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  1. The Summer Classic V Chat/Predictions
  2. RdotC vs. Camp Bell {Camp Bell wins by NS}
  3. Death vs. anime_boners {anime wins}
  4. Allen Knight vs. Flak {Allen Knight wins}
  5. ill nik-A vs. Rap Maestro {ill nik-A wins}
  6. Patrick vs. Aesthetic {Patrick wins}
  7. Cashius vs. FGR {Cashius wins}
  8. Arch. vs. Edgar AlPo {Arch wins}
  9. Bags vs. ThisisDAM {Bags wins by NS}
  10. Shank Sinatra vs. Tryce {Shank Sinatra wins}
  11. God of War vs. KZVR {God of War wins}
  12. Aero vs. Dystopian {Aero wins}
  13. Untold vs. billy 12 {Untold wins by NS}
  14. King Ra. vs. The Bully {The Bully wins by NS}
  15. Ctrl Alt Elite vs. Joe Meezy {Joe Meezy wins}
  16. NYCSPITZ vs. Alvin Karpis {Alvin Karpis wins by NS}
  17. Beyond vs. Pryde {Beyond wins}
  18. Black Mask vs. Meth {Meth wins by NS}
  19. Utmost vs. UnoQuattroThres {Utmost wins by NS}
  20. Sharp Nine vs. Mimic {Sharp Nine wins}
  21. Dominate vs. Ronic {Dominate wins}
  22. john hensley vs. Lotto Smirk {john hensley wins}
  23. Strikta vs. Jay {Strikta wins}
  24. Defiant vs. Seyance {Defiant wins by NS}
  25. Split vs. Flo Real {Split wins}
  26. SiK vs. Rawn MacDon {SiK wins}
  27. Karaoke vs. Smashalot {Karaoke wins}
  28. Orc vs. R!canTheoryz {Orc wins by NS}
  29. Rayge vs. Blue Bayou {Rayge wins by NS}
  30. Hush vs. Guillotine Keith {Hush wins}
  31. The Summer Classic V, Round 1 Magazine
  32. Xnub vs. Celph Taut {Celph Taut wins}
  33. Cakedout vs. MAINESPITZ {MAINESPITZ wins}
  34. Serious vs. Yung Fe {Serious wins}
  35. Official Brackets (Updated for Rnd. 4)
  36. ----------Round 2----------
  37. God of War vs. Split {God of War wins by Forfeit}
  38. Philly vs. Rayge - {Philly wins}
  39. anime_boners vs. Patrick {Patrick wins by Forfeit}
  40. Celph Taut vs. Alvin Karpis - {Alvin Karpis wins}
  41. Bags vs. Meth - {Bags wins}
  42. Beyond vs. Evolve - {Beyond wins}
  43. Sharp Nine vs. Aero {Sharp Nine wins by Forfeit}
  44. Allen Knight vs. Camp Bell - {Allen Knight wins}
  45. ill nik-A vs. Serious - {ill nik-A wins}
  46. MAINESPITZ vs. Dominate - {Dominate wins}
  47. Untold vs Orc - {Orc wins}
  48. Strikta vs. Utmost - {Strikta wins}
  49. John Hensley vs. Defiant {Defiant wins by NS}
  50. Hush vs. Karaoke - {Karaoke wins by NS}
  51. Joe Metts vs. Shank Sinatra - {Joe Metts wins}
  52. Cashius vs. Arch. - {Cashius wins}
  53. Summer Classic V Round 2 Chat/Predictions
  54. The Summer Classic V, Round 2 Magazine
  55. --------------THE SWEET 16--------------------
  56. God of War vs. Philly {Philly wins}
  57. Alvin Karpis vs. Patrick {Alvin Karpis wins}
  58. Bags vs. Beyond {Beyond wins}
  59. Allen Knight vs. Sharp Nine {Allen Knight wins}
  60. Cashius vs. Joe Metts {Joe Metts wins}
  61. Karaoke vs. Defiant {Karaoke wins}
  62. Strikta vs. Orc {Strikta wins}
  63. Dominate vs. ill nik-A {Dominate wins}
  64. The Summer Classic, Round 3 Chat/Predictions
  65. Voting Mandatory This Round
  66. The Summer Classic Round 3, The Magazine
  67. --------------THE ELITE 8--------------------
  68. Karaoke vs. Joe Metts {Joe Metts wins}
  69. Dominate vs. Strikta - strik wins
  70. Philly vs. Alvin Karpis {Alvin Karpis wins}
  71. Beyond vs. Allen Knight {Beyond wins}
  72. The Summer Classic V, Quarterfinals Chat/Predictions
  73. The Quarter Finals Magazine
  74. .....................FINAL FOUR.................
  75. Final Four: Joe Metts vs Strikta - metts wins
  76. Final Four: Alvin Karpis vs Beyond - karp wins
  78. Final Four Mag by God of War & Meth
  79. .....................FINALS..................
  80. Finals: Joe Metts vs Alvin Karpis - KARP WINS