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  1. BA Tag Team IV (Round 1 Chat)
  2. Round One Rules and Voting Links [HEAVILY ENFORCED]
  3. Advanced Placement [VS] Taking Hostages [Advanced Placement WINS]
  4. BROKE METHNAR [VS] Karpnados [Karpnados WINS]
  5. Baby Cakes [VS] Audi Boys [Audi Boys WINS]
  6. Archives of the Ancients [VS] Name Pending [Name Pending WINS]
  7. PIR [VS] Milk Chocolate [Milk Chocolate WINS]
  8. Coats [VS] Alpha Omega [Alpha Omega WINS]
  9. Nik Bags [VS] Double K [Nik Bags WINS]
  10. Conswervation [VS] The Power Trip [Conswervation WINS]
  11. Tag Team IV Magazine (Pre-Tourney)
  12. ---------- ROUND 2 ----------
  13. -- Round Two Rules and VOTING LINKS --
  14. BA Tag Team Tournament IV (Round 2 Chat)
  15. Advanced Placement [VS] Karpnados [Karpnados WINS]
  16. Audi Boys [VS] Name Pending [Name Pending WINS]
  17. Milk Chocolate [VS] Alpha Omega [Milk Chocolate WINS]
  18. Conswervation [VS] Nik Bags [Conswerve WINS]
  19. Tag Team IV Round I Magazine
  20. BA Tag Tourney Chat (Round 3)
  21. Karpnados [VS] Name Pending [Name Pending WINS]
  22. Milk Chocolate [VS] Conswervation [Milk Chocolate WINS]
  23. Tag Team IV Magazine (Round III)
  24. ---------- FINALS ----------
  25. Tag Team IV Finals Chat
  26. Milk Chocolate [VS] Name Pending [Name Pending wins 6-0]