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  1. Alias Topical Tournament Sign Ups
  2. Chat and Predictions: Round One
  3. Round One: Gaseous snake vs. Detour's Bike [Gaseous Snake wins (NS)]
  4. Round One: Tiger Spitz vs. Ed Poe [TIGERSPITZ wins (NS)]
  5. Round One: BAR BARIAN VS. Richard Schwartz [Richard Schwartz wins (NS)]
  6. Round One: Seymour Butts vs. SlutMachine [Both advance]
  7. Round One: Siu Mi vs. Moe Jetts [Siu Mi wins (NS)]
  8. Round One: Windu Tuako vs. Piiz [Piiz wins (NS)]
  9. Round One: Peter McPuffington vs. Jhene Aiko [Both Advance]
  10. Round One: Jack Shephard vs. I Am Not PancakeBrah [Double No Show]
  11. Round One: Purple Puke vs. Antimatter [Purple Puke wins (NS)/PENDING]
  12. Round One: Needle vs. Princess Fact [Double No Show]
  13. Round One: The Real Captain Obvious vs. Balance [Double No Show]
  14. Round One: Lord Sephiroth vs. BigGiantScorpion [Lord Sephiroth wins (NS)]
  15. Round Two Topic Suggestions
  16. Mag: First Rounds On Me
  17. End of Round One............................................... ..................................................
  18. Round Two: Chat & Predictions
  19. R2: Gaseous Snake vs. Wolfdick - [Gaseous Snakes Advances 8-1]
  20. R2: TIGERSPITZ vs. SlutMachine [SlutMachine Advance- No Show]
  21. R2: Seymour Butts vs. Peter McPuffington - [Flawless Ass 8-0]
  22. R2: Siu Mi vs. Helix [Siu Mi Advances - No Show]
  23. R2: Alfred Kipling vs. Piiz [Piiz Advances - No Show]
  24. R2: Jhene Aiko vs. Purple Puke - [Purple Puke advances 6-4]
  25. R2: Richard Schwartz vs. Balance [RICHARD SCHWARTZ ADVANCES - NO SHOW]
  26. R2: Lord Sephiroth vs. Template [TEMPLATE ADVANCE- NO SHOW]
  27. Alias Topical Tournament: Round II Mag
  28. To All remaining competitors!!!!
  29. Quarter Final: Gaseous Snake vs. SlutMachine [SM wins by no show.]
  30. Quarter Final: Seymour Butts vs. Siu Mi [SEYMOUR BUTTS WINS 7-0]
  31. Quarter Final: Piiz vs. Purple Puke [PURPLE PUKE ADVANCES 6-1]
  32. Quarter Final: Richard Schwartz vs. Template [RICHARD SCHWARTZ WINS 6-2]
  33. Quarter Final Discussion and Predictions
  34. Mag: Round Three: Gun Rue
  35. semi finals discussion
  36. Semi Finals: Richard Schwartz vs. Purple Puke - [Schwartz advances 5-0 ]
  37. Semi Finals: Seymour Butts vs. SlutMachine - [seymour advances 5-0]
  38. special feature. Peter McPuffington vs. Template
  39. Alias Topical Tournament, Semifinal Magazine
  40. The Finals: Richard Schwartz vs. Seymour BUTTS [Seymour wins, 6-0.]
  41. Finals Chat & Predictions.