Feature (with audio)
  13. LuminoCITY [MUSIC VIDEO]
  14. audio: The One I Love. soundcloud link.
  15. audio: Get The Message. soundcloud
  16. Audio: The Highschool Dropout.
  17. Scandalous Manuscripts (Audio)
  18. Audio: Say What You Want
  20. Audio: Gen is Like.
  21. Brain Thief - More Bars (Audio)
  22. Brain Thief - Thieve Brains (Audio)
  23. A Few Songs, feat. Dubbs, Gravity, Grewsum, etc.
  24. pup - i make that 'audio o.m freestyle
  25. pup - i promise that bitch 'audio o.m freestyle
  26. Punk The Rapper - Gold (Macklemore)
  27. Audio: Not Again. Badweather ft: Genocide on Verse 2 & Spooks Mcghie on the chorus
  28. Life Without Me (Newest Song)
  29. Aesthetic's(audio)
  30. "Richard Sherman" *NEW BEAT*
  31. New Age Instrumental (teaser)
  32. Shady as Fuck Audio
  33. Audio track - Not Ready
  34. Audio - Wake Me Up
  35. Where's the Hip Hop (Audio)
  36. Hip-Hop Audio Freestyle: Psilocybin
  37. Freestyle Audio: Water One Tree
  38. AUDIO - dreams money can buy
  39. All This Pain (Youtube video and Lyrics)
  40. React (audio)
  41. AUDIO - Pound Cake
  42. One More Line (audio)
  43. Freestyle Audio: Pstilocybin
  44. Psichocys (Freestyle Audio)
  45. Audio: LIFE. Ft Badweather (seadad) Genocide, MarylandMade (dino)
  46. Audio: Never Know (Prod. Sean J)
  47. Audio~ Pyscho
  48. Wake Em Up Yung Gritty & Kin (AUDIO)
  49. ~AUDIO~ Suns Gonna Rise (kin & Gz)
  50. (audio) Stand Out
  51. ~Stay Knockin'~
  52. When We Slide Through (audio)
  53. tell'em what u want @kin
  54. Audio snippet bong hits
  55. Smile (prod. by One Tone)
  57. not ready - new beat
  58. Real Hip Hop (gritty & Kin)
  59. Nightmaric Dream Audio
  60. Haven't Had a Dream (audio)
  61. Audio - So Dope
  62. (Audio) Barbie Gurl
  63. (You are all nothing but) CHATTEL RAP 1 (now with audio)
  64. Got It 2 Give It ~Feat. SEADAD~
  65. SONG: Mimic - Dear Soul (Pre Studio Session E.P)
  66. Wordsmithz (Dove Dozer f/Kin) AUDIO
  67. realest shit i ever spit (AUDIO)
  68. Audio: An Epic Failure Ft: Badeweather
  69. Audio: Say What You Want Ft. Genocide (prod by Uh Oh)
  70. My New Cool Godly Ass Mixtape
  71. AUDIO: Burnt Out. Ft: Genocide and Badweather. Beat Produced by Uh-Oh
  72. AUdio: Magic Show. Ft: Badweather and Genocide.
  73. AUDIO: Pain From The Past. Ft Genocide and KIN. Beat by Uh-Oh. Produced by Kin
  74. AUDIO: Pain From The Past. Ft Genocide and KIN. Beat by Uh-Oh. Produced by Kin
  75. 2 old tracks, check em
  76. Audio: No Next Time. LARS DISS. Beat by Uh-Oh
  77. first audio in a long time
  78. OUTSTANDING! all audio heads ENTER THIS THREAD!
  79. Armed And Dangerous. Ft: Genocide And Noodle Beat By KIN.
  81. Isolation. Beat by Uh-Oh
  82. Thorough Bred
  83. old time's sake
  84. A Better Man. -Genocide
  85. "murder" topical verse
  86. H4ZE - Summer Breeze
  87. Take You Away (Sick Widdit) -Genocide. Beat by AnnoDomini
  88. The Dark Side. -Genocide. Beat by AnnoDomini
  89. "On the Mic" - EL1TE (Prod. by Kelly Portis)
  90. "Real" - EL1TE feat. Manc Sinatra and Caesar
  91. New Music: Mic Check (Mixla Productions)
  93. New Mix I Put Together
  95. Much Needed Feedback
  96. Percy Sledge Sample (Prod By Trev Dabeatsmith)
  97. A coworker challenged me to rap about vegetables. NATURALLY I HAD TO ROAST HER
  98. beginner beat
  99. Post your beats link.
  100. Spittin some hotness over a Jazz Spastiks instrumental
  101. Dropping sum intrumentals soon...
  102. Random song to an old eyedea and abilities beat
  103. Saw a pretty lady, made a dumb little song
  104. Why Mastering Your Audio Is Vital
  105. Have a bunch of finished songs that need original beats
  106. a little something
  107. Some Really Good Artist
  108. Lyrical Assault (FUCK GENOCIDE)
  109. New music: Joel Venom - Blowout
  110. Day Drinkin'
  111. check it, will give feedback to whoever feeds me
  112. New Music: Joel Venom - Mayhem [Chopshop Saturdayz]
  113. Me Myself and I. Ft Dino, Genocide, Badweather. in. that order.
  114. Scarface In Purgatory Freestyle
  115. Joel Venom - 4PM IN CALABASAS
  116. Quick piece
  117. MIGHT drop music tomora
  118. This is just an audio question..
  119. Monday morning. Badweather & Genocide. REAL SHIT
  120. Its Possible
  121. wow i just found the coolest site EVER....
  122. 1 minute beat - Everlasting! -
  123. MERC - Raiden
  124. Joel Venom - Dial 9
  125. Fallen Angel. Beat by Jackal
  126. Loose Logic - No Shame
  127. Jay Gravity - Boundaries
  128. AnarKey - Under Rated
  129. Text-to-Audio
  130. SINISTER (Movie Theme/Trap Beat Version) FIRE!!
  131. Dope track from an old contest
  132. video battle?
  133. Dramatic Strings Sample Beat
  134. New Beat I Made '' Forgotten Soul ''
  135. You Don't Who You Are.
  136. Cool records
  137. 1st Audio Track
  138. [Trouble] Skizzo Feat. Loose Logic
  139. First beat-tape I made 'THE LEONARDO COLLECTION' 2015
  140. Reviaiting.. Lolol
  141. music video edits
  142. Get Older Audio Rap lol
  143. Out The Truck
  144. How to catch a body - Live Rap Battles #UBL
  145. Crazy Bars V
  146. I Will Destroy You part II
  147. Lyris vs Ray Chris
  148. Drinkin'
  149. [Fresh Video] Immolate - FREE
  150. [Fresh Audio] Immolate - Sisters
  151. Immolate - Drugs Girl
  152. Waldo WiZe vs Lyris (B.A.R.Z. online video battle)
  153. I made a little song called Blood In that Water
  154. In The Window
  155. Dope Compilation of Live Battles!
  156. New Lyriscologist Live Battles
  157. I against all
  158. $$Money$$
  159. Mickey Mouse
  160. World Wide Choppers(Remix)
  161. Dark
  162. Chill
  163. Homicide(Remix)
  164. Listen to me
  165. FreeStyle
  166. The Last Samurai
  167. The Devil's Advocate
  168. topical audio i forgot i did
  169. did this on a mic, unfinished track
  170. Couple Studio Features I Did
  171. new beats..
  172. new leasing options available upon purchasing my beats..
  173. freestyle.. "pablo" (audio)
  174. new beat.. "Words" (HipHop X Cormega Type Beat) (Beat made by Corleone) (Unmastered)
  175. March of Sampling
  176. .. new beat.. "WU".. produced by Corleone
  177. College Dropout
  178. Real Hip Hop Music
  179. Phantom
  180. Ides of March
  181. "Soul" (HipHop X J. Cole Type Beat) (Beat Made By Corleone)
  182. Simple times freestyle (quick beat)
  183. #newbeat "Cartel" (HipHop x Trap x Young Jeezy Type Beat) (Beat made by Corleone)
  184. #newbeat "Nightmare" (HipHop x Styles P x D Block Type Beat) (Made by Corleone)
  185. Sundown (Theme music for film scene) (Made by Corleone) (*Sound defect from upload*)
  186. A Change of Habit
  187. Hollywood
  188. Seven Winds
  189. #newbeat "Conscience" (HipHop X J.Cole Type Beat) (Beat Made By Corleone)
  190. #sneakpeek Fitted Kub - Ft. Corleone (Corleone = 1st Verse, Fitted Kub = 2nd Verse) #newshit
  191. Dreamscape
  192. Zygote Battle Rap 5
  193. Forgotten People
  194. #newbeat Ghetto Story (Hip-Hop X Nas X Cormega Type Beat) (Beat Made By Corleone) (Unmastered)
  195. Good Times (Hip-Hop X J. Dilla X Slum Village) Type Beat (Beat Made By Corleone)
  196. First Draft of a Lofi Guitar-based beat
  197. Ventilation
  198. WayUp
  199. Smokey’s L
  200. Armada
  201. October
  202. Organs (snippet)
  203. Yoshimura
  204. Funk Orchestra
  205. Couple random Christmas beats...
  206. Manhattan Zoo
  207. No one cares about audio around here, but here’s something new..
  208. Something new. Operatic.
  209. Another new instrumental... Freedom.
  210. Something different.
  211. Some Beatnuts shit...
  212. Eleven
  213. Proper verse with Lots of words
  214. Two Tracks
  215. Bobby's Beats
  216. Stop to Lightspeed
  217. Just rediscovered this. But the lyrics are all mine and the story is true
  218. Topic battle for murder was my best though lmao
  219. “The introduction” (actually had equipment to record
  220. Wake up, wake up (inside my car again)
  221. Infinite Summertime Sadness (Redux)
  222. Crushin' Gummies
  223. Just some tracks for ya
  224. Right Back
  225. Amazeballs (Prod. By Yakuzy)
  226. Amazeballs (Prod. By Yakuzy)
  227. Dopesauce (Prod. By Rudi Resch)
  228. Dopesauce (Prod. By Rudi Resch)
  229. Roflz (Prod. By Rudi Resch)
  230. Roflz (Prod. By Rudi Resch)
  231. Yves Saint Laurent (Prod. By Yakuzy)
  232. Heart Flutter Wildly (Prod. By Ras-Hop)
  233. Dickish (Prod. By DrunkNLost)
  234. Somethin' to do in 2022 ROUGH CUT
  235. Funk is Everywhere
  236. NEW short quicktake site diss
  237. Pharaohs Army feat. Cereal - The Master or The Apprentice? &[their] Cherry Pie practice topic
  238. [quick]Audio cover of new Sinacog Verse
  239. Lars feat. Pharaohs Army - Dinosaurs and Mathematics [pre-historic geniuses]
  240. Wise Wiggles - Ultimate Tribute - The Ropes [2019; pharaoh 1-take cover]
  241. Pharaohs Army - Unmixed Teaser Opener on 4way Cypher
  242. Blue Bayou inspires Pharaoh w/ 2 sentences.And again.
  243. Dope Girl - Roses [Club Remix feat. Pharaohs Army]
  244. Alphabet II-emcee^2[2015]feat.Pharaohs Army[2023]akaSerg-InspiredbyZygote[2013]verse[closer for the culture/archive]
  245. ?Emcee Squared Attempts UK Accent Almost As Good As Lars' Ol' Cliques?
  246. Default Sinacog feat. emcee squared - Eye of the Storm [new audio - afternoon topical]
  247. Fire! this weed is fire!
  248. cypher drop
  249. another failed collabo
  250. Surprise (Japanese)